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on Human Rights

1.  Human Rights are inalienable, and come from existence, not the government - and thus no government has any authority to abolish, abridge, or infringe upon them.


2.  Human rights all derive from one right, which is the right to Benign Sovereignty.  What that means is that everyone gets to be sovereign, insofar as they are benign - insofar as they are not violating or infringing upon the sovereignty of others.


In simple terms, that means everybody gets to do whatever they want, as long as they are not violating the rights of anyone else.


The Free Will Sequence

Person A is infringing upon the free will of Person B,
B is infringing upon C, C upon D, and so forth through the alphabet.

​Is person A violating the law?

Not if B is infringing on C, and A is only defending C from B.

But what if C is infringing upon D?

Does C deserve to be defended?

Is A's infringement upon B justified,

considering that B was infringing on C to protect D?

And what if it's only because D is infringing upon E,

and C is attempting to protect E by restricting D?

To determine what's lawful, find the original act of infringement -

the first infringement that was not an attempt to defend against another infringement.

​Person A may only restrict the free will of Person B

if Person B is restricting the free will of Person C,

and this sequence

who in turn is not restricting the free will of anyone else.


Our platform regarding Human Rights is synonymous with Title 1 of the Law of the Earth.

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