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Part 2:

Questions No One Will Answer


If you believe that this whole event is really about a "virus" - if you still believe that - and more importantly, if you think your government and media really believe it - that this is all about a "virus" - then you need to answer some questions.


Starting with: 

If it's really as super-serious as they claim it is, would they need to use so many tricks to make us fear it?

The fact that the "authorities" are willing to torpedo their own long-term credibility by performing so many tricks (both emotional and statistical tricks ), and such silly ones at that, in broad daylight, means that they needed them.  The plan wouldn't have worked without them.  Without tricks, the public would not have bought in to the pandemic narrative.


They're obviously not confident in their ability to convince us with regular, un-manipulated facts.

If it's really about a "virus", then why hasn't anyone on TV mentioned the immune system at any point in the entire 7-month (and counting) ordeal?

Why hasn't anyone in government mentioned it?

Why aren't they explaining, to the public, how the immune system works? 

They know the public is woefully uneducated about health and biology. 

So why aren't they trying to fix that? 

They have our attention.  Millions of people are now completely captive to their TV's, and listen all day long for news about the "pandemic."

So why don't they use that attention to actually do some good, and teach people something, instead of just spreading fear all day?

Most people don't know the first thing about how viruses work.  Most people have no idea that the human body contains over 300 trillion virions at any given time, from thousands of different virus species (many of them coronaviruses), in a rich and complex and interconnected ecosystem called a virome, which plays a vital role in many bodily functions, similar to gut bacteria, and without which we wouldn't even exist. 


Most people have no idea that viruses don't destroy cells or tissue on their own, and that "symptoms" are caused by our own bodies' immune reaction to them - a process called a cytokine storm, which causes the inflammation that causes sickness.


Most people have no idea that the immune system consists of multiple lines of defense, of which the dangerous cytokine storm is only the last line, and that with proper nutrition and basic health cultivation, the initial defense lines (macrophages and T-cells) can easily keep viral load under control, and prevent any need for cytokines.  They have no idea that their immune systems are currently doing this, right now, with thousands of different kinds of viruses.


Most people have no idea what the term "viral load" even means, and assume that inhaling a single virion means "You're Fucked."


Most people don't know that their immune systems are perfectly capable of fighting absolutely any virus - especially a coronavirus - as long as we're in good condition.  As long as we're getting proper nutrition, proper sleep, and we're exercising and having a regular meditation practice, and taking care of ourselves, our immune system can handle just about anything.

But a lot of people aren't in optimal condition.  They're not getting good nutrtion.  They're stressed out.  They don't exercise or meditate.  And that's why they're vulnerable.

In the midst of what the governments are calling "a pandemic", there is absolutely  ZERO attempt by said governments to teach anyone about how viruses work.  Zero attempt to create an informed, empowered citizenry.


Isn't that odd?

And why haven't they mentioned nutrition?

Why aren't they talking about the relationship between nutrition and immunity?


Isn't the immune system kind of... important... in a "pandemic"?


It's not like these "doctors" and healthcare bureaucrats "don't know" how it works.  They know.

If you're facing a virus, then the logical response is to strengthen people's health, so that they have strong immune systems.


They know that nutrition is the foundation of health. They know that it affects the performance of the immune system, and they know that the immune system is the primary determinant of the outcome of infectious diseases. 

So why aren't they talking about it?

And they also know that a large portion of the population has no access to good nutrition.  They know that malnutrition is a problem, especially in America, where a large chunk of the population cannot afford healthy, nutritious food, and is immuno-suppressed as a result.  They know that many poor areas don't even have access to real food, since they live in Food Deserts.

food deserts 1.jpg

They buy their groceries at the gas station, or the liquor store, because there are no supermarkets.


And their options basically amount to white bread, pasta, canned food, and candy.

food desert shelves.jpg

Even if they had a little money to spare, they would have to travel to an entirely different neighborhood, in order to even real food.


They have no access to broccoli, blueberries, blackberries, kale, carrots, celery... or anything with actual nutrition in it.


When you don't get proper nutrition, and you're eating cheese and bread and refined sugar and all the preservatives and chemical garbage that's in this stuff... your immune system is weak, and you're more vulnerable.


Notice how the news is telling you things like: "African Americans are hit worse by the virus..."

racial toll of virus.jpg

Of course they are - they're impoverished and live in food deserts without access to real food, and their immune systems are compromised as a result!

Yet that article above contains ZERO mentions of nutrition. Don't believe that? Read it yourself.  See?  No mention of nutrition.  In the entire thing.

So, why aren't we helping them out?  Why aren't we addressing their nutritional problems?


If you were directing a national pandemic response, wouldn't your first action be to set up a program to begin immediately delivering proper nutrition to food deserts, and to poor people, to make sure that their immune systems can actually function?

Why isn't the government doing this?


It's not like it would be "costly" or "difficult."  The states have called up the National Guard.  Guard units could distribute healthy food to poor neighborhoods.  It would be very easy to do, and very cheap. This is not high technology we're talking about. This is fruits and veggies.

fruits and veggies delivery.jpg

Come on people.  This isn't exactly an Apollo Mission.

