Issue:  Donald Trump

Best thing anyone can do regarding him is to examine him rationally. 

Like any politician, he's a mixture of good and bad.

Some criticisms valid, some are not.  They can be debunked.

We'll start by debunking the invalid criticisms of him, and then we'll explain the valid ones.

1.  Coal
Coal is bad.  No reason to still invest in it.
Obama used state dept diplo infrastructure to lobby other countries to start fracking.
If you hate him for coal, and youre intell honest and morally consistent, you hate obama too.  And if you dont hate obama, you dont hate him either. 

2.  Attacking journalism
His targets arent journalists, stenos

Actual journalists have less animosity toward him than corporate stenos

Much bigger threats to journalism, like targeting of whistlblowers (obama and manning, cia words on snowden, assange, netanyahu mowing and none of lamestream cared, internet censorship floodgates opening, fb removing any news it doesnt like, google sowing discord

3.  Racist
Attitude toward immigration is wrong but not extreme.
Video of senator saying same stuff

4.  Sexist

5.  Antimuslim

6.  Supporters nasty
Anti trump camp far nastier, constant dehumanization, "not legitimize" what are they illegit prsn

7.  Putin ally
Good thing, no war, russia necessary for geo balance and peace.
Technocrats hate russia because its a bastion of natural consciousness

8.  Conspiracy theories
Everyone knows theres a deepstate.  Only controversy is whom its made of and what they ultimately want   (link)


1.  Hes propping up a system thats unsustainable anyway, making the old work thereby delaying the new

2.  Hes letting repub party feed him an agenda without questioning

Presidency is about more than that

Hated because he represents a cultural shift - a resurgence in the power of men and the masculine principle. 

The trump presidency
The alt right
The global resurgence of rightwing
The manosphere
Fear of involuntary celibacy

Pic of each level of pyramid, one more each time

SOME societies had dominant pafriarcy for SOME periods.  Examples the inquisition, the witch trials, the daesh
Now only a few places: saudi, iran

If this resonates with you,

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