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Blueprint for a Mature Civilization




This is a plan to evolve humanity into a mature civilization - one which exists in harmony with the living world.

You can start right now. Yes!  You! 

No matter who you are, where you are, or how much money or power you have (or don't have), you can implement the beginning steps of the plan.  It does not require any waiting for someone else to act.  Although the later steps do require consensus from others, the beginning does not.  You can start today.

The plan has 3 phases:

1.  Coming Together

2.  Retaking Power

3.  Healing the World

Phase 1

 Phase 1 involves 4 simultaneous "threads" of evolution, wrapped around a central thread:  They are:

1.  Self-Governance (Restoring Natural Social Units)

To begin, we restore the natural societies that are intuitive to our species - that humans "grew up with." 

The central thread, Self-Governance, is a prerequisite for the other four threads.  The other four require Self-Governance, in order to be implemented.  But the good news is, Self-Governance is the easiest, and fastest of the 5. 

The other four are:

1A.  Natural Law

We must have a rational moral foundation, or there's no telling what unintended consequences we might cause.  The only stable one is Natural Law. 

1B.  Economic Democracy

Evolving beyond money, we'll have the independence necessary to decouple our sustenance away from bankers, billionaires, and bureaucrats.

1C.  Benign Transit

Our transportation grid is the basis of our economy, the same way the skeleton holds together the body.  No matter what we produce, trade, or consume, it's all connected via transportation, whether it be a superhighway or a forest foot-path.  Before we can build a healthy global economy (or any economy bigger than a Village), we need to plan and understand where our transit lines are.  And our current system is very, very unintelligent.  It was designed over centuries of accidents and short-sighted plans stemming from the selfish desires of elites thinking only of short-term profits.  We need a Benign Transit Grid that's built to service the natural social units we just restored.

1D.  Self-Sufficiency

Begin localizing the production of our basic necessities, so that what we need comes from as near, and as familiar, and as stable a source as possible. 

These threads will pass through 5 levels of social organization:

The Village

The Township

The City

The Eco-Region

The Planet

So... 5 threads... and 5 levels that the threads go into.

Got it so far?

To implement this, the order is simple:  You start at the smallest unit - the Village, and begin to implement the 5 threads.  Then, the villages in the area work together, up to the next unit - the Township.  Once the Township has all 5 threads, you move up to the City.


Then, Region.   Then, the Planet as a whole.

Note:  It's not necessary to achieve all 5 of the threads "perfectly" at each level before moving on to the next level (especially since the last thread, Self-Sufficiency, can take several years to achieve, and we don't have time to wait).  They are not meant as one-off deals - more like "works in progress", and there's always room to improve.


Generally speaking however, it's best to have as solid of a foundation as you can, before moving up.

Phase 1 culminates in the formation of a planet-wide organization of society:


1E.  Establish the Planetary Protectorate.

With a solid foundation in natural law and local self-sufficiency, it's safe to begin governing ourselves as a Planet.  Our world is already heading unconsciously towards this, and our choice is to make the process conscious, so all of us have a say in how it's structured - or leave it all to the whims of chance and the existing, corrupt institutions.  In order for humanity to take conscious control of the process, we have designed a constitutional system of checks and balances to ensure a fair and just system.

Phase 2

Once the Protectorate is formed, Phase 2 begins.  This is where We the People take back our power from the destructive institutions we created in our centuries of unconsciousness.

2A.  With the Planetary Protectorate operational, all nations will have a central forum to discuss their disagreements and make peace.  This planetary peace process begins with the release of pressure from the big, imperial countries.  The Imperial Deflation Treaty will give all the big nations the ability to let go of their conquered territories, and satisfy their restive separatist movements, simultaneously, to avoid losing face in relation to one another, and without disturbing the existing military/economic power-balance between them.

2B.  We are moving forward into a new era, and a clean slate is enormously helpful in doing that.  The sooner we can forgive each other for our past wrongs, the faster we can build a new civilization.  But forgiveness isn't just an instantaneous choice - it's a process, requiring Truth and Reconciliation in order for true healing to occur.

2C.  Technology might always march ahead, but there are many directions in which it can march - not just one.  And the direction it's going now will lead to the eradication of humanity, if we don't change course.  To survive, we must begin to consciously choose our destiny, as a species, rather than let tech companies and billionaires choose it for us.  We must Regain Mastery Over Technology, by collectively taking the reigns - as an entire planet - and deciding what the proper role and function of technology is.  This planet is our home, and we have the right to decide what technologies exist, and don't exist, in our home.

2D.  It's clear now, to everyone paying attention, that private corporations cannot be trusted to manage the internet in a way that's democratic and fair, or that conforms in any way to the ideals and values of a mature civilization.  The internet is far too vital to the functioning of our society to allow its governance to remain subject to the un-challengeable whims of un-elected corporate executives whose only goal is profit.  Our freedom and liberty depend on us taking conscious, collective control of the internet, by planetizing it - i.e. by making the Internet a Public Utility, under the stewardship of We the People of the Planet.


​Phase 3

And in Phase 3, we initiate long-term, large-scale, infrastructure-intensive projects to heal the planet and secure our benign civilization deep into the future.

3A.  With our intuitive transit grid in place, and a conscious set of values for the proper use of technology, we can begin building a Benign Global Economy, continuing from the principles of local permaculture, but applied to the whole planet as one economy.  The smaller, local economies will remain functioning, to provide anti-fragility, just in case there are problem with the global one, while the global one provides higher levels of efficiency and living standards, through planetary coordination. 

3B.  The power source for the planetary economy will be clean, Renewable Energy.  Self-explanatory!

3C.  In addition to giving land back to nature in our local communities, we can also "pay it forward" by Greening the Deserts.  We already have all the technology necessary to do it - the only thing missing is the will to do so, and the willingness to cooperate with people whose looks and cultures are different from ours.  If we do this, humanity will not only "not have a negative footprint", but will begin to have a positive one!

3D.  Natural social units, the intuitive transit grid, and benign economics at both the local and planetary scales, combine to provide previously unimaginable levels of efficiency and waste-reduction, allowing us to Give Land Back to Nature for the first time in thousands of years. 

3E.  The calendar we currently use - the Gregorian one - is absurd.  It has no basis in any celestial movements, or in any biological or climatic cycles, or in any natural phenomenon at all.  It was made by one guy, a pope, in the 1500's, for political reasons.  If we want to be a mature civilization, we can't keep using it.  We need a Logical Calendar that's based in real, actual reality.  The longer we wait to switch, the harder the switch will be - so let's do it now. 

Optional Phase 4

4.  Once we've got our own house in order, we can begin the adventure of Exploring the Universe.  This step is the very last, and it has to be last, because, otherwise, we would pollute the cosmos with our pathologies.  It is morally bankrupt to put other planets and civilizations at risk of genocide and ecocide by allowing a psychopathic society to reach out and colonize them.  We must heal ourselves before we expand.  And once we're healthy, the cosmos awaits!


Localize, Planetize, Heal, Explore

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​Step 1:  Restore Natural Social Units.

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