Part 5:


What purpose does a scamdemic serve?

Technocracy has always advanced in waves.


The scamdemic is quite simply the trigger for winning popular consent for the next one.


The technocrats are planning to begin another wave now, and they call it the "Fourth Industrial Revolution."

Its overarching goal is the ascendancy of artificial intelligence, by merging with - and ultimately replacing - the human body (and biological Life itself).

But the people driving this agenda have a hurdle to surmount.  Their problem is the simple fact that almost nobody actually wants this.  While a small elite of technocrats in ivory towers fantasize quite publicly about it, it remains abhorrent to the vast majority of humanity.  Who actually wants to insert a "neuralink" into their brain?


Who wants their own body to be wirelessly connected to their household appliances, car, and internet?


Who actually wants to become a "thing" in the "Internet of Things"?


Who wants to allow their genome to be "updated" by a computer geek?


Not many people.

Technocracy has always had to contend with the fact that its plans are repulsive and terrifying to the mind of a sane person - and for this reason, it must resort to either sneaking them into our culture through various tactics of manipulation, or imposing them on us by brute force.  Or both.

And "Covid 19" is designed to enable them to do exactly this, by triggering the formation of full-spectrum dominance — the complete totalitarian control of all aspects of humanity.

Full-Spectrum Dominance


Through "Covid19", the plandemic engineers hope to achieve complete control over all aspects of humanity, including:

Human Movement: 

-forced closures


-internal border checkpoints


-forced quarantining/isolation


-full censorship


-implanted identification (quantum dot tattoos)

Financial Transaction:

-elimination of cash

-digital transactions linked to tattoo

Body and Genome:

-access-on-demand to nasal passages, bloodstream

-ability to edit the human genome en-masse, to mold human behavior

Population numbers:

-eugenics via deadly and/or sterilizing injections

The mind:

-neural chips and connection to IoT (Internet of Things)

These will all be explained in further detail below.


Under the planned medical dystopia, every human being is considered a potential bio-terrorist by default, until "proven innocent", and governments can abduct and "quarantine" any individual at any time, under the guise of "public safety."


Every man, woman, and child carries a new ID in the form of a quantum dot tattoo implanted into the forearm, which contains your "vaccination" history.  All participation in society — from work, to riding the bus, to visiting the grocery store — is contingent upon compliance with the "vaccine" (gene-editing) schedule, and must be proven upon each instance of entry to any public establishment, via the scanning of the tattoo.


Cash money is eliminated, and all financial transactions occur over the "network", and the tattoo must be scanned for every purchase.  If you speak out against the system, they can turn off your tattoo, and you can no longer buy anything, nor appear in public.  The internet is completely censored, under the guise of "preventing the spread of harmful misinformation during a pandemic," and there is no way to share, hear, or discuss any form of dissent.

A dictatorship of elite "scientists" sits atop the pyramid, micromanaging every aspect of life, by force.  They continually edit the human genome through CRISPR technology contained in mandatory injections disguised as "vaccines."

The world itself then becomes their laboratory - a giant, planet-wide bio-lab for the scientific elite to play in, and experiment with - and in which they can tinker with the basic systems of Life in any way they choose, to pave the way for the grand project of merging the biological world with the digital, in preparation for the ascendancy of artificial intelligence and the eventual replacement of humanity by A.I.

They're already tinkering with the weather, through geoengineering.


They're already tinkering with the genetic code of plants and animals.


But they can't do what they really want to do, until they lay claim to the ultimate prize:


The power to tinker with the human body.

The coronavirus hysteria is designed to usher in a new societal ethos in which the government has the authority to tinker, at will, with the human body and all of its functions, movements, and interactions.

And they need this full-spectrum control, in order to make us accept this intended merger, because we'd never agree to it otherwise.

The "Plandemic" As Trigger.

Of course we'd never agree to granting them all the rest of these totalitarian powers either, if presented to us "as-is."


Think about it... If they had just come out and said:


"Hey we're gonna seize complete control over your life, dismantle your society, and turn your body into our property to experiment on..." one would have agreed.

