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Jobs and Economic Planning

To get an economy rolling, it needs a purpose.

It's the same as with a person.  When we lack purpose in our lives, we become depressed. An economy is no different.

Our current "economy" lacks any sense of mission or purpose.  Its only goal is to grow.  But why?  What's the point of growing it?  What is it for?

If you asked a person, "what is your mission in life?", and they responded with "my mission is to gain power!", you would then wonder, rightly, "and why do you want that power?  What will you use it for?"

And if they then answered, "I'll use the power to gain even MORE power!", you would then suspect that you're dealing with a psychopath.

Well, that's exactly how our economy is currently structured.  It exists only to grow, and grow, and grow.  What it's actually for, nobody seems to know.

But the Earth Party knows!  The purpose of an economy is to meet needs.  Simple.  But even more specifically, it's:


To construct a world in which needs are as easy as possible to meet.

If you look around you, the current system we've built does not do that.  In fact, it does the opposite.  It's ripping apart communities, destroying liberty, making us sick, perpetrating horrendous cruelty, and threatening the very foundations of life on this planet.


It's obvious that we need a new system - a new structure for our world.  Our mission is to evolve to a Love-Centered Civilization.

And the good news, if you're looking for a job, is that this mission will be a core around which to build a new economy.  It will drive the largest economic boom ever seen. 

And "jobs" isn't really what people want - it's the meeting of needs.

Water, food, warmth, social interaction, exercise, and play, medicine when necessary, a soft bed, clean air, and Liberty.

These are what we need.  If you have all of them, do you really need money? 

Economics page:


Most basic change: not seeking growth, but rather integration.

All indeces that measure growth (like GDP) are useless now.

Why is growth good?

Because more stuff!

But why is more stuff good?
Sometimes not.
New strip mall over forest land.
We can agree that thats not good. Yet it increases GDP.
More healthcare means more GDP... but it can also mean more people are getting sick.
More toilet paper sales mean more GDP... but also means more people are having trouble with... you know.
More smartphones mean more GDP but also more ADHD zombification, and more social isolation.

It was a mistake to use production and consumption as the units for measuring a society's success.

We just emerged from the most productive era in human history, and all we got for it was the destruction of our biosphere and epidemics of anxiety and depression.


We are now faced with the challenge of undoing the damage caused by too much productivity! More productivity is not the answer here!

What we need now is wisdom.

Wisdom, and the Creativity to implement it. Those are our currencies now. Any society that lacks them will deteriorate, no matter how much productivity it achieves. We've reached the end of the paradigm in which we can define success by productivity and growth. More economic growth will only make it worse, at this point.

We must now find ways to integrate our economy.

Not growth - integration.

Economic growth is the ability to make more stuff, and to leave more of a mark upon the land - to replace Nature.

Integration is the ability to meet the same needs with less technological complexity, and less disruption of Nature.

"I can getcbehind others but ubi is just silly."

UBI bc we need to unleash the creativity. Our planetary crisis is one of old ideas no longer fitting the times. The solution is new ideas. Thats what we need now, new ideas on how to solve problems. From the planet to the village... from figuring out how to green the Sahara, to figuring out how to green one's own neighborhood - we need solutions, and for that, we need creativity.

And creativity requires leisure, personal time, quiet, meditation, explorations in Nature.

Creativity is a type of new currency. The future belongs to the creative.

We're in a different era now, and it calls for a new paradigm, if we want to function.

Ubi will decrease productivity, yes. {but we just established that productivity is not what's needed now}.




all these tools sitting around but no one gets to use them because no one is able to justify why they should be able to do so because justification is obtained through work, and there's no work to do.


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