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COVID-19 is a psyop.  It's the latest in a long, long tradition of using psychological warfare to manufacture consent for expanding the power of governments and corporate elites.

Just as the "War on Drugs" was utilized to justify the construction of a massive prison-industrial complex, and the abolition of the basic human right to freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, turning our homes and our bodies into government property -

And just as the "War on Terror" manufactured public consent for passage of the Patriot Act (for unlimited mass-surveillance) and a new wave of imperial murder and military occupation across the Middle East -

So, too, is the "War on COVID" designed to engineer our acquiescence for a new wave of totalitarian power expansion, to levels previously inconceivable.

It's not about a virus, and the powers they've claimed for themselves are intended to be permanent.  They always promise that the new powers will be "temporary,"  and will only last "until the threat has been dealt with."

But none of it is ever meant to be temporary.  The threat cannot be "dealt with."  You can't eradicate "drugs."  You can't eradicate "terrorism." 

And you can't eradicate a microscopic ball of self-replicating proteins.

And the rulers know this.  They know it's impossible to "win."  And that's the whole point.  To keep us afraid, perpetually, so we'll keep rationalizing all of the power-grabs they can come up with, for as long as they can keep coming up with them.

And if COVID-19 were a hoax, it would fit the pattern.  A hoax would be entirely consistent with History.


The pretexts were fake, every time.

"Drug-induced murderous mania" was never real.

"The terrorist threat" was never real.  There were never terrorists lurking around every corner, under our beds, waiting to get us.

Saddam wasn't building nukes.

None of it was real.

And neither is COVID-19.

So, What *IS* Covid-19?

The breakdown goes something along these lines:

90% fake, but made to seem real through:

(A):  Media outlier hyperfocus, by which rare events are

            made to look widespread by focusing cameras,

            resources, and air-time on them, and weaving highly

            emotional, sensationalist narratives about them

(B):  Statistical accounting tricks, which include:

     (a):  Listing nearly all deaths in hospitals as "COVID-19",

            regardless of what the patient actually died FROM

     (b):  Deflation of the denominator (the total case-count)

            by a factor perhaps as significant as 100 times,

            which inflates the quotient (the fatality rate) by the

            same factor

10% real, *but orchestrated*, through:

(A):  Collective immune-suppression via:

     (a):  Intense, chronic anxiety from the TV

     (b):  Social isolation and depression

     (c):  Lack of sunlight and exercise

(B):  Collective psychosomatic conversion disorder

(C):  *Possibly* 5G radiation in key urban areas

All of these items will be explained in this presentation.

The Rockefeller-controlled cabal that has been in charge of western "medicine" for the past century is deliberately engineering a collective psychosis, which comes with a small amount of actual sickness, and using that small amount (via the media's outlier hyperfocus) to make you afraid.

They're doing it because they have an agenda - and it's got nothing to do with public health or safety.  They want more power, and they're exploiting your fear of germs to win your consent to grab it.

Authoritarian rulers have been using this tactic for centuries.  It's called Problem-Reaction-Solution, and it follows this simple formula:


1.  Those in power attack their own people, causing death and destruction

2.  But they blame it on someone (or something) else

3.  The population becomes afraid, and begs the government to protect them

4.  The government steps in with the "solution" - the very same one they had planned all along.

Here are a few famous examples:

1.  The U.S. government blows up its own ship - the U.S.S. Maine - blames it on Spain, and whips the country into a war that conveniently results in the expansion of the American Empire to include Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines.


2.  Chancellor Hitler sets fire to the Reichstag (German parliament building), blames it on "communists", and then offers the "solution": Emergency Dictator powers, for him to legislate by decree, and arrest all political opponents.

3.  The U.S. government fabricates an attack on its ships in the Gulf of Tonkin, blames the attack on Vietnam, and whips the country into an all-out war of genocide, in which not even the jungles survived.

4.  Chancellor Palpatine creates an "armed separatist movement", to attack the Republic, and scare the population - then offers the "solution":  Emergency Dictator powers, for him to raise the army that would become the Storm Troopers.

5.  The media scares everyone about "marijuana", a highly dangerous, lethal drug that turns its users into murderous maniacs who run down the street stabbing people.  With a scared population, the USA (and other countries) expand and militarize their police forces, and declare their "right" to bust down people's doors, kidnap them, and throw them in cages to rot.

6.  Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and a cabal of neo-cons enlist the aid of the Saudi royal family and its Wahhabi extremist cult to orchestrate an attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and blame "Osama Bin-Laden", whipping up the greatest war-hysteria America has ever seen.  They then use it to rationalize the abolition of privacy, and a new wave of imperialism.


#5 and #6 - the "War on Drugs" and the "War on Terror" - were the two "crown-jewels" of the Problem-Reaction-Solution model.

Their genius lies in their lack of an expiration date.

Whereas regular wars end when you defeat the other country, and thus have a limited shelf-life, these new "Wars Against Abstract Concepts" were of a different nature.  In both cases, the "enemy" was largely invisible, impossible to ever defeat, and could be used as a bogeyman in perpetuity.

And now they're joined by a third:  COVID-19.  The crown-jewel of crown-jewels.  The universal bogeyman.

7.  The medical industrial complex and the corporate media team up to create a fake "pandemic", in order to:

-Instantaneously terminate all of the massive protest movements of 2019 (e.g. Greta, Climate Strikes, Fridays for Future, Extinction Rebellion, Sunrise, Yellow Vests, Chile, Hong Kong, etc.)

