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Why Plan a 'demic?

What purpose does it serve?

9-11 covid problem reaction solution.jpg

Technocracy has always advanced in waves.


The scamdemic is quite simply the trigger for winning popular consent for the next one.


The technocrats are planning to begin another wave now, and they call it the "Fourth Industrial Revolution."


Its overarching goal is the ascendancy of artificial intelligence, by merging with - and ultimately replacing - the human body (and biological Life itself).

220-Transhumanism (smaller).jpg

But the people driving this agenda have a hurdle to surmount.  Their problem is the simple fact that almost nobody actually wants this.  While a small elite of technocrats in ivory towers fantasize quite publicly about it, it remains abhorrent to the vast majority of humanity.  Who actually wants to insert a "neuralink" into their brain?


Who wants their own body to be wirelessly connected to their household appliances, car, and internet?


Who actually wants to become a "thing" in the "Internet of Things"?


Who wants to allow their genome to be "updated" by a computer geek?


Not many people.

Technocracy has always had to contend with the fact that its plans are repulsive and terrifying to the mind of a sane person - and for this reason, it must resort to either sneaking them into our culture through various tactics of manipulation, or imposing them on us by brute force.  Or both.

And "Covid 19" is designed to enable them to do exactly this, by triggering the formation of full-spectrum dominance — the complete totalitarian control of all aspects of humanity.

Full-Spectrum Dominance

Through "Covid19", the plandemic engineers hope to achieve complete control over all aspects of humanity, including:

Human Movement: 

-forced closures


-internal border checkpoints


-forced quarantining/isolation


-full censorship


-implanted identification (quantum dot tattoos)

Financial Transaction:

-elimination of cash

-digital transactions linked to tattoo

Body and Genome:

-access-on-demand to nasal passages, bloodstream

-ability to edit the human genome en-masse, to mold human behavior

Population numbers:

-eugenics via deadly and/or sterilizing injections

The mind:

-neural chips and connection to IoT (Internet of Things)

These will all be explained in further detail below.


Under the planned medical dystopia, every human being is considered a potential bio-terrorist by default, until "proven innocent", and governments can abduct and "quarantine" any individual at any time, under the guise of "public safety."


Every man, woman, and child carries a new ID in the form of a quantum dot tattoo implanted into the forearm, which contains your "vaccination" history.  All participation in society — from work, to riding the bus, to visiting the grocery store — is contingent upon compliance with the "vaccine" (gene-editing) schedule, and must be proven upon each instance of entry to any public establishment, via the scanning of the tattoo.


Cash money is eliminated, and all financial transactions occur over the "network", and the tattoo must be scanned for every purchase.  If you speak out against the system, they can turn off your tattoo, and you can no longer buy anything, nor appear in public.  The internet is completely censored, under the guise of "preventing the spread of harmful misinformation during a pandemic," and there is no way to share, hear, or discuss any form of dissent.

A dictatorship of elite "scientists" sits atop the pyramid, micromanaging every aspect of life, by force.  They continually edit the human genome through CRISPR technology contained in mandatory injections disguised as "vaccines."

The world itself then becomes their laboratory - a giant, planet-wide bio-lab for the scientific elite to play in, and experiment with - and in which they can tinker with the basic systems of Life in any way they choose, to pave the way for the grand project of merging the biological world with the digital, in preparation for the ascendancy of artificial intelligence and the eventual replacement of humanity by A.I.

They're already tinkering with the weather, through geoengineering.


They're already tinkering with the genetic code of plants and animals.


But they can't do what they really want to do, until they lay claim to the ultimate prize:


The power to tinker with the human body.

The coronavirus hysteria is designed to usher in a new societal ethos in which the government has the authority to tinker, at will, with the human body and all of its functions, movements, and interactions.

And they need this full-spectrum control, in order to make us accept this intended merger, because we'd never agree to it otherwise.

The "Plandemic" As Trigger.

Of course we'd never agree to granting them all the rest of these totalitarian powers either, if presented to us "as-is."


Think about it... If they had just come out and said:


"Hey we're gonna seize complete control over your life, dismantle your society, and turn your body into our property to experiment on..." one would have agreed.

Totalitarian power grabs are never presented in their naked form.  They always come with an excuse.


And the excuse is always:


"Public safety."

​Can you think of a single time in history when a totalitarian government came out and said, "Hey people, we're gonna abolish your rights, and we're gonna do it just... just... just cuz! Cuz we wanna!"

Not once in history.

Even the Nazis had a handy phrase to "justify" everything they were doing:

"Fur ihre sicherheit" - "For your safety."


There is always a pretext, and it's always about "safety."

