The Tests Are Fraudulent

The PCR test forms the backbone of the entire plandemic project.  It's the original source of the panic.  And as it turns out, PCR is a fraudulent method for diagnosing infectious disease.

The test itself is not fraudulent - but its current usage is.


It has a legitimate use, as a gene-sequencing tool, for research purposes.


But it is inappropriate for use as a tool for diagnosing infections in patients, and to use it for such a purpose is fraudulent.


Kary Mullis, the Nobel laureate who won his Nobel prize specifically for inventing this test - the PCR test - explaining why it should not be used as a diagnostic:

Kevin McKernan, a world-renowned geneticist and member of the Human Genome Project, explaining why PCR is problematic, even bordering on criminally fraudulent, when used for diagnosing Sars-CoV-2:

Short excerpt:

Longer interview, on the Tom Woods show:

Episode:  "The PCR Testing Fiasco":

Other long version, on the Accad and Koka report:

Highly technical presentation on the problems with using the PCR test for covid:

Written article explaining why PCR can't be used for detecting infections:

Portugese court rules the test unreliable and invalid:

* * *

What is the problem with the PCR test?  Here's a summary:

Imagine you have a haystack, and you want to know whether there are any needles in it.

You spray the stack with a chemical that causes all needles to replicate.  So if there's a needle, it will turn into two needles.

Then you spray it again, and if there are two needles, they will become four.  Then you spray gain, and if there are 4, they will become 8.  Then 16, then 32, 64, 128, 256, and so on.

Eventually, if you do this replication enough, you'll wind up with thousands (or millions) of needles.  At some point, there will be so many needles, you can't help but notice them.

And of course, if there were zero needles at first, then there will still be zero, no matter how many times you replicate.  0 x 2 = 0.

That's roughly how PCR works, when they use it for detecting Sars-CoV-2 in a person.  Just replace "needle" with "viral RNA strand", and "haystack" with "nasal swab sample."  It sounds simple enough.  It should work.

But the problem is, the human body has so many chemicals in it, that if you replicate a swab sample enough times, you'll inevitably find something that looks like the molecule you're looking for.  Our bodily fluids are littered with just about everything - including fragments of decaying RNA.  And if you create enough of those fragments (through using a high number of PCR replication cycles), eventually you will find a strand that looks similar enough to the type you're looking for, that it will trigger a "positive" result."

When testing for Covid, the standard range of cycles used in the testing labs is anywhere from 25 to 40.


If you do less than 25, you will always get a negative result (because there just aren't enough replications to detect anything).

And if you do more than 40, you will get a positive result nearly every single time!

And the number of cycles used, in each lab, is entirely arbitrary.  There is no "scientific" indication of what number of cycles ought to be used.  The number is solely at the discretion of the health department bureaucracy in the state, province, or nation in question.


Is this starting to look a little... unscientific yet?

Here's where it gets sinister:

Because of this wide range of bureaucratic discretion, a government has the ability to control the "number of cases" reported within their jurisdiction.  If they want reports of high numbers of cases, all they have to do is set the cycle number close to 40, and there will be a "surge" in cases.  And if they want to say the "surge is over", they can bring the cycle number back down closer to 25.

This means that if a population is rebellious, and has been defying their public "health" orders (by congregating in groups, refusing to wear muzzles, etc.), their government can increase the cycle number to make their "number of cases" shoot up, to shame them, and to justify a new wave of lockdowns to punish them for their defiance.

And if a population is complying with their medical martial law, their government can reward them for their compliance, by bringing the cycle number back down, and having their "cases" head back in the direction of zero.  And then you get to go outside again!  Yay!  "All because you complied."

When you see "news" that countries with draconian lockdowns (like Australia and New Zealand) "got rid of their covid", this is likely what happened.

And likewise, when cases shoot up, this technique is also likely to be involved.

In such a way, governments can entrain a new ethos of totalitarian compliance in their population. 

It's carrot and stick.  The oldest behavioral conditioning in the book.  Straight outta B.F. Skinner.

Fake Fatality Statistics

Here are some of the links we've collected.

First, we have information on the actual "coronavirus", and why it never should have been classified as a "pandemic" in the first place:
This is a great video presentation on how the world's governments messed up in calculating the cases and fatality rates, leading to wildly inflated numbers.  If you scroll down past the video, it has an explanation with what appear to be hundreds of cited sources from scientists and doctors.
This is prominent epidemiologist Knut Wittkowski giving his take:  "We could open up now and forget the whole thing."
This is an important medical professional in Switzerland, explaining how the virus might actually be more akin to a common cold, which most of us already have immunity to, and the whole hysteria was a mistake.
Video of state health department admitting that they classify everyone who dies WITH covid as someone who died FROM covid - inflating the death count egregiously

* * *

And now, here's some information about what they're planning to do to us, using the "pandemic" as a pretext:
They're planning to keep us in masks forever
Bill Gates saying we need personal PROOF of vaccination in order to participate in society
Mainstream article on how the upcoming "vaccine" is fundamentally different from all previous vaccines
Rice University explaining the "quantum dot tattoos" which will serve as both ID and as proof of vaccination
MIT explaining the quantum dot tattoo ID
A little background on what Gates has been doing in Africa and India (experimenting on children and paralyzing and killing them)
Four-part exposition of exactly who Bill Gates is, and how he seized control of the global vaccine industry
Famous lawyer Alan Dershowitz making the case that forced vaccination is fully constitutional
National Law Review endorsing "Vaccinate or Terminate" as workplace requirements
USA Today editorial advocating forced vaccination for every man, woman, and child - no exemptions
Bill Gates saying you won't be allowed to travel unless you have proof of vaccination
Bill Gates' partnership with DARPA for a vaccine with nanotech in it
Article showing horrifying quotes from Moderna's CEO about how his vaccines will "hack the code of life" and "edit the human genome"
Pharma companies developing Covid vaccines will be legally immune from all liability (i.e. cannot be sued for injuries they cause).
Medical martial law in New Zealand, complete with forced testing
Explanation of how the PCR test (and main test they're using to "diagnose") was never meant to be used as a diagnostic - it's only for research purposes - and that using it for diagnostics essentially enables the testers to manipulate it to produce WHATEVER RESULT THEY WANT)
Information on the background and history of the PCR test, and how the inventor never meant for it to be used this way
Another video on the PCR fraud, with even more detail

Tanzanian president talking about the PCR test scam (they swabbed it on fruit, and it tested positive)
New Zealand announcing that all people who test "positive" will be forcibly removed from their homes and sent to concentration camps (sorry:  "managed isolation facilities")
Concentration camps coming to Canada for those who "test positive"

General exposition of the high-tech digital dystopia being planned, and how "covid" is central to it
Another exposition, with emphasis on the digital ID's and the "cashless society"
A mainstream publication saying that "China has the right idea about censorship", and that we should censor everyone who questions the pandemic narrative (and conversations like this will no longer be possible, if they have their way).
France re-classified HCQ (hydroxychloroquine) as a controlled substance, making it more difficult to obtain - and they did this in DECEMBER... hmm... wonder what they knew?
Meta-analysis of HCQ as treatment, showing overwhelmingly positive, effective results
Exposition on the horribly fraudulent "Surgisphere" study which was the primary "reason" why the FDA and state governors told everyone HCQ is "dangerous"
How the fear was orchestrated in the UK (similar to the US)
Pandemic predictive occult ritual from the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony (warning: this is disturbing, and I can't believe it was allowed to be broadcast to 7 billion people)
Tucker Carlson on how power-drunk governors are arrogating dictator-powers
Rockefeller Foundation "paper" from 2010 outlines exactly what they're now doing


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