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The Scamdemic


You heard someone call it a hoax.
You're perplexed.  How could anyone possibly think that?

You're angry.  Don't they realize they're hurting people?

Why would someone say the pandemic is fake?


We're here to help clear this up. 
Let's have a little chat, shall we?

"Sure thing, Ms./Mr. Crazy Conspiracy Theorist. Let's go."

Why do you believe there's a pandemic?

"Huh?  What do you mean "why"?  It's totally obvious!"

Nope.  Give me a reason.

Table of Reasons

1.  "It's all over the news. Everyone knows there's a pandemic."

2.  "The numbers and statistics say there's a pandemic.  XYZ-thousand people have died of it in my country so far!  500,000 in the USA!  70,000 in the UK!"

3.  "But the scientists say there's a pandemic, and it's super serious!"

4.  "But my ______ had it!  It can't be fake if they got it!"

5.  "But I notice that there are more sick people.  And my friend/relative is a doctor/nurse, and they say they notice it too.  There are more sick people in 2020/2021 than in previous years.  There's obviously something going around, or else why all the extra sickness?"

6.  "But what about all the strange new symptoms?  Where are those coming from?"

Whatever your reasons are for thinking covid was a "real pandemic," they probably fit into one or more of those categories.  Click on each one that matches your objections, and you'll find a page that debunks that objection.

If you're starting to open your mind a bit, and are willing to at least entertain the possibility, and wish to investigate it more, then proceed.

What Is Covid, Really?

The plandemic is psychological.  It's a virus of the mind.  And it spreads via mass media.  

It was orchestrated by an extremely evil cabal of technocrats, for the purpose of frightening us into consenting to a totalitarian reorganization of all aspects of human society, to render us unable to mount meaningful opposition to what they call the "fourth industrial revolution" - the merger of man and machine, and eventual replacement of biological life with artificial intelligence.

The formula for the plandemic, at its most basic, is a re-application of Pharma's long-standing business model:

1. Make people sick on purpose
2. Sell them fake cures that make them even sicker
3. Use that sickness (that you made) to scare them into buying even more cures (fake ones, of course).
4. Keep repeating cycle ad infinitum.
5. Suppress public discussion of this process, and of actual medicine and real cures, through cultural indoctrination, academic intimidation, lobbyists, bribery, relationships with major media networks, and censorship.

Yes.  Pharma is that evil.

"So when you say they're making people sick on purpose... you mean they released the virus from the Wuhan lab on purpose, in order to sell us vaccines?  And all the authoritarian social changes too, of course.  Right?"

Almost.  The "virus" wasn't "released" from anywhere.  The "virus" is the common cold.  Coronaviruses are colds.  They simply picked a common cold virus, sequenced its genome to make a PCR test, and then went around testing everyone everywhere.  When millions of tests came back "positive," they said, "Look! Millions of cases! It's a pandemic!"

In this case, they're using a slight variation of the standard model.  Instead of directly making us sick themselves, they tricked us into making ourselves sick.

Here's an outline:

1. Trick people into thinking there's a problem where there isn't one.

Long-established "traditional" example:  "Salty foods cause high blood-pressure, which will lead to heart-attacks."

2. Give them terrible recommendations to do stupid things to fix the non-existent problem, which will actually create an actual problem.

Example:  Tell them to starve themselves of salt, leading to a deficiency, and/or sell them blood-pressure-altering petro-chemicals ("medications"), which actually mess with their body chemistry in really insidious ways, making them actually sick.

3. When they do those things, and create a problem, cite that new problem as confirmation of the "existence" of the original problem, and use it to retroactively justify the stupid recommendations that actually created the actual problem in the first place.

Example:  When the blood-pressure pills mess up their cardiovascular system, and they start having heart trouble because of it, say, "See, I told you heart-disease runs in your family, I was right," and say it would have been "even worse" without the pills, so "good thing you've been taking them," and blame the newly forming disease on not yet having been prescribed enough different kinds of pills. 


4. Sell them a solution to the newly created problem (that they created by taking the stupid advice), which will create yet another new problem.

Example: Add another petro-chemical to the list - perhaps a statin or cholesterol reducer - which will screw with their cardiovascular system even more, making them even more sick.

5. Keep repeating.

It's the basic model of capitalism, applied to health. It's diabolical enough when greed is the only thing motivating it. But in the plandemic, they've utilized it as a tool to accomplish a grander goal, far beyond mere money.

"So how does it apply to the plandemic?"

It plays out in the plandemic like so:

1. Convince people there's a scary germ coming their way soon, with a concentrated blitz of media scaremongering for several weeks.

2. Do stupid insane things, like lockdowns, masking, social isolation, travel restrictions, and business closures, completely upending their lives and indefinitely suspending "human society" altogether (in any kind of physical, in-person manifestation).

3. When all of the resulting fear, disruption, poverty, loneliness, pain, desperation, and depression causes a decline in people's health, and thus more susceptibility to acute sickness (including respiratory viruses) and mortality, blame all of that on "The Germ." Say "See, we told you so!  This is a pandemic!  It would have been even worse had we not done those things!"

4. Use the newly created global public health crisis (which you just created) to justify continuing the insane rules and disruptions.  Thus continuing the state of ill-health.  Thus providing more justification for the changes. Round and round it goes.  Repeat ad infinitum.

That's the basic model.

covid feedback loop.jpg

The goal is to keep it going for as long as possible, because as long as it's going, there is a state of fear, and a general perception of public consensus that we all need to submit to the changes that governments and corporations are making to our society.

And to our bodies. 

They don't just want to change human society. They want it all. They want our bodies too.

"But why would they do something like this?  Just to sell vaccines?  Just for profit?  Or is there another agenda that's bigger than money?


What do they want?"

They're looking to turn the world into a Global Bio-Lab, to proceed with what they call the "4th Industrial Revolution."  The plandemic is the "trigger event."

In the words of one of the architects of the evil project, "ze fourth industrial revolution vill change not only how we do things, but eet vill change actually us."

Read on.


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