It may, of course, be phrased differently.  Sometimes it's about religious purity and prevention of heresy.  Sometimes it's about national unity and prevention of subversion and sedition.  Sometimes it's ironically about "freedom", as in the case of the most recent famous example that preceded Covid.  But all of these revolve around the same idea:  Your government needs to control you, and abolish your rights, in order to protect you.

So the fact that a "safety pretext" does indeed exist in our present scenario... does not mean that it's not a totalitarian power grab. The fact that they're shouting "safety" as they abolish your rights doesn't mean it's actually being done to "keep you safe."  Because there is never an abolition of rights that doesn't involve a pretext of protecting you.

And there's actually a name for this process.  It's called the Hegelian Dialectic.


The Full Agenda

How the Scamdemic Orchestrators

Plan to Remake This World

From Start to Finish

dr wily and planet 2.jpg


In order to build their fully-machine-integrated "utopia", they'll need control over all aspects of us - culture, economy, movement, bodies, and even our DNA itself.


Considering how frightening and repulsive technocratic transhumanism is to the mind and soul of a healthy person, there's going to be major social and political opposition to the "Fourth Industrial Revolution", as they roll it out, and as it comes more clearly into view.


Technocracy cannot proceed unless it finds a way to neutralize that opposition, by gaining full spectrum dominance over humanity, from atom to globe.  And that includes not only an iron-fisted global government that cannot be questioned or resisted, but also the domination of our most intimate spaces - including our biometrics, our veins, and our genes.

You can't experiment on something if it's running freely around your lab.  To experiment on it, you'll need to find a way to hold it down.

They are seeking complete control over EVERYTHING and EVERYONE.  A scientific dictatorship.

They require such power if they're going to merge us with artificial intelligence, because almost none of us would willingly consent to such grotesquery if we have any choice in the matter.  

So they need to take away our choice, in order to initiate this process.

And the process of removing our free-choice is designed to proceed in stages.

The Stages


Full-Spectrum Dominance

Here is the chronological order in which the plan is designed to unfold.


These things may seem to be "crazy" or "far out", or "unsubstantiated".  However, each item in this list is something that is either already happening, or has already been announced as a plan for the near-future by government officials, or by elite figures within the scientific-industrial complex - or both.


In other words, they openly admit to planning these changes, and they've published their plans in mainstream media.


It's not a "conspiracy theory" if the people it's about are admitting it, openly, to your face.


And every one of these items is substantiated by direct statements from the technocrats involved, as well as patents on file for the technologies described, and actions already taken by governments to begin their implementation.  Keep that in mind while reading.


Here are the stages.  Their order is roughly chronological (which, due to the psychology involved, also means from the least frightening to the most):

1.  Atomization

If you remember, the very first change they introduced was social distancing.


Isolation is a key step in scientific domination.  As any good scientist knows, you have to separate phenomena in order to study them.  For humanity to fully become an experimental subject of Planetary Bio-Lab-World, they need to begin the process of permanently isolating us from one another.


This is the process of atomization, and it's intended to be the permanent new condition of humanity.

Furthermore, it's essential for neutralizing popular opposition to the agenda, for, as any despotic ruler knows, if you're going to rule over people with an iron fist, you'll need to keep them divided.  A united populace they can rise up and take their power back - but divided, we're weak and ineffectual.

As any historian will note, the seeds of the American Revolution of the 1770's sprouted in taverns, because that's where people gathered and talked.  That's where ideas were discussed, and revolutionary literature (like Thomas Paine's "Common Sense") was distributed.


The technocrats understand this, and they don't intend to allow this "mistake" again.


They want to make sure we cannot talk to one another - because when we do, we discover that we are not alone, and that others feel the same way we do about the horrors the  technocrats are imposing upon us.

aura social distancing.jpg

Of course, they can't stop all communication from occurring - but they can at least corral it into controllable spaces, where it can be filtered through censorship, shadowbanning, and account-deletion of problematic individuals (those who question the narrative).


On Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and so on, they can control what we're allowed to talk about.  Celebrity gossip?  That's fine.  False covid numbers?  Banned.

But they can't censor us when we meet physically.


Therefore, they seek a world in which there is no social activity at all, outside of essentials, like buying and selling goods - and even that, they plan to eventually transfer over to online-shopping companies like Amazon, and phase brick-and-mortar stores out of human history.

They want to abolish the very concept of community.

This is not meant to be temporary.  This is meant to be permanent.  The "New Normal."

Congregating in-person is, at this point, a revolutionary act.


2.  Control of Population Movement


To have a working Bio-Lab, you need the ability to move your tools and substances around, at will.  You can't really study a substance, or utilize a tool, if it's moving around your lab according to its own will.  To make us fully subjects of study, the technocrats need to control the flow and movement of people into, and out of, public spaces.