How much would it cost to deliver fruits and veggies to all the poor people?


A billion dollars?


2 billion?


5 billion at the most?


Zero billion, because the National Guard is already activated, and could do it as a part of their actual job?


As far as actually buying the food - how much would it cost to purchase 50 million florets of broccoli per week? How much is a floret of broccoli?


Three dollars?  Two dollars?

One dollar, if you buy at scale?


So that's like... 100 million dollars a week.  For the whole country. Million, not billion.


Repeat with carrots, celery, bell peppers, blueberries, blackberries, peaches, apples, bananas, oranges... you get the point.


Suppose we did twenty types - 10 veggies and 10 fruits - to every American who can't afford them - that's 2 billion dollars a week.


For 2 billion dollars a week - maybe 3 billion if you throw in gasoline for the Guard vehicles - we could fix America's nutrition problem and set up the primary foundation of all defense against viruses.


3 billion a week is too much?


No.  The price tag is not the reason they aren't doing it. 


They're spending so much money on:


-Ventilating machines

-PPE (masks and gloves and hazmat suits)

-Millions and millions of testing kits

-Armies of contact-tracers

-Vaccine development

That stuff alone is running into the hundreds of billions.

And that doesn't even include the financial toll of the economic destruction are they causing by shutting everything down. 

Something's not adding up. The thing preventing a nutrition program is definitely NOT the price tag.


And it's not because they "don't know" how important nutrition is.  They know.  They know nutrition is the foundation of health.  And if they don't, they shouldn't even be doctors, let alone be directing a national pandemic response.  They need to go back to school, and get off of television, immediately.

And where is Dr. Fauci? 

Is he talking about this?


No, he's not.

Has even mentioned it?  Even once?



The word "nutrition", has not emerged from his lips throughout the entire time he's been at that podium.

It would be one thing if he said "Let's get some nutritious food to people who don't currently have access to it, so they can build proper immune systems", but then failed to convince Congress to provide the funding to do so.

That would be one thing.  But that's not what happened.  He hasn't tried.  He hasn't even mentioned it.

Meanwhile, Youtube will censor YOU if YOU mention it.


Out of all the times when fostering immune health would be important, a "pandemic" would be the time.  So why isn't ANYONE in charge of the response talking about it?

And what did banning the sale of garden seeds have to do with stopping a virus?

seed sales banned (smaller).jpg

Yes, you could be getting your hands in the soil, reconnecting with Nature, getting sunshine, and growing your own food, complete with all the vitamins and nutrients and phytonutrients, straight from the Earth - the healthiest stuff you could possibly eat!



Getting your hands in the dirt for a little time each day, are much healthier, mentally and physically.  All sorts of scientific studies confirm this.

soil mental health.jpg


And then, the protests.

If this was about a virus, why are they endorsing and encouraging street protests?

blm protest.jpg

And not just encouraging - but participating in them!

ted wheeler joins protest.jpg


While they're ordering us to "stay home!"

portland mayor stay home.jpg

Why is it that the same governors and mayors who say "Stay shut in your house or we'll take you straight to jail!" are simultaneously encouraging people to go out and protest in large crowds where social distancing is impossible?


Racism is certainly a problem, but is it a "monster pandemic that will wipe out hundreds of millions of people within a year", and in which even a single transmission could spell the difference between controlling it and losing control?


Statues of slaveholders may indeed be a problem, and it may be long past time for them to come down - but is that more important than the

"worst pandemic in a hundred years?"


They've told us this "virus" is so bad that we have to:

-Shut borders...

-Forbid travel...

-Set up internal checkpoints between states...

-Forbid indoor gatherings, under force of law...

-Forbid religion...

-Forbid sports...

-Forbid exercise...

...all under force of law...



-Set up an army of contact tracers...

-Force people to get "tested"...

-Force muzzles on people...

-Mandate forced quarantines...

It's so "bad", that USA Today just ran a frightening editorial advocating for universal forced vaccination of every man, woman, and child, by force, breaching the most sacred barrier of privacy, and placing the human body itself under the proprietorship of the government.

It's that bad, but simultaneously not bad enough to discourage street protests?

It's bad enough to warrant the sudden creation of the most advanced iteration of totalitarian control the world has ever seen... but not bad enough to postpone bronze-statue removal?

It's bad enough to accuse the anti-lockdown protesters of late April and early May of being "domestic terrorists" for daring to show up in public...

michigan capital protesters anti-lockdow
hillary clinton domestic terrorists.jpg

...but not bad enough to make the same accusation about crowds that are a hundred times the size, ten times the density, and a thousand times more chaotic?

blm smashing cop car.jpg

It's bad enough to ban singing, but not bad enough to ban protest chants?


Bad enough to ban visiting businesses, but not bad enough to ban smashing and looting them?

antifa smashing windows.jpg

Bad enough to ban entry to public buildings, but not bad enough to ban storming them and setting them on fire?

antifa fire.jpg

Is this Schrodinger's Virus?  Does it exist in a state of quantum superposition, where it's simultaneously highly contagious and not contagious at all, depending on which side of the political spectrum is flaunting it? 

