Energy is a planetary issue.

Food is local, but energy is planetary bc some regions cant even produce energy without causing extreme damage to their ecosystem.

For instance, polar regions.  No source.
Subpolar regions - only source would be to cut down trees and burn them.  Or drill oil if they have it, which many regions do not.  Same with coal, and make air dirty and change climate.

Energy supplied by solar panels in arid regions.

Example:  Central asian desert provides to Siberia, Taklamakan to east asia, Sonoran to north america, sahara to africa

Energy from Sun
Worldwide grid

"Is it a good idea to centralize energy production like that?  If everyones dependent on production in faraway places, doesnt that cause dependence, and the ability of the energy producers to hold regions hostage?"

This is one of the main reasons for the scaling of self sufficiency.

Antifragility prevents.

Lets say a town or village wants to give the finger to the centralized controllers of resources.  In the current system, the one we have currently, those controllers can shut off the resource supply, and the locality has nothing to fall back on.  But in an economy of multilayered self sufficiency, the locality can wait them out, because there is a simpler, fully self-sufficient local economy to fall back on.

Another check against tyranny

List of Checks Against Tyranny

"What about centralization" question

Also a little bit of wind
But turbines have to be person-sized.  No killing of birds or bats.  If they do, they must be dismantled.  Its law.

Type of energy must be overseen by Planetary Organ of Geo-Management.

Any energy you use, youre taking from something.  If you use too much, you disrupt that thing and its cycles.

Keep tabs on the homeostasis of the planet, and if our energy systems are causing destabilization of the planets cycles, make adjustments to the energy infrastructure to account for those alterations and bring the cycles back into balance.

Its job is to bring the planet back into balance, and then to keep that balance.  And it will do this by deciding what energy sources humanity will use, and in what proportions.

For example,


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