They've utilized the scamdemic to begin conditioning us to be comfortable with the idea of state discretion over the availability of all public spaces, and the movement of people into and out of them.  This began with orders to limit gatherings to under a certain number of attendees, followed by orders to close businesses altogether, followed by churches and places of religious congregation, followed by the closing of parks and beaches, followed by, in a few places, like Spain and Australia, the public sphere itself.  Each step was more despotic than the last. 


And it was quite shocking how quickly most communities accepted it.  Even now, the government can still close anything, anywhere, any time.  They might not be using that power to its fullest extent - not yet - not everywhere - but they openly reserve the "authority" to do so.  And in a few places, they actually have pushed very close to full domination.  See Melbourne, Australia.

Also, the widespread indulgence in travel, both domestic and international, particularly by the average person - which has been a cornerstone of the modern world - no longer serves the elites, and they intend to phase it out.

Furthermore, they needed to acquire the ability to force people into their homes at any time, in order to quell protests. 


Last year, 2019, was the beginning of a planet-wide populist uprising.  Millions of people took to the streets, in dozens of countries at once.

yellow vests 1.jpg

As soon as we saw all that - worldwide Climate Marches  happening simultaneously with populist workers uprisings like the Yellow Vests, combined with major unrest in dozens of countries around the world - we knew things had reached a critical point, and humanity was ready for a major change in the way this culture is run.


And we knew that the elites at the top of the pyramid were frantically looking for ways to clamp down, and get all the "rabble" out of the streets.


They passed draconian anti-protest legislation in places like Australia, the UK, and various U.S. states.


australia anti-protest.jpg

It was a test, to see if we'd be willing to consent to it.  And the test came back a failure!  Such legislation met intense resistance wherever it was passed.  They realized they couldn't stop the protests that way.


So what could they do?

Well, it looks like they got what they wanted in the end:


These are the lock down laws Stage 4 we are now living under... 1984 wasn't a novel...

Police may now enter anyone’s home without a warrant.

Curfew 8:00pm.

$1,652 fine if outside without “a valid reason” – an amount being raised by the day.

Can’t visit any family or friends.

$200 fine for no mask (mandatory masks at all times).

Can only exercise once per day, for up to 1 hour.

Only one person per household, per day can leave the house (including for groceries).

Can’t go more than 3 miles from your home.

Weddings are illegal.

No gatherings of any size.

Army is on the streets fining/arresting people.

victoria lockdown 2.jpg

“Since March 21, a total of 193,740 spot checks have been conducted by police across Victoria.”

Protests/activism is illegal; people have already been arrested for peaceful gatherings.

Media is EXTREMELY biased, calls protesters “right wing conspiracy nutjobs” and won’t allow discussion of whether these lockdowns are legal or not.

Several thousand people were placed under house arrest and unable to leave for ANY reason, with food rations delivered by the army, leading to appalling levels of personal trauma.

Australia won’t release how many fines they’ve given out, but an ABC news report says it’s over $5.2 million so far.

Streets of Melbourne are empty, even in a city of 5 million+ people.

People are HATEFUL to each other, everyone is cannibalizing their neighbours (calling police to report any little infraction of the rules and turning on each other like some communist hellhole).

Billboards outside on the street that say in capital letters: “WHAT ARE YOU DOING? STAY HOME.” They feel extremely oppressive, like we’re being yelled at by a very oppressive government.

The Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews shows complete and utter disdain for us, constantly blaming us.  He’s blamed children (yes, really) for not taking this seriously enough.  Every chance he gets, he tells us it’s OUR fault the virus is spreading (even though that’s what viruses do – they spread).

It’s not just the Victorian Premier – the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison is just as terrible.  He’s encouraged all of this, and he was responsible for the first lockdown.

1984 dystopian double-speak:  Billboards everywhere saying “Staying apart keeps us together.”  Have they gone mad?

There’s probably more but at this point I honestly lost track of all the insanity that’s happened.

All because 147 people died in the state of Victoria (total population is 6.359 million), almost all of the deaths are over 70 with comorbidities, same as everywhere else in the world."

The Right to Freedom of Assembly was enshrined in the American Bill of Rights for a reason, and governments have sought ways to abolish it ever since.  Now they finally have their excuse. 


3.  Destruction of the Physical Economy

The utter destruction of small business, and the complete supremacy of the big corporations for all business transactions, in every field. 

victoria economic destruction.jpg

It's clear that this is one of the purposes of the lockdowns:  They want to make sure that every small business crumbles, so that it can be replaced by a corporate chain, and power can be centralized, and all decisions will be filtered through the techno-corporate hierarchy.

bezos richer.jpg
sitting at computer for everything.jpg

"Why would leaders want to destroy their own economies?  Isn't a good economy the one goal that every politician has in common?  I've seen politicians do stupid things, but I've never seen them destroy their whole economy on purpose.  Don't they fear the wrath of the population they're destroying?  Why would they do this?"