Is it intelligent?  Does it know the difference between a protester with a valid cause and a protester with an invalid cause?


These questions should prove, not only that there is no "pandemic", but that the people "in charge" don't believe there's one either.  


Does Anthony Fauci believe in the pandemic?

Why can't he answer a simple question of "Do protests spread the virus?"

Even the publisher of the Imperial Model - the original "doom and gloom" projection upon which the harsh worldwide lockdowns of March and April were originally based - doesn't believe in his own research.


If he does believe in it, then why did he invite his mistress over to his house at the height of his country's lockdown - even after he had "tested positive"?

Why was MSNBC's Chris Cuomo spotted out jogging while he was pretending to be self-isolating after "testing positive"?  And why did he get so angry at being called out, that he became belligerent with the bystander who called him out?  And why did he later lie about the whole thing?

If haircuts transmit the virus enough to ban haircuts, why did the mayor of Chicago keep getting haircuts after threatening her city's residents with arrest if they got haircuts?


Why isn't this bastard wearing his mask?

fauci no mask.jpg

Why do the TV crews wear masks while filming, and then take them off as soon as they think the cameras are off?

And here he is doing it too!

As soon as the cameras are off!



You know the answer.

And why do they suddenly care about "our health" when they've never cared about it before?

Why do they suddenly care about "saving lives" when they never cared this much before?


They don't care about our lives or health at any other time - so why now?


8,000 people die every day from another virus, called "hunger", even though there's a safe and effective vaccine for it, called "food", which is incredibly cheap - and yet they're not bringing food to hungry people.

In fact, this global "lockdown" is going to lead to hundreds of millions of deaths by starvation in the third world, due to the collapse of economies.

265 Million People Could Face Hunger in 'Unprecedented' Crisis, World Food Program Expert Warns


Coronavirus crisis could double number of people suffering acute hunger - UN


Coronavirus pandemic 'will cause famine of biblical proportions'


Even if the now-completely-discredited fraudulent Imperial Model, which predicted 10 million deaths from the virus, were correct, what is the point of starving hundreds of millions of people to death with lockdowns to save a few million?

​Cardiovascular disease kills 650,000 Americans every year.

So why haven't they done anything about the constant advertisements for meat, dairy, and junk food that we're subjected to every time we turn on the TV?  Why haven't they even tried?  Why haven't they mentioned it?


Cancer kills 600,000 Americans per year.


So why isn't anyone on CNN complaining about the aspartame, formaldehyde, or any of the thousands of weird lab chemicals in our industrialized "food" system?

Over 200,000 people (just in America) die each year from iatrogenic causes - which means because of doctors.  Doctors kill that many people every year.

Why won't the Covid czars do anything about that?  Or try?  Or mention it at all? 

At any given time, over 100,000 Americans are sleeping on the street, just a few calories away from freezing to death.

Has Fauci ever mentioned this?


It's perfectly fine (to our rulers) if we die from starvation, malnutrition, homelessness, or lack of (normal) medical care.  Nor if we die from depression or suicide from being unable to pay bills.  They don't care.

So why do they suddenly care about our lives and health now?

They don't care.  They've never cared.  And they certainly don't care NOW.  This is not about keeping us "healthy and safe."  It is not about that.  There is something else going on here.

And then there's the censorship.


Consider this:


We have been told that scientific and medical misinformation is so dangerous that we must consent, not only to the forceful censorship of non-credentialed opinions (i.e. non-professionals), but to the censorship of board-certified, practicing doctors who dispute elements of the narrative - even those who have been treating coronavirus patients since this began.


Yet at the same time, Bill Gates - a non-doctor - is given platform after platform, to talk about his views on virology, immunology, and epidemiology, despite having no medical degree and ZERO credentials in any scientific discipline whatsoever. 


Why are America's Frontline Doctors deleted from Youtube and suspended from Twitter, even though they've been treating coronavirus patients up close and personally... while a monopolistic computer CEO, whose signature invention was the world's most glitchy and virus-prone operating system, is heralded as a medical authority on viruses by every major TV network and newspaper?


Why is he being asked about public policies regarding public health?  Why are his "predictions" being aired?  Why isn't he facing censorship, while actual scientists are? 

censorship Dr. Immanuel and Bill Gates.j

​​Do you get it yet? 

This isn't about stopping a virus.

This is about stopping you from being healthy.

They may have backed down - somewhat - after facing armed resistance - but when their "second wave" gets going, you can be they'll try to do it all over again.

But why?

Why would they want to do this?

Why engineer a public health crisis on purpose?

There is only one explanation left:


They don't want us to be healthy. They actually want a pandemic.


They actually want our immune systems to be compromised and suppressed, so that more will get sick and die, so that they will have an excuse to lock everything down, keep us divided and isolated, and suppress the Revolution in Human Consciousness that they know is imminent.

That's why every aspect of their response has been something that erodes health.

They're trying to engineer a public health crisis. ON PURPOSE.

Given that nutrition....jpg

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