Why Consumer Advertising and Marketing Must Be Banned

Many people complain that stopping the omnicide, and preserving the planet's ability to support biological Life, would "cost too much money."

Leaving aside the inherent absurdity of such an argument (there won't be any money at all, if there are no more people left alive  to print and circulate it), there are actually some very effective ways to have the best of both worlds - to fight for the planet AND satisfy the fiscally responsible (but ecologically ignorant) among us.

And we're talking about grand-scale policies - LAWS - not individual choices.

There are actually some very significant and effective things we can do - on a collective, society-wide scale, all at once, TOGETHER - in terms of legally binding public policy - to save the planet without spending any money.   

We can resuscitate the planet and buy major time in the struggle against the omnicide, without coughing up a single dollar.

Let's start with banning consumer advertising.

The commercial advertising industry has no justification to exist in this world.  The very rationale for its existence is pure evil.

Although it's certainly true that one of the things we're going to need to do, as individuals and as a society, is learn to distinguish between our needs and our wants, and practice foregoing the latter - and while this process does constitute an important spiritual journey for us, as a key component of evolving into a mature species and civilization - this is beyond that.

Consumer advertising doesn't just prevent us from developing the courage and fortitude to forego our wants - it's even more sinister than that.  It takes things that aren't even wants at all, and makes them into wants.  It doesn't just sap our willpower to resist desire - it creates desire.

Think about it.  The sole purpose of consumer advertising and marketing is to create demand where there currently is none - to make people want things that they don't currently want.

You didn't want it.  You weren't even thinking about it.  You were already content.  It didn't even occur to you to need it, nor want it.  It didn't cross your mind at all.  

Then you saw the ad.  And then you started wanting it.

How the F can anyone justify this?

On a planet that's facing mass-extinction directly caused by over-consumption, where resources are finite and scarcity is already rampant and worsening, how can anyone justify an entire industry whose sole purpose is to increase the speed and ferocity by which you consume resources which you didn't even want to consume in the first place until the industry came along and convinced you to start wanting to consume them?  This is INSANITY.

Needs vs. Wants

If we say, "Needs should be fulfilled, but not wants", it calls to mind two problems.  First, it conjures up images of a bleak, austere world that isn't very much fun.  And second, how do we even decide what's a need and what's a want?  How do we distinguish them?  It can be a very blurry line, and consensus could elude us forever.

But banning consumer advertising solves both of these problems.

First, it won't make the world dull and gray, because all the same products that you already buy would still be available.  You can still buy everything you want to buy.  The only difference is, you'd no longer be poked and prodded and psychologically manipulated into buying them.

And secondly, the very existence of an advertising/marketing campaign for a product means, inherently, that you don't actually want that product in the first place.  The fact that you had to be manipulated, with state of the art psych techniques, into wanting something, means that it's not only not a want, but not a need either.  If you don't even want something, then it's obviously not a need!  So the blurry line vanishes, and we don't even need to debate which side of it a previously advertising-dependent product falls on.

In a world with advertising, you can be fooled into thinking you need something (because advertisers are skilled at making you feel like your wants are actually needs - it's their whole profession) - but in a world without advertising, if you don't want something, you can be 100% sure you don't need it either.  Advertising is what makes the wants/needs line a blurry one - and without advertising, the line becomes clear and crisp.  

Consumer advertising and marketing have no rationale for existing in a world of such dangerous over-consumption.  This entire industry should be completely abolished and strictly  banned, immediately.  

What do we do with all the now-unemployed advertisers, marketers, lawn mower people, and lawnmower factory workers?  We sustain them with a UBI.  A UBI is an absolutely vital, indispensable necessity for an orderly transition to a benign economy.  


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