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First of all, the how of education is just as important as the what.

The methods we use for teaching are just as consequential as the actual content being taught. 

In fact, it might even be more important.

We have three main principles that education must follow:

1.  Voluntary Participation

2.  Re-Localization

3.  Wholistic Content

Let's go through each:

1.  Voluntary Participation


All education is optional.  No one should ever be forced to submit to any kind of education.

Forced education is a form of oppression, a violation of Liberty.  99 times out of 100, the only reason anyone feels the need to force education on someone is because the curriculum is fallacious propaganda designed to apply power and control - not to enlighten.  And the person refusing it can sense this. 

No person will be forced to enroll.

No student will be forced to study.

There is a fundamental principle at work here:

Learning can't be forced.

It can't be coaxed, coerced, or cajoled. 

If someone doesn't want to learn something, let them be!

True learning only happens when the student is willingly seeking knowledge.  If you want them to do so, you have to wait, and allow them to do it on their own time, when the field of study calls out to them naturally.  

The model of the "modern school" is very backwards.  It's designed completely from the Power-Centered Paradigm.  Our schools have become temples to interpersonal domination, authoritarianism, and pain.  Their primary purpose, at this point, is simply to crush the human spirit in children, to delay the emergence of Love-Centered Consciousness in humanity.  They are prisons.

To turn them back into centers of learning, we need to redesign how they work.

2.  Re-localization 

As you may have already read on our website, we believe in restoring humanity's natural social units.  This will involve 5 levels of social governance.  From smallest to largest:

1.  The Village

2.  The Township

3.  The Cityship

4.  The Eco-Region

5.  The Planet

You can read more about this here.

"And how does this apply to education?"

Each unit can provide education for the smaller-level units within its sphere of influence, but may not force that education upon the smaller unit.

A Cityship, for instance, may design a curriculum for the Townships and Villages within its sphere.  But if any of those units decline to use that curriculum, they aren't required to use it. 

The same thing goes for Townships in relation to Villages.  And for Eco-Regions in relation to Cities... and for the Planet in relation to everyone.  

This means that Local Self-Determination is maintained.  Communities will not be subjected to forced education by any larger governing body.  Education will not be imposed from the top. 

So that's the how.  Now what about the what?

3.  Wholistic Content

What are we going to (suggest to communities to) teach people in school?

Well, what do people actually need to learn? 

What does the human being need to know, in order to live a safe, stable, free, compassionate, sustainable life - to be a boon, rather than a burden, to others and to the web of Life?

The Earth Party

Suggested Curriculum

For Complete Education


A.  Caring for Self



      Movement Practices (Yoga, Qigong)

      Self-Discipline (e.g. martial arts)

      Budgeting and Time Management

      Chakra Balancing

B.  Caring for Others

      Empathy, Holding Space, Healing Touch

      For peers, for children, for babies, for animals of all kinds

C.  Caring for the Land

      Ecology, Herbology, Gardening, Tree Care, Permaculture

      Restoring Distressed Land

D.  Conscious Communication

E.  Natural Sciences

      Logic, Math, Geometry, Physics, Optics, Harmonics, Chemistry

F.   Creativity

      Music, Visual Arts, Dance,

G.  Questioning Authority

      Yes, this is more than important enough for an entire field!

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