Because they see a bigger reward around the corner:  the establishment of a global totalitarian dictatorship, in which they'll be richly rewarded for their loyalty in helping bring it about, and protected from ever being held accountable by their people (because the people have lost all power and rights).

autocrats more power covid.jpg

4.  Tracking and Tracing


To have full access to the real-time location of every single person, everywhere in the world.

This one's self-explanatory.

covid surveillance


5.  The Muzzle


Thus begins the physical domination of the human body.


Before technocracy can make us comfortable with it being in us, it first must get us accustomed to it being on us.

masks and tinfoil.jpg

The mask is a conditioning device.  It's there to condition us to submit to government domination of our bodies, in preparation for the merger of man and machine.

And to condition us to dehumanize one another, in preparation for the day when we'll be asked to do horrible things to each other - like the things further down this page.

masks dehumanize.jpg

They are a symbol of domination.  If they can force you to put a muzzle over your face, then they have dominated you.


Who else made people wear a physical marker of submission whenever appearing in public?


"No no, that's offensive.  You can't compare the yellow star to the mask.  The yellow star was meant to DEHUMANIZE people... in preparation for VIOLENCE against them."

And what do you think the mask is for?

The new Holocaust is not meant for just one ethno-religious group.  It's meant for all of us.

jewish man wearing yellow star mask.jpg

And the people pushing this New Yellow Star - the architects of the 2020 germ hysteria - are the descendants of the actual Nazi regime, who were quietly pardoned, given new identities, and brought to the United States after the war, to occupy the highest positions in the scientific-industrial complex, where they have been comfortably accumulating power and influence ever since.  After decades of controlling and directing the scientific establishment, they are now ready to retry what they started in the 1930's - except that this time, we're all Juden in their eyes.

The two issues are very connected.

When people criticize those of us who refuse to wear them, they usually call us "selfish", and express incredulity that we're so bothered by "just a mask."  They of course fail to realize that it's NOT "just about a mask", because the mask is merely the opening salvo of the war - and there are many steps beyond it.

The mask is not a sign of "concern for others."  It's a sign of acquiescence to the technocratic agenda.

When you wear the mask, you tell the world that you're in compliance with that agenda.  It acts as tribal symbols, signifying your allegiance (or, at the very least, submission) to the new world order the elites have presented us with.

6.  Biometric Surveillance


Unconditional, real-time surveillance of the biometric data of every person in society.


Before the Global Bio-Lab can tinker with our bodies, it must first gain the ability to survey our bodies.


This is both for practical purposes (knowledge always precedes the ability to manipulate), and for purposes of conditioning (because gathering information from is less-threatening than making changes to, and thus, serves as a useful transition step to get us comfortable with the idea).


The first step in gathering our biometic information is with temperature scanners. 


These devices exist not to tell "who is sick", but to condition us to think of our temperatures - and eventually, all biometric data about our bodies - as the property of the government.

thermometer gun 2.jpg

It also gets us accustomed to the idea of someone pointing a gun-like object to our heads - which ought to creep out any normal person all by itself.

thermometer gun.webp

7.  Invasion of the Body


Once we've accepted the government domination of the outside of our bodies, we're ready for it to dominate the inside.

This starts with government access-on-demand to the inside of our nasal passages.


At the moment, tests are still voluntary - in most places.  But make no mistake:  the goal is to make it mandatory.  They want the access.


In some places, it's already mandatory, with governments locking residents in their homes and refusing to let them out until they've allowed themselves to be "tested."

victoria mandated testing for everyone.j

And if it's happening "over there", you can be certain they intent to eventually bring it "here."  It's only a matter of time.

Oh wait, it's already here.

forced covid lockdown testing

​Here you can see an apartment complex in Ventura California, in which residents were locked inside the building and refused permission to exit until they had submitted to a "test."  


And it doesn't stop with the nasal passages.  It eventually progresses to the blood.

covid blood test.jpg

For technocracy to initiate the transhumanist agenda, it needs to abolish the right to Bodily Sovereignty, so that the state is the owner of the bodies of its citizens - including our blood.

blood sample.jpg

8.  Invasion of the Private Residence


They've wanted control over this one forever.  They started out by using the "War On Drugs" as an excuse to invade people's homes at will (under the pretense of "searching for controlled substances"), but they haven't quite been able to fully wrap this one up.


Until now, of course.


The scamdemic grants the excuse to finally invade and dominate the private residence, under the pretense of "public health and safety."

melbourne cops enter homes no warrant co
forced entry without warrant.jpg

9.  Quarantration Camps


No totalitarian regime is complete without The Camps.


Every despot needs a way to deal with dissidents.  Since walking up to people and executing them risks triggering chaos and resistance, the camps are the perfect solution.  Dissidents can be quietly moved, out of sight and out of mind. 


