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Plant Teachers and Psychoactive Chemicals

First of all, the term "drugs" is severely misleading.  The plants and fungi labelled "drugs" by our media culture are not drugs at all.  They're medicines.

Not only are they medicines, but they're the original medicines of humanity.  Cannabis has been used for at least 4000 years, and psilocybin/amanita mushrooms have been used for at least 40,000 years.  The opium poppy and coca plant have similarly long histories.

Even those who call these "alternative medicine" are missing the point.  These aren't "alternative" - they're the main.  The concoctions of pharmaceutical companies are "alternative."

One set has been with us since the dawn of our species, and is provided free-of-charge by Nature (and/or God).  The other set was invented within the past several decades, in laboratories and corporate boardrooms, and has to be shoved in our faces with multi-million-dollar advertising campaigns to convince us to swallow it.

It's obvious which set is medicine, and which set are drugs.

The human psyche is deeply intertwined with these special herbs and fungi, and forcibly denying us access to them is a crime against humanity.  The "war on drugs" is not a "bad policy" - it is a violent crime, and its prosecutors are criminals.  They are violating a fundamental human right - the Right to Freedom of Consciousness, which is a derivative of Benign Sovereignty.

Everyone is naturally sovereign over their own life and affairs, insofar as they are benign.  In other words, everyone has the right to do anything they want, as long as they aren't violating the rights of anyone else. 

The personal use of any mind-altering substance - even if it is a "drug" - does not violate the rights of anyone else, and so is covered by Benign Sovereignty.  

This is law.  It is not a proposal, or a suggestion - it is the Law of the Earth, and has been true since the beginning of Time.  For more information about this topic, see our Introduction to Natural Law.


The Earth Party has put forth a set of Absolute, Unalterable Principles to guide the way forward on this topic, outlining both the Rights and the Responsibilities relating to use of Visionary Plants, Herbs, and mind-altering chemicals:

First, the Rights:

1.  The Right to Freedom of Consciousness.
Everyone has the right to
Benign Sovereignty - to live our lives however we choose, provided we are not violating the rights of anyone else, and this includes sovereignty over one's own mind.  The internal contents, states of consciousness, feelings, thinking processes, perceptions, and experiences within the mind of a nonviolent person are not the province of external governments to regulate or interfere with in any way, shape or form. The inside of a nonviolent person's mind and consciousness is sacred.

2.  Every herb on this planet is here for a reason, and there is such a thing as responsible use of them. All of them.

3.  The personal, nonviolent use of any and every herb on this planet, without exception, is the total, absolute, inalienable (non-revokable) right of every adult, without exception.

4.  Everyone may grow, harvest, naturally process, securely store, and responsibly distribute, any herb upon this planet, and the extracts thereof. 

5.  No one may ever initiate violence upon anyone else for the nonviolent use of any herb or mind-altering substance. 

These are unalterable
Law, and supersede any and all legislation and codes made by man.  The government does not have any authority to abolish, abridge, or infringe upon these rights. 

With freedom comes responsibility, so some rules do apply: 


1.  Mind-altering chemicals in storage must be labelled, with their dosage indicated.

2. They must be kept out of reach of small children.

3.  While under the influence, one may not operate motors or other hazardous machinery. 

4.  They may not be distributed to children, except in a sacred community healing context, in which the entire Village has the ability to witness and, if necessary, supervise, the experience.

5.  They should not be distributed to newbies unless they show knowledge of how to use it responsibly, and are aware of the potential risks of not doing so.


The community (at the Village or Township Level) may:

+Identify which herbs are subject to these regulations
+Determine what concentration constitutes intoxication in relation to operating machinery
+Standardize labeling
+Investigate and deter irresponsible use that puts non-consenting others in danger
+Construct the curriculum for education about these plants and chemicals

But may not:

-add additional regulations whose reasoning does not withstand rational scrutiny
-or attempt to eliminate responsible use through unreasonably burdensome restrictions


"What do you mean by "levels" of government?"

As with many other issues, proper oversight is only possible with the restoration of natural social units. 


Much of the conflict we see (particularly between the Left and Right concerning the 'proper role of government') is simply caused by the attempted application of governance at too large or too small of a scale. This confusion arises from the lack of natural social units in our society.

The main unit that's missing is the Village - the oldest and most natural of all social units.  When these units are restored, we will be able to appropriately manage issues at the appropriate level and scale - including oversight of the use of mind-altering substances.

For more information about this, visit our page on Restoring Natural Social Units. 

"What about the 'hard drugs'?  Are you saying cocaine and opium should be legal too?  Isn't that a bit extreme?"

Again, these aren't drugs - they're plants.  And they are essential to the preservation and restoration of balance to our species.

Poppies and coca have been used for thousands of years, and were never associated with social dysfunction - not until this century.  The ancient Chinese used opium as medicine, and never reported crime or gangs arising in association with it.  The ancient Egyptians used a wide array of plants that are currently banned as "drugs", including cannabis, blue lotus, acacia nilotica (containing DMT, the strongest psychedelic compound known to man).  And nowhere do any records mention people becoming addicts and dropping out of society.  The ancient Greek historians who visited Egypt wrote about the use of these medicines, and never once reported any social ills resulting from it.  

