Individual choices are not sufficient to save our planet.  Being a good person and taking care of your own space is helpful... but it ignores the bigger picture.

Sure, you can be a "good citizen."  You can do everything you're supposed to do...

You can recycle bottles all you want, pick up trash all you want...
You can drive a smaller car... drive fewer miles/kilometers...
You can stop buying meat, dairy, and other animal products...
You can put some solar panels on your house...
You can say "no" when asked if you want a plastic bag/straw...

...but those are personal actions, and they're only sufficient to slow down the degradation of our world.  To actually stop the degradation (and, better yet, reverse it, and start healing the planet), the only solutions that are sufficient are collective.  We have to change our systems, at the scale of our entire society - whole planet, actually.  Relying merely on individual morality (i.e. recycling, using less electricity, buying less consumer products) is not sufficient.

As we like to say:

Planetary problems require planetary solutions.

An individual's problems can be solved by the individual - but a planet's problems can only be solved by the planet - by the whole world, all nations and peoples, thinking and acting as One, to create a mature civilization that is sustainable and lives in balance with the planet that hosts us.  

The realization of this truth is what we refer to as
planetary consciousness.  A person has achieved planetary consciousness when he or she realizes the truth just stated.

"How do you know that?  What if everyone just made the right choices?  Why does it HAVE to require group action?  I'm an individualist, and I'm suspicious of any "collectivist" attitudes.   I think problems can be solved person by person.  Clean up your own space, put your own house in order, get your own sh*t together.  Do that, and stop bothering other people."

The current socio-political-economic model - i.e. "the way we run our society" - is not allowing the changes necessary to save our planet.  It's prohibiting them.

We can save our planet - the solutions exist, and are known - but they're socially unacceptable, and in many cases - including the most important cases - outright illegal.  That's right - the healing of our planet is illegal.  Under the system we're currently using, it is illegal to heal the planet.  Even if we don't try to heal it - even if we merely try to halt the destruction - even that's illegal!

And an individual can't make something illegal legal, all by themselves.  That requires collective action, on the scale of entire communities:  Villages, Townships, Cities, and even the planet as a whole.

"What do you mean, "illegal"?  What are you talking about?"

Here's a quick example.  One of the necessary conditions for human sustainability is Local Self-Sufficiency in basic needs.  Every community (every Village, to be more specific) needs to produce its own food, water, energy, and basic tools.  99% of what we need on a daily basis must be produced within walking distance of where we sleep.  

And in order to do that, we'll need to grow food around our homes.  But very few people have enough land to do that.  Self-sufficiency will require a Village effort.  If all of your neighbors on your block were to agree to set up a communal food-forest in the land between your houses (i.e. what are known as "backyards"), then the combined area could easily provide food for the entire block.  But your neighbors probably won't agree to that.  They'd rather have a "lawn."  And if you try to use the land for something actually productive - like growing food, or perhaps even giving it back to Nature and letting it regrow into a forest (i.e. what healing is), your neighbors would call the police on you.

See?  Healing the planet is illegal.

Now here's the dilemma:  We need to heal the planet, in order to survive.  And since it's illegal to heal the planet, it's therefore illegal for the human race to survive.  The current system makes human existence illegal.

So obviously, that's absurd!  And that means our system of "law" is absurd too.  Our "legal system" makes our own existence illegal.  Our legal system is incompatible with Life, and hostile to the very planet that hosts it.

It is therefore a false system, and it has no legitimacy and no authority.

It is a lie.

We are running our civilization on a legal system that is a lie.  

So the very first thing we have to change is the law - or, more precisely, our society's conception of law.  What is law?  We need a new answer to that question.

If this resonates with you,

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