A few countries, like New Zealand and Canada, have already announced their intention to start forcibly removing "positive" citizens and putting them in camps.

Listen carefully to what he says.  He says "all."

"All" confirmed cases will be managed in "quarantine facilities."

"All" means All.

And listen to what the female speaker says after him:

"What if someone refuses to be tested?  Well they can't, now.  If someone refuses to be tested in a facility, they have to keep staying.  It's a pretty good incentive, you either get your test done and make sure you're cleared, or we will keep you in a facility for longer."

They're telling you... right to your face.  You cannot leave until they say so.

Think about what this means.  Here's what we've got so far:

-Medical police can enter your home, at will, without a warrant

-Once inside, they can force you to submit to a test.  You body is theirs.

-The PCR tests can be manipulated to produce a positive result at will

-If they decide that you're positive, they can physically remove you from your home, and bring you to a "facility." 

-Once at the facility, they can keep you imprisoned for as long as they want (because you'll need a "negative" result in order to leave, and the PCR tests can be manipulated to never show negative.


Is the picture starting to come together yet?

"Quarantine Facilities have been around for a long time.  They're not new."


Putting people in them by force is.

Can you name another time in history where the government snatched people out of their homes and imprisoned them somewhere, without the judicial system being involved?


We have a judicial system for a reason.  It's there for precisely this purpose - to prevent the government from snatching people out of their homes and imprisoning them somewhere.


When we do it judicially, there are stringent safeguards, like:


-the right to habeas corpus,

-the right to an attorney,

-the right to reasonable bail,

-and the right to a trial by jury of one's peers.


That's why we have a judicial system.

justice scales 2.jpg

A justice system exists for a reason.


A fair justice system is one of the cornerstones of a free society.

Now we're about to throw all of that out, and let the government invade our houses without warrants, and snatch us, and take us to "facilities", while circumventing the entire justice system.


This is Nazi shit.  Genuine Nazi shit.

Not like, "Oh, you disagree with me, and I don't like you, so therefore you're a Nazi!"

No, not like that.  This is complete abolition of civil rights and the entire judicial system, and the introduction of  concentration camps.

We better wake the fuck up.  Quick.

never again holocaust.jpg

This phrase also exists for a reason.

"I looked at the New Zealand article and it says the "camps" are just hotels!  What's I totally get why it's frightening to know that the governentn can forcibly move you anywhere - but come on, it's not like they're "concentration camps.  They're nice hotels.  Probably with great service."


The camps are just hotels... for now. 

But how long do you think it will stay that way?

Tyrants never introduce everything all at once.  It's always in stages.

hitler slow removal of rights.jpg

This is known as the "Boiling Frog Principle."

boiling frog principle.jpg

And some countries - like the United States - have actual camps set up already, specifically for purposes like this.

fema camps around the country.jpg

"But... the facilities will have excellent on-site medical care... Didn't you hear what the New Zealand lady said?

If they were just "concentration camps", wouldn't they... *not* have good medical care?"

Great medical care was also one of the promises that the Nazi S.S. made to Jews, as they were being carted off.

"But this isn't to get rid of people... This is about public safety."

Do you think the S.S. told Jewish people "Hey, get on this train, we're going to bring you somewhere to kill you"?

Of course not.  They said it was for safety.

nazis say it's for your safety.jpg


It's always for your safety.


They used all kinds of deception to convince people to board those trains.

deception for concentration camps.jpg

It's really astonishing how quickly some people forget history.

get on the trains.jpg

10.  A New Wave of Censorship

While all of this is happening, you won't be able to talk about it.

They've already signaled their intention to control the flow of information, by censoring all content that goes against the consensus narrative.  They use phrases like:

"Stopping the spread of harmful misinformation."

"Harmful", of course, means "anything we want it to mean."

Here's a video of Youtube's CEO stating explicitly that her company will censor all information that the W.H.O. disapproves of:

Here's mainstream news-magazine, The Atlantic, saying China's censorship regime should be copied everywhere - using "public safety in a pandemic" as the excuse.

censorship china was right.jpg

Here's a detailed (but by no means exhasustive) cataloguiing of the ways in which tyrannical tech companies are already eliminating dissenting viewpoints from their platforms:

You might not like Tucker Carlson, but don't commit the genetic fallacy; don't refuse to listen to someone just because you don't like them. 

Listen to this.  Listen to how your ability to freely exchange ideas in the public square is being rescinded right in front of your eyes at record speed.

11.  Forced Needle-Injections


After the nasal passages, the next major step is the bloodstream.  is what they really want, because that's where the real stuff happens.  That's where you can "hack the code of life", was we'll be looking at shortly.

The injection has 3 purposes.

1. To get you accustomed to the idea of the government having the "right to access" the inside of your body, in preparation for the mandate for digital augmentation and merging biology with A.I.