So why are we different?  How come our modern society is unable to properly handle these plants without addiction and crime following closely behind?  

Because of the spiritual void within us.  Our culture has systematically disconnected us from our true source of personal power, peace, and fulfillment.

Whether you're a Rightie who says "our society has turned away from God", or a Leftie who says "our society has lost its connection to Nature", we all recognize the same problem, even if we use different terminology to describe it.

The ancients still had this connection.  They were spiritually whole, for the most part.  Even if they got sick (which did happen - hence the need for these plant medicines), their sickness was at the level of the individual.  Their society was still healthy.  But in contrast to them, our sickness is greater than the individual bodymind - it's a systemic sickness of our entire society.  There's nowhere to look for any model of healthy consciousness, nowhere to turn for healing of that void within us, because the entire society is void.  

So people today walk around with a massive abyss in their souls, which no doctor or institution is prepared to fill.  And along come the plant medicines, which (temporarily) fill that emptinees.  

Whereas the people of ancient cultures could take a dose of these medicines, and the temporary alleviation would teach them how to reorient their minds and spirits back into alignment with the greater, healthier Whole of their society, and thus place a social foundation underneath the healing, making it permanent; today we have no healthier Whole, because our entire society is empty.  So when we obtain relief from these plants, there is no social structure to re-integrate into, and once the medicine wears off, we're right back where we started.  And we have to take the medicine again.  And again.

Furthermore, the governmental war against these plants drives their use underground, eliminating the possibility of any public oversight of those administering them, and directly and deliberately sabotaging the social reintegration of those using them.

Our society declares that "no one who uses these plants may have a job", and sets up "drug testing" to make sure they never get jobs - and then has the gall to cite the fact that they don't have jobs as evidence that the plant medicines are preventing them from getting jobs.  Read that again - it's shockingly preposterous.  It's like throwing mud on someone for using an herb, and then claiming that the herb made them muddy, and citing their muddiness as evidence of the need to throw more mud on them.  This is how our "modern society" has been operating, folks.  

Today, when a person uses a plant teacher to heal their spirit, their experience is marred by the fear of state-sanctioned violence.  This fear prevents the full process of "letting go" and undermines their ability to fully surrender to the experience.  And this prevents the healing from reaching all the way to the core, where it needs to go.  Since the healing only reaches part of the way in, it's not complete - and the patient must keep taking the medicine, over and over again, which leads to the formation of a habit.

When this disgusting war ends, and all medicines are safe to use without fear of state-sanctioned violence, then patients will be able to use them in sunlight, and have their healing experiences without looking over their shoulders, and the experience will be able to be fully processed - eliminating the need for endless re-administerings of the medicine.


Incrementalism Doesn't Work


While we applaud the recent progress on this issue, and look forward to the cessation of the "war on drugs", we take issue with the manner in which the activism is being done.

Instead of forthrightly demanding an immediate end to the "war on drugs", activists have been begging and pleading for tiny scraps of mercy, one regulation at a time, section by section, line by line, state by state, creeping up upon "legalization" via an agonizingly slow sequence of decriminalization, sentence reduction, medical exceptions, banking regulations, and so forth...

...and it's only for one plant!  What about all the others?  We'll have to go through that entire rigamarole of incremental creeping, all over again!

This strategy is called incrementalism.  And frankly, it's pathetic.

The movement needs a spine.

These herbs are the ancient healers of humanity.  These are the Nature-given teachers that kept our species healthy and whole for tens of thousands of years, and they are the keys to making us healthy and whole again.  Their return to open, responsible, sacred usage must not be postponed.  Our collective sickness is threatening the very biosphere itself, and we don't have time to postpone the legalization of healing.

This is a war against healing - a war against consciousness itself - an attempt to keep humanity insane, disconnected from, and  destructive to, the very web of Life, through the violent eradication of opportunities for healing, at a time when our healing has never been more crucial.

Enough is enough.  We, the Earth Party, declare that the war on plant teachers, the war on our very consciousness, this infernal and evil war, is an abomination - and must cease.  We demand the immediate surrender of all forces waging war upon these sacred herbs. 

This subject, the "war on drugs" is not a matter of "bad policy" - it's a crime against humanity, a mass-atrocity, an ongoing, 50-year holocaust.


And you respond to a holocaust not with incremental reforms, but by a principled, non-negotiable demand for the immediate and unconditional surrender of the perpetrating parties.


You must stand, and say enough is enough, and say it with unwavering firmness.


Responding with incrementalism makes it look like the ongoing holocaust isn't such a big deal.  If you signal that you can wait, then your audience will assume that it isn't the pressing human rights issue that it is.


Incrementalism oozes weakness, and if there's one thing the Rightwing (the wing that's lagging behind on this issue) respects, it's strength.  When you have the courage to stand on principle, the Rightwing hearkens. 

Once elected, the Earth Party will:

+Order the immediate cessation of all violence against people for using herbs and exploring their own consciousness

+Disband and dismantle the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration, and corresponding criminal agencies in other countries)

+Set up a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to facilitate the confession, public disclosure, repentance, and if possible, public forgiveness, of all individuals who were involved in perpetrating the war against consciousness

+Acknowledge Natural Law as the law of the planet, and treat all nonviolent persons with the respect they deserve.

Thanks for reading!

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