Totalitarian power grabs are never presented in their naked form.  They always come with an excuse.


And the excuse is always:


"Public safety."

​Can you think of a single time in history when a totalitarian government came out and said, "Hey people, we're gonna abolish your rights, and we're gonna do it just... just... just cuz! Cuz we wanna!"

Not once in history.

Even the Nazis had a handy phrase to "justify" everything they were doing:

"Fur ihre sicherheit" - "For your safety."


There is always a pretext, and it's always about "safety."

It may, of course, be phrased differently.  Sometimes it's about religious purity and prevention of heresy.  Sometimes it's about national unity and prevention of subversion and sedition.  Sometimes it's ironically about "freedom", as in the case of the most recent famous example that preceded Covid.  But all of these revolve around the same idea:  Your government needs to control you, and abolish your rights, in order to protect you.

So the fact that a "safety pretext" does indeed exist in our present scenario... does not mean that it's not a totalitarian power grab. The fact that they're shouting "safety" as they abolish your rights doesn't mean it's actually being done to "keep you safe."  Because there is never an abolition of rights that doesn't involve a pretext of protecting you.

And there's actually a name for this process.  It's called the Hegelian Dialectic.



* * *

The Dialectic:

Problem -> Reaction -> Solution

In other to "sell" us on its proposals, technocracy needs to scare us with some kind of bogeyman, like a sheepdog scares sheep into being herded.

In short, it utilizes the Hegelian Dialectic - also known as  "Problem -> Reaction -> Solution".

Whatever changes it wants to make to the world, it orchestrates a way to make us ask for those changes, as a "solution" to some problem... which it invented, specifically for such a purpose.


First, it causes (or fabricates) the problem... that we'll ask for (or at the very least, consent to) the so-called "solutions"...


...which are actually the changes it wanted all along.

The 2020 germ hysteria is quite simply the "problem" in the latest iteration of the dialectic.  It's designed to win our consent for full-spectrum dominance of governments over the human body and society, in preparation for the planned Fourth Industrial Revolution.


"I'm having trouble understanding this "dialectic" thing.  Can you give an example from the past, to show me how it works?"




One of the most famous recent examples was the major wave of militaristic imperialism and individual-rights-stomping known as the "War On Terror."

First, they decided what they wanted:

-An excuse to invade oil-and-mineral-rich countries to take control of their resources

-A military foothold in the Middle East for geopolitical dominance

-Huge profits for defense-contractors

-An excuse to rescind the right to Privacy, and begin bulk-spying on everyone

-An excuse to rescind the right to "habeas corpus", and be able to hold people indefinitely without trial, charges, access to attorneys, etc.

-The social acceptance of torture

But the problem was, these changes would instantly repulse anyone who heard them - if offered "as is."


And therefore, an excuse was needed:  Some problem that would make the public reach out and ask for these changes - even to beg for them - or at the very least submit to them when imposed.

And the "problem" invented was "terrorism."


Have you ever noticed that nobody talks about terrorism anymore?  It's not on the news.  The government never mentions it anymore.  We don't see scary silhouettes of heavily-bearded, turban-wearing foreign men on the news reports every night.  Not anymore.


What happened to all that?


It never existed in the first place.  It was a fairy tale.


"A fairy tale?  Are you saying terrorist attacks weren't real?  Are you saying 9/11 wasn't real?"


These events were real, of course, and terrorism does exist.  ,But it was never the all-encompassing "existential threat" that the elites told us it was.  At no point in time did your probability of being blown up by a terrorist eclipse your probability of getting struck by lightning.

But the elites were able to convince you otherwise, by focusing the media cameras intensely on those few incidents, and splashing them all over the news, 24/7.


This is one of the media's oldest tricks, and it's called outlier hyperfocus.  By focusing on outliers (rare events), and hyping them with constant, ubiquitous, emotionally charged, and virtually inescapable attention, they're able to make a statistical anomaly look like a commonality.  We've covered this process extensively in Covid Part 1 - It's Gonna Be OK.