2. To have a pretext to set up a new worldwide ID system, based on vaccination status, to move all transactions (money) into this new ID and eliminate physical cash, so all economic activity is centrally controlled, and no one who resists the system can buy or sell anything, since there won't be any cash.

3. The actual contents of the injection itself:

A.  DNA-modification through mRNA.  In Global BioLab world, they need access to our genomes, to tinker and re-engineer us at the molecular level, both to make us more docile and obedient, and to make our cellular biology more compatible with digital implants.

B.  Possibly nanotech infiltration.  Nanobots already exist, and are already being "deployed" in medicine "to fight cancer").  Neural lace (which grows alongside neurons, and interlaces with them like ivy on a tree) already exists.  Once you get those into your body, there might be no way to ever get them out again. As they take over a body, you become less and less "you", and more of a hollow shell, maneuvered remotely through 5G, which the nanites respond to.

Here's the insert from the Pfizer injection, explicitly listing "nano-particles."

"LOL dude, it says nano-PARTICLES, not nano-TECHNOLOGY."

nanotech in covid injection.jpg

"Hmmm..  OK, I stand a little bit corrected.  But still, it says nano-TECHNOLOGY, not nano-BOTS."

Fine, but "nano" is still in there.  The people we know as "conspiracy theorists" were warning there would be all kinds of weird crap in this injection.  They were saying this since the very beginning of the scamdemic, before vaccine development even started.

How did they know?

No other vaccine in history has ever had "nano-anything"  in its ingredients.  So how did they predict it would be in this one?

Government access-on-demand to the inside of our veins.  This, again, is euphemized under the name "immunization mandates."  Whatever toxic cocktail they cook up and call a "vaccine", they will be able to inject into every human body on the planet - at will - by force.  They even plan to use this power to edit the human genome, through mRNA technology.  

Yes, that's real.  Moderna's mRNA vaccine is designed to work by editing your DNA.

Here's a clip of Bill Gates, who runs Moderna through his financing, telling you right to your face:

Perhaps they won't hold you down and jam the needle into your arm - but they plan to use soft power to make you take it.  The formula is simple:  Shut down social life, shut down travel, and shut down business - (just like they're doing, RIGHT NOW) - and then only allow you to rejoin these functions if you've submitted to the needle.  This is not fantasy.  They've already achieved the first half, and they've already announced their plans for the second half:

And here:

And here:

Here is Gates telling you, right to your face:  

And again here:

And here:

12.  Digitization, Digital identification.  

13.  Cashless Society

14.  Medical Police

-Growing out of the "contact tracers"

-Eventually outfitted with badges and legal force

-Replacing existing police (who have conveniently been "defunded")

-Needed because regular police might still have a conscience, and refuse to enforce the medical dictates.  Someone is needed who can barrel through resistance, devoid of any conscience.

-Reporting to the medical bureaucracy, which forms the kernel of the new global government.  gradually granting them (the medical police and the medical bureaucracy to whom they report) more and more power, until they surpass the power of national governments, becoming the scientific dictatorship that they've long yearned for, openly.

covid marshals.jpg
covid compliance officer.jpg
hitler defunded police.jpg

15.  Global "Scientific Dictatorship"


16.  Administrator privileges to the human genome.

Lastamericanvagabond article


"What are they actually planning to use that for?"


There are theories...


Or perhaps it's just for something later on.  The important thing is, they *have to* have this power, in order to ensure full-spectrum dominance.  The human genome is something they will need control over, sooner or later - so they're getting started now.  Getting "over that hurdle."


17.  Depop


long known, admit it, they want it, don't want it to happen to them, but they want it to happen to others, they admit it, you can hear them talk about it

They don't need us anymore.  You gotta wak the fuck up.  They don't need us anymore, the bilionaries, the top techoncrats that are at the forefront of b uilding the 4th industual revolution, they don't need a large human workforce anymore. They're ready to automate everything.  verybody knwos that automation is about to completely wipe out most jobs.  everytob yd knwos this, not conrtoversial, everybody knows this.


Well ,what do youthink this means?


Do you think it means they'r gonna pay you a UBI to sit around, have fun, be creative, self-improve, meditate, wake up,and use all your spare time to plot revolution?

Have you forgotten who you're dealing with?

Have you forgotten al the shit they've already done?

They're not going to take care of you.  And they're not going to let you riot and disrupt either.  When your job vanishes, they're going to eliminate you.


This is why the "conspiracy theoriests" have been warning you abuot the depopulation agenda.

 You didn't believe it before, because you always thought, "But they need us for our labor!  They wouldn't kill their own labor force!"

Well now they don't need you anymore.  What reason do you still have for skepticism and complacency?

