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We live in an ecosystem, and our existence depends on the ecosystem's health and integrity.  The right to benign sovereignty inherently depends on, and thus intrinsically includes, the right to a healthy ecosystem.  We are part of this planet, the biosphere, ecosystem, forest, the LAND - whatever name you want to call it, we are part of it, and our fate is connected to the fate of the land.  

The health of our society depends on the health of the land.  Our existence depends on the land.   The integrity of the land and seas and sky, and this entire planet, entire organism known as the Earth, is absolutely foundational to our ability to exist, and function as a healthy society.  So our ability to live as free people - the ability to live at all - depends on the integrity of the ecosystem, and thus, the integrity of the ecosystem is a human right.  I you and everyone has the fundamental human right to a healthy biosphere, and anyone who attacks the biosphere is attacking our fundamental human rights, and us.  Therefore, we have the right to defend ourselves, through the application of force, to protect our biosphere.  We the people, of this planet, have the right to protect our planet.  That is law.  

Ecological integrity carries the force of law.  Carries it whether recognized by legislatures or not.  They are guests.  We are guests. Our planet is the host.  The host decides the parameters of the dwelling.    We don't set those parameters and if we violate them, we deteriorate the health of our own ecosystem, and no legislation of man has the power to change that.  No legislation has the power to change the parameters which our biosphere needs for its balance. The natural systems of this planet do not respond to the wills of persons.  Nations and legislatures are made up of persons.  No person or persons have the ability to change the homeostatic parameters of our global biosphere.  We can't make the law for the biosphere.  We have to FIGURE OUT what the biosphere's laws are. And then respect them ,and not try to change them or replace them with our own made up versions.


Our platform regarding Ecology is synonymous with Title 3 of the Law of the Earth.

Click here for that page.

"I think environmentalism should be voluntary. The government regulates too many things already.   I agree with conservation - I LIKE conservation and I SUPPORT conservation - but it should be VOLUNTARY.  I value my LIBERTY, and I've had quite enough of the government shoving its regulations down my throat!"


Liberty is derived from Benign Sovereignty.  You get to be sovereign, as long as you're benign - as long as you're not infringing upon anyone else's sovereignty. 


You do not have the right to violate other people's rights.  That does not fall under the umbrella of Liberty.


And if you do violate someones rights, they have the right to defend themselves.  And the Right to Self-Defense entitles them to use force if necessary.

"Right, I agree there.  So if environmentalists try to regulate my job or consumption habits, I have the right to forcefully defend myself!"

No, they have the right to defend themselves from you.


If you refuse to respect ecological principles, other people have the right to force you to respect those principles, because they need the ecosystem to survive, and by threatening the ecosystem, you're threatening them, and their right to self defense is therefore activated.

If you live in a building with many tenants, and you're digging the foundation out of the tower, then the other tenants have the right to stop you, using physical force if necessary.




1.  We live in an ecosystem.

2.  It's most stable when least interfered with.

3.  Therefore, we should minimize our interference with it.

4.  Our survival depends on the stability of the ecosystem.

5.  Given #4, #3 carries the weight of law.


"Well that makes sense.  I guess I never thought about it that way.  But sometimes environmentalists overreach, and enact regulations that are too strict, and don't even protect the ecosystem like they said they would.  And other times, they don't do enough - some regulations actually need to be MORE stringent.  How do we determine what things are legal, and what things are illegal?"

The nature of the law regarding ecology can be seen in the Law of the Earth, Title 3: Ecology.

The Parable of the Diamond-Tower



There once was a man who built a tall tower.


He made the foundation out of diamond, because diamond is the hardest stone, and he wanted the most solid foundation.

Once the tower was completed, tenants started moving in.  For a while, everything was fine.


But eventually, one of the tenants discovered diamond in the building's foundation.  He told the others, and soon, there was a thriving industry of diamond-mining. 

Diamond made for beautiful new decorations.  The tenants began to adorn their dwellings with it.  It created a booming new job-sector.

But there was a small group of Debbie-Downers, known as "hippies" and "environmentalists", who tried to rain on everyone's parade by shaming them for their use of diamond.  "The tower will collapse!", they cried. 

This was of course, ridiculous.  Towers don't collapse.  The hippies were just jealous of others for having more diamonds than they had.  They were lazy, they refused to work, they didn't have diamonds of their own, and they resented it.  That was why they were anti-diamond.


Making matters worse, their college professors were brainwashing them to hate wealth and hard work.  They wanted to take everyone's diamonds, and possibly even take their condominiums as well. 

If the tenants were to stop mining diamonds from the tower's foundation, what would all the miners do?  They'd be out of work.  The economy would collapse.

It's understandable to want to preserve the foundation.  After all, it is pretty.  But you can't let this fondness get in the way of what's really important:  economic growth.

Thankfully, the environmentalists were defeated, and relegated to screeching and yapping in the far corners of the internet.


Meanwhile, decent, hardworking people continued to dig diamond out of the tower's foundation, and the economy continued to grow.

We all know what eventually happened to the tower. 

It's necessary because Civilization needs a functioning biosphere, and the biosphere depends on certain parameters for stability.  Mankind does not legislate those parameters - we only discover them.

Our "laws" mean nothing to the Planet; hence the parameters for preserving the planet's integrity override all man-made codes and legislation, and supersede the authority of all man-made institutions, including nations.

Since all nations upon a Planet
depend on said Planet for their existence,
no nation ever has authority to override the Law
necessary for preserving the integrity of said Planet.
​The Law of the Earth is therefore
the mandatory, legally binding set of rules
that apply to all human beings, everywhere, always,
regardless of whether they acknowledge or accept it.

All people, tribes, and nations that live on Earth
are subject to the Law, and are required to obey it.​​

It's eternal, immutable,
and intrinsic to all intelligent Life;
and everyone is BORN already knowing it -
there is nothing in here that you shouldn't already know.​

How does this square with benign sovereignty?  If i'm doing something to land, but not another person, how am i violating anyone else's rights?

imagine a sailor all alone in the hull of his ship.  He's drilling holes in the floor - he's already completed one and seawater is leaking into the hull, and he's drillin gmore holes

he's not attacking anyone, he's not committing any crime against any particular person  -but would you consider his activity to be well within his rights?  if his mateys find him and wrestle the drill out of his hands, have they used unalwful force against him?

the earth is our ship, and our civlization is drilling holes in it, quite literally.  we have a right to protect her, just as the sailors have a right to protect their ship.

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