-Whip the population into a terror, in which we'll reach out to "authorities" for protection

-Grant Emergency Dictator powers to presidents, prime-ministers, and governors, to rule by decree

-Up the game on internet censorship, with enthusiastic public consent, to silence the field of natural medicine, and get us accustomed to a new level of information control

-Any time a protest rises up, the "news" will report a sudden "new outbreak" of the virus, in the very same area - "necessitating" another lockdown, and clearing protesters out of the streets (for their safety, of course)

-Develop an excuse to arrest anyone, at any time, for any reason, without charges, under the auspices of "quarantining" them

-Forcibly inject the entire population with vaccines from Bill Gates' companies

-Require "Immunity Passports" - certifications that you've been vaccinated - in order to leave your house, go to work, travel, cross borders, or re-enter society in any way

-Transition said certifications from paper to microchips, implanted under the skin, eventually requiring all persons to be chipped

-Eliminate cash (because cash carries viruses), as well as credit/debit cards (they carry viruses too), and make all transactions contactless, through RFID readers that scan the microchips in our hands

-Monitor every transaction, that anyone makes, in any store, everywhere, at all times, so that the rulers know exactly what you're buying, and where and when you're buying it 

-Require the microchips to board planes, trains, buses, or any form of public transport.  Once the idiotic "driverless cars" come out, the chip will be required to activate your car, too

-Introduce a CCP-style "Social Credit Score", tied to your microchip ID

-If you get too rowdy... if you rock the boat... if you're an activist and the government doesn't like your activism... if you're a dissident... if you're a threat to the power structure...

...then they'll just turn off your chip.  And you'll be stuck in your house, with no way to travel, and no way to buy food.

-If you're really a threat, they'll simply approach you, demand a "COVID test", and then arrest you (sorry - "quarantine" you) when the test says "positive."


COVID-19 is meant to serve as the trigger for the creation of a totalitarian medical fascist dictatorship.

The people who are out protesting are not upset about the lack of gyms, movies, and haircuts - they're upset about this.

It does not have to succeed, however.  We can stop it.  You and me - all of us.  We do not have to consent.  We do not have to submit.

There is copious evidence that the plan is actually backfiring.  It's waking people up.  It's becoming possible to have conversations that were previously impossible, with people who were never open to such information.  Until now.

The elites might have bitten off a bigger chunk than they could chew.

But we have to make sure it stays that way, and they don't succeed at their plan.  We must refuse to submit to the dictates of the medical fascists masquerading as "doctors", and we must show them - loudly, boisterously - that we do not consent. 

And we must educate our friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors, about what's going on, and the true motivations behind it.

The Earth Party has put together a presentation that covers all aspects of this education.

The virus exists.  The pandemic does not.

Good news: You DON'T need to be afraid.  Because the virus is not nearly as bad as you're being told.  The government and media are cooking the numbers.  The fatality rate has been artificially inflated, by at least an order of magnitude, through clever statistical accounting tricks.  

You know how a clever tax attorney can find number tricks to make your taxes go down?  Well it's the same with statistics. A clever statistician can use number tricks to make epidemiological statistics go up.

And that's exactly what they've done.  In reality, the coronavirus is no more dangerous than the flu.  Maybe less so.  You don't need to be afraid of it.

Meanwhile, the media is using outlier hyperfocus to construct an emotional narrative that there's a pandemic.  They do this by focusing their attention on the tiny minority of serious cases, and magnifying them to make them seem like the norm.  This is nothing new; they've done it with so many things before.  Weed. Terrorism.  All they have to do is find a few people who fell victim to these things, and they can make it seem like they're pandemics.

It's the same thing now.  Don't fall for it.

But you do need to be aware that we are in a planetary crisis.  The coronavirus is a form through which the crisis is manifesting - but even if there were no virus, there would still be a crisis and there would be other manifestations. 


And the good news about it is that we're finally at the point where we're confronted with the true nature of the choices before us.  Never before have the fruits of our choices been laid more bare before us than now.  This crisis is here to initiate a mass-ascension.  An evolution of human consciousness and society.  

We're at that transition point between an old structure and new structure.

Humanity has been on the brink of a major evolution for a long time, and nobody knew exactly when it was going to be. Some thought 2012.  Their calculations apparently were off - but we knew it was going to happen sometime soon.

Well it's now.  This is the inflection point.  This is the time when we have the choices to make in terms of what the new structures re going to look like, and what path we're going to tread.  

In Chinese, the word for crisis is the same word as the word for opportunity.  The kernel of any crisis is an opportunity.  Whenever one structure is rearranging, it's an opportunity to craft a new one.  And it requires the participation of all of us.  

There are predictions, of course, that it's all a hoax and that it's designed as an excuse to grant consent to the elites to build a global techno-dictatorship dystopia based on medical fascism.  And to some extent, that is a real danger.  There are people trying to exploit the crisis for exactly that purpose.  So we do need to be vigilant so that that doesn't happen.

But even that is only a fear, at this point.  It hasn't come to pass.  Although there are people who want it to, it hasn't yet.  It's only a potentiality.  It need not come to pass.  We can choose to walk a better path.  And walking that better path requires us first to understand the nature of what is truly going on.

Start here: 
Part 1: The 9/11 of Medical Fascism


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