And the way they're planning to do it is through the needles.  That's the slowest, least disruptive, and best-organized way to go about it.



thought it would be accompised througha great big war, but when yout hinka bout it, wars are wayyy to unpredictable, too fast paced, too difficult to control.  And scientists like control.  Scientists as a rule, don't like unpredictable situations.  They like things nice and constnat and smootha nd eas ty to predict.  It's just the awy their minds operate, and its' also essential for the type of technocratic owrld they're tyring to build.  The need stabilty and predibatilbiyt they can't allow things to move too fast.  so  war is not suitable to this purpose.  The dep agenda is iatrogenic.  Doctros implemetn, not soldiers.


edit, immune response, coming from new gene, how to shut it off, any off switch.  does it ever sut off  no then now you have an immune disorder

blame that on virus, and now need another vaccine


until 90% of humanity disappears.  that sthe ir plan.  are you conifent that you'll be among ithe 10% that makes it rhoguh.


  it means the useless eatsers anre no longer necessary to these peope.  so whaty keep all these people are,d  if they use up rsources, rowdy and difficult to control,   the top elites woue prefer t have a much much smalelr popuatoin. they can advance the tech agenda without such alarge number o fpeop.e   they used to need large number becuase needed human labor to produce industrury, to produece tools from which to invent new tech and advance.  they needed a captialist marketplace iwth a competietivve atmoopshere, so that lots and lots of peopel coudl compete over ideas, and inventions ,and invent new things, and then ew things on the new things, they en eded a large opulation, witha ccesst o anoter of  machinery and rsoruces.  they needed this.  before.


but the don't need it anmore, becaue now cthey can automate all th elabor, and now the evolution will be in the midns of the machines themselves, machine learning, machines can program its own progaming, and eveolve.  they no longer rely on human innovation, aexcept iwhtint hte own inner cirecles of course, but not that of a large popuatlion anymore. they ndont need us anymore.  so what do you think they're gonna do to us.  it's rigiht in front of your face.  he ays its gonna edit your genes, hes saying it right out in the open.   he thinks that if he tells you what its gonna do before he does it, and youre still stupid enough to do it, that absolves him of guilt, hes gains your consent by telling yhou and yo need resitng orrebelling. 

You think you're finally ok if you make it through the depop?  Nope.

Oh but it doesn't stop there.  No.  You thought you'd be safe as long as you complied with those demands?  You thought that would satisfy them?  That once they got these powers, it would be enough for them, and they'd finally let you be?Oh no.  It keeps going.  


18.  Augmentation

"I won't get the augmentation."


Yu think you'll have a choice?


If they made you take the vaccine by force, you really think the chips will be voluntary?


Imagine the scenario of the two-tiered society for vaccinated vs. un-vaccinated, applied to augmented vs. non-augmented.

"But what excuse?"

They could say that the un-augmented are capable of committing crime, whereas the augmented are unable to do so (because the hive-mind won't allow them to).

They will say that augmentation-refusal is selfish.  It "puts those around you in danger."


19.  Assimilation into the hive

20.  Replacement

And under their plan, no one will be able to mount any meaningful resistance to any of these gruesome things, because the government will have full totalitarian policing powers, to arrest anyone at any time (isolation) and detain anyone they want for as long as they want (quarantine), thus becoming too powerful to oppose.  

If they can shut off your ability to use money, shut off your ability to ride transportation or go to work, test you at will, quarantine you at will, keep you detained for as long as they want, and inject you with whatever drugs or concoctions they want, for as long as they want, and even edit your DNA to make you more docile, who will oppose them?

If they can prevent you from gathering in public and talking freely with other human beings about anything at all, and censor the internet to prevent you from talking to other human beings about anything that matters, who CAN oppose them?  

When every basic right has been abolished, what power to stand up will anyone have, even with the courage to risk it?

This is the world we can expect if the current power structure remains in power.  This is what they have already TOLD us they want to achieve, and have already made SHOCKING progress toward achieving.  

This is the world you get with the UN and the EU and the WHO.

This is the world you get with the spiderweb of "foundations" and "NGO's" funded by Bill Gates and the cabal that runs Big Pharma and the technocratic industrial complex.

This is the world you get with the Democrats, with Labour, with the Liberal Party, with the Green Party, or with any leftwing party that has not explicitly disavowed medical fascism and rejected the technocratic agenda.  In other words, this is what you get from all leftwing parties except the Earth Party (and from most conservative parties as well).

As it stands, right now, the only political parties who explicitly call out this agenda and denounce it, are the far-right parties.  And while they may have gotten this issue correct, they still have many other ideological planks that are... more problematic.  

If you're looking for a party that opposes technocracy, while still carrying the elements that make the Left indispensable, then the Earth Party is for you.

This whole "Covid' mess is really a struggle between health paradigms - the ultimate manifestation of that struggle - and hopefully its climax.