There was and still remains, violent "jihad" - but it was never a pandemic.

It never posed a threat to most of us the way the news and politicians made us believe.  We never needed to duct-tape our effing windows. 

Or start wars.  Or give up our individual rights.

But therein lies the reason.

Terrorism hysteria was the "Problem" from the dialectic.  The bogeyman.  The sheep-dog.  It was a means to an end. 


Its purpose was to elicit the "Reaction" - i.e. fear - and thereby win our consent for the "Solutions" presented by the government:  The Patriot Act, the extrajudicial detentions and assassinations, torture programs, international militarization, and the wars.

And as soon as that bogeyman stopped being useful, it stopped appearing, and all of those "scary bearded guy" stories stopped occupying our TV screens.


Once the "Reaction" was elicited and the "Solutions" achieved, the "Problem" was no longer needed!

"But we're still in the wars, and the empire is still expanding under the powers it acquired from back then, and we haven't gotten back any of the rights and civil liberties we surrendered - even after close to 20 years."


Of course!  The changes wrought in response to the problem always outlive the problem.  Because they're the whole point of it!

"But they told us it was only gonna be temporary.  Remember that?  They said it would be a short war... and the spying stuff would only be temporary..."

It's meant to be permanent.


It always is.

And this should clue you in... that the changes in response to the 2020 germ hysteria:


-the lockdowns

-the social distancing

-the masks

-the censorship

-the travel restrictions

-the economic shutdown

-the treatment of everyone as a walking bio-terror suspect at all times

-the ability of governments to take ownership over the human body

...are all meant to be permanent too.

If they lied about it the last time (and all previous times), why should we trust them this time?

"I get what you're saying... But this time feels different!  This time, it's scientists and doctors telling us!"


And last time, it was "security analysts" and "counterterrorism researchers" telling us.  Don't you remember?  It wasn't just Bush and Cheney, all by themselves.  They had an army of "experts" to back up their claims.


The foremost experts in their field.


Just like now.


"But it just... FEELS different this time!  It feels real!"


It felt "real" last time, too.

Psy-ops always "feel" real while you're in the midst of them.


Do you think everyone "knew" terrorism was a fake crisis, but still went along with the Bush agenda anyway?

Of course not.  People went along because it felt real.

That's how effective the media's outlier hyperfocus is.  We covered the process extensively in Part 1.

"I definitely see through the phony "terrorism" bullcrap!  I'm smart, and progressive, and I don't believe everything the media says.  I'm hip to the tricks, man.  I know those other wars were psychological operations.  But... I just... don't... think... *THIS* one is!  This pandemic... it's a real threat, man!  They're not hyping it!  It's not another psyop!"


It's easy to see through a previous psyop.  One you're not currently in. 

Calling bullshit on a previous psyop from yesteryear doesn't make you special.

The question is:  Can you call the same on a current one?

It's easy to look back on psyops of the past, and think "Yea, that was totally fake!  I can't believe people fell for that!"


It's easy to think to yourself:

"I would have been on the good side."


"I would have been a dissenter."


"A resistor."


"I would have seen through it."


"I would not have fallen for it." 

It's easy to think that now, looking back on it, after the media has already stopped hyping it, and the collective emotional hysteria faded away years ago.  It's easy to laugh at a psyop when you're on the outside of it.

But can you do so while you're still in it?


While the media is still hyping it, 24/7?


While your neighbors, friends, and family are all shivering in fear on their sofas?


While the government-media complex is still whipping it up?


While there's a tangible current of highly charged emotion permeating society?

While the scary-guy-silhouettes are up on the screens?


Can you question it when you'll be called a "wacky conspiracy theorist" for doing so?


Can you express dissent when dissent means material consequences, like loss of friends and relationships, loss of employment, and social media account-deletion?

Questioning past psyops takes wisdom.  But questioning current ones takes courage.

Do you have the courage?

"Yes!  I do!  And I want to know what's really going on!  Quit teasing me - tell me what the real agenda is!  What do they want from us?


How does Covid relate to the Fourth Industrial Revolution?"

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