Most people have no idea how the modern banking system works.

The current banking system does not exist to facilitate economic prosperity.  It exists to control people.


It's a tool by which a tiny clique of mega-wealthy elites get to determine the values of society, and control the direction in which society develops. 

Its structure is similar to that of an army.  It has an absolute commander at the top, giving orders to generals and colonels, who control the hierarchy, all the way down to the individual - you.  This control is exerted through the supply of money.

Here's how it works.

If you work at a job, you have a boss.  Your boss has control over you, because he or she controls your paycheck.  His/her wishes are your commands.


In fact, you might even find yourself re-aligning your beliefs and values to match your boss's, in order to increase his/her fondness of you, to help keep your position secure.  This is subconscious, of course.  You're not thinking, "Let's change who I am, to make my boss like me."  It's not deliberate - but it happens, over time, and it illustrates the power that money (and the supply of money) has over people. 


And your boss has a boss too.  And he is doing the exact same thing you are - subconsciously aligning himself with his boss's beliefs and values, to keep his position.

And that boss is doing the same thing.  On and on, up the ladder it goes, all the way to the CEO of the corporation.

But it doesn't end there.  Corporations are not the top of the pyramid.  Above them are the banks. 

This is the part where a lot of people on the Left lose track.  Lefties know that corporations are running the government, but they fail to see that there are levels of power above the corporations.  It has a lot to do with the Left's sensitivity to antisemitism, and the common (but incorrect) belief that the banking conspiracy is about "Jews."  It's not.  In fact, this stereotype was deliberately crafted to disguise the real controllers of the system, by using Jewish people as scapegoats to cover up the controllers' real identity.  More on this topic shortly.

Anyway, the corporatocracy is under the control of the banking system.  This is because corporations - especially the big ones that exert major influence over culture - are dependent on constant inflows of cash in order to remain dominant in the market.  If a bank funds one major company, that company gets an advantage over its competitors, and can begin edging them out of the market.  To stay in the race, the other company must obtain a similar cash flow.

Let's use an example:  Coke and Pepsi.  They're basically the same thing.  People have their preferences, but there's no reason why one should dominate the other on the global scale.  They fight their war in the mass-consciousness of the population, through advertising.  And advertising costs a lot of money.  


Suppose a bank offers Coca-Cola a big loan to finance a major advertising blitz, and Coca-Cola accepts the offer.  The company can now increase its dominance.  And to stay on even footing, Pepsi must now do the same thing - take a big loan from a bank. 

Pepsi will take loans to finance its competition with Coke... and Coke will take loans to finance its competition with Pepsi.  It's all about game-theory.  Each has to do it to fight the other.

And thus, both companies find themselves dependent on banks, needing to stay in the banks' good graces.  Just like you and your boss.  The bank is now the boss of Coke and Pepsi.  Thus, the hierarchy of control-through-money extends from you, all the way up to the bank - even if you yourself don't even use the bank.  

And it works like this for every industry - not just the soda industry.  Obviously.

But wait.  It doesn't stop there, because the bank has a boss too.  It's called the Central Bank.  It has different names in different countries.  In the UK, it's called the Bank of England.  In Canada, it's the Bank of Canada.  In the USA, it's called the Federal Reserve.

The Central Bank supplies a money-flow to all of the banks, acting as their boss.  Just like you and your boss, and your boss's boss.  It looks like this:


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