For decades, we tolerated the dominance of false medicine, because at least we still had choice.

But now, they're coming for our choice.  The false paradigm seeks to impose itself utterly, on every person, as a permanent medical techno-fascist dictatorship.  We cannot allow it to continue any longer.

They've seized absolute control - but they've also come out into the light.  They've revealed themselves, like the final form of a final boss in a video game.  All pretenses are dropped.  We are staring directly into the eyes of the monster, and humanity is waking up to the fact that it was a monster all along.

If we are vigilant and brave, the "coronavirus" will not be the crowning achievement of the false paradigm, but its fall, and the beginning of a new age of true health.

do not comply.  no matter the rate.  thisis the chocie between the ultimate direction of the fateof huanity.  we have to brave it, whatever it is, the alternative of being locked won forever and being turned into machines, no.  we must reect athat at any cost.  be willing to brave whatever is out there, in order to avoid that .  we must not comply.  no matter what they release, no matter how bad it is, we must not comply.  because if we comply, it shows them that releaseing bioweapons works, and gets them what they want.  we cannot show them that it gets them waht they want.  we must not comply.  if we don't comply, then we don't incentiveize them to keep doing this to u s anymore. 

no matter what they release, you still have an immune system.  and while thereis might be genetically modified, gmo organizsms are weaker than natural ones.  if they realease and artifiial bug, you still have a natural immune syts,s nad your is much much stronger.  artifice is weal.  nature is strong.  computers should show you that.  glitches and lbue screens, the more artificial and complex somthing is, the more fragile it is.  your natural immune system, has evolved over hundreds of millions of years, its' strong, if you o nly give it the resources it needs to fight.g

spread the message, show this page, frind family, cowords, fb twitter talk to random ppl explain whas going on, show this representaiton,  a to z, in case you didn't notice, it's deigned to be nonconspriatorial at first, non threatneing first, to ease someone into the process of inquity without immediatley scarying them way 

tell ppl in auth postions to stop enforcing these dictates. go to lcal sheriffs office and explain, groery store manger, heads of univeresity, explina.  print out, link to our peesntion


The Potential Role

of Electromagnetic Pollution

Remember the outbreak in Italy?  Remember how bad it was?

"Yes!  It was awful!  One of the worst-hit places in the world!"


Do you know where it took place?  Which part of the country?

"Gee I don't know.  Rome, I guess?"

Nope.  Good guess though.  Rome is the biggest city, and it's also where most of Italy's tourism is.  You'd expect the outbreak to occur in the place where everyone's flying in from other countries.  That would make sense.

But it wasn't Rome.  It was the Piedmont region, all the way up north.  Mainly the city of Milan.

That's a strange place to have an outbreak.  Who even visits Milan, anyway?

The famed "Fashion Week" did take place in February - but it's still an extremely small gathering, compared to the daily tourist hordes arriving in Rome - the city with the #1 amount of tourism, by volume, in the entire world.

There is something special about Milan, however.

It's the center of Italy's 5G deployment.


How Vodafone Italy turned Milan into an extensive 5G testbed | TelecomTV

Meanwhile, Hubei Province, the center of China's outbreak, also has the most extensive 5G deployment in that country.  It was China's first designated "5G Smart City."

New York City, the #1 outbreak spot in the USA, is also the city boasting the most advanced 5G deployment.

But that's obviously just a coincidence... right?

EMF radiation is known to interfere with bodily functions, including the immune system, and 5G is more dangerous than 3G and 4G by at least an order of magnitude.  If people get sick, the radiation can interfere with their body's ability to fight off the infection.

With enough radiation, even a common cold could become life-threatening, if the body loses its ability to fight off infections due to interference by radiation.

"And what about the "altitude sickness" that's not caused by viruses?"

The 5G system operates in the 60GHz spectrum.  60 GHz is the frequency at which oxygen molecules oscillate. 


Oxygen molecules have covalent bonds - meaning they have electrons that they share with each other.  What we breathe are two oxygen molecules bonded together with the electrons that they share.


60 GHz radiation alters the orbital properties of the electrons of the oxygen molecules. When the oxygen molecule is hit with 60GHz 5G waves, these waves affect the orbital resonance properties of those shared electrons.  And it's those shared electrons that bind to the hemoglobin in our blood.


When the oxygen is disrupted, it will no longer bind to the hemoglobin and myoglobin (oxygen carrying molecules) and therefore will not be able to carry oxygen to the cells throughout the body.

Thus, a feeling of "shortness of breath" - just like altitude sickness. 

To learn more about the extreme dangers of 5G, read an appeal signed by thousands of scientists across the world.


Or see the Earth Party's page on it.

And finally we come to perhaps the most sinister component of all of this:  the collective-conversion disorder.

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