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Why donate?

Here are some of the things the Party needs, which your money could go towards:

-Publishing the Law of the Earth (the Little Green Book)

-Hiring graphic designers to upgrade this website and make it look fully professional

-Making and airing commercials

-Organizing the First Planetary Congress

-Holding Earth Party events

-Economically supporting the Reminder-in-Chief



Hello, I'm Daniel Pugatsky - the Reminder-in-Chief of the Planetary Protectorate.  I've channeled this information and brought it to you.  You're welcome!  :)

Certain conditions are required for me to do my job.

Like most people, I need food, water, shelter, and other necessities.  Most people pay for these things by "having a job."  I, too, have a job - you're looking at it right here.  I've worked very hard to bring forth and publish this material, and I continue to work hard to improve, expand, and direct it.  

If I were to have another job - like a standard "9-5" gig - I would not have the time and energy to perform my duties to the Planet.  

This job requires a great deal of meditation, contemplation, reflection, and time in Nature.  Often times, long stretches of uninterrupted concentration are necessary to tune my mind into the necessary "wavelength" for doing this work.  A few hours in the evening is not enough. If I have a "normal job", there is simply not enough time - especially unbroken time - to attune my mind and perform these duties.  

Additionally, the inspiration for this work comes to me at random times - not on any kind of predictable schedule - and when it comes, I need to be free of other commitments at the time, so that I can focus on channeling and manifesting the inspiration.  If I feel the beginnings of an important idea, but I have to "go to work" doing something else, the idea fades away and is difficult to fully encapsulate later.  And if I have little energy, due to working a "normal job", then the "later" might take weeks to come.  

I also need to live in places of natural purity - outside cities, in or near the forest - in order for my environment to be pure enough to receive unpolluted information.  If I live in a city, I receive a lot of "static" - uninspired material that I usually have to delete later on.  But when I live in Nature, I get nonstop, awesome, amazing material - like all the good stuff you've been reading here!
I can have a 9-5 job, but then I wont be able to do my real job, as Reminder-in-Chief.

It's one or the other.

So if you believe in me, support me.  

"Hey fella, is this some fancy excuse to freeload?"

It's not "freeloading."  It's a job.  I work very hard.  And I'm doing it so dogs don't have to be in cages, so that ancient trees don't have to fall to the axe, so that wars don't have to happen, so that poverty doesn't have to exist, so that human rights start to be respected, and so that humanity gets to keep on living without total ecological collapse.

I'm providing a service.   Other people who provide services get paid for them.

If a barista at Starbucks should get paid for grinding coffee, then the person who designed a workable system for a new civilization to literally save humanity and our planet, can get paid for that service too.  What I'm doing is AT LEAST as important as all the thousands of other jobs that people are already getting paid for right now.

So if you believe in what I'm doing, support me.  It's that simple.  

Now, for a Disclaimer:

If you support me, and send me money, you must promise not to expect or demand any special treatment with regards to planetary policies.  This is not a bribe.  You give it with no strings attached, and no expectation of any greater influence over governance than someone who has not made any donation.  

If you're OK with not having one ounce more influence than anyone else purely on account of the money that you're about to give, then proceed.  

But if you believe that your donation entitles you to any more influence - even a little bit more - over the average person - then please keep your money and don't send it.

Only donate if you release any attachment to political influence on account of that money.  

By the act of donating, after having read this, you're acknowledging that you agree that your donation should not bring you extra political influence.  You are agreeing to that.

If you accept, then proceed to my Patreon page and make a donation.

Click here: 

Let's #MEGA!  #MakeEarthGreenAgain!

If this resonates with you,

then please get involved!

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