"This website looks like something I designed in 8th grade.  It's very rudimentary.  It doesn't have cool graphics.  How can I take this project seriously if the website is so under-developed?"

​If you agree with the vision presented here, but feel the website is too low-budget, then help us increase the budget.  Make a donation, so we can hire a web developer - and then the website will acquire the professional appearance that you know it deserves, and this objection will no longer be an issue!  

If you believe in what we're doing, then support it.  That's how good ideas get going - people support them.  If everyone refrained from supporting good things until others supported them, then no support would ever get started, and no idea would ever get off the ground.

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"The powers-that-be won't allow this.  The NSA is watching everything, and they'll find some way to shut it down."

​No they won't, because they need this just as much as the rest of us do.  

NSA people need a functioning biosphere just as much as you and I.

NSA people need to make sure society doesn't devolve into chaos or totalitarian oppression, just as much as you and I.

And NSA people cannot hand over this world to their children if there isn't a world to hand over.  If the biosphere collapses, and human civilization falls apart, NSA people and their children and grandchildren will be just as screwed as everyone else's.  

We're all in this together.  

The NSA and other agencies have a lot of power and influence at their disposal, so guys, if you're reading, join in and lend a hand!  The Planet could use your skills!



​"This whole thing sounds like the NWO / New World Order!  This is globalism!  Globalism is evil!  You're gonna set up a totalitarian world government with no freedom!"

​Planetary government is inevitable - the only question is what kind it will be.

If we continue to let it form unconsciously, we will indeed end up with a psychopathic system of oppression.  

But if we seize the reigns, and set it up consciously, we can ensure that it's a healthy system of checks and balances, that shares power equally and respects universal human rights.  

Title 1 of the Law of the Earth acknowledges the intrinsic nature of human rights, precluding any government from ever abridging them.  And the Law of the Earth is the foundation of the Planetary Protectorate.

If you want to resist all attempts to create a planetary governing system, no matter who is setting it up, then you are driving the world toward a totalitarian system, by sabotaging humanity's efforts to make the process conscious.  We are trying to make it conscious, and if you insist on keeping it unconscious, then you're promoting the very tyranny you claim to fear.

The only way to prevent the 'dark forces' from setting up a world government...

... is to beat them to it. 
















8.  How does this plan respect the sovereignty of individual nations?

The Planetary Protectorate allows nation-states to continue to govern themselves, and doesn't interfere in their internal affairs - as long as their internal affairs don't:

1. violate universal human rights
2. inflict unnecessary cruelty upon living beings
3. degrade the ecosystem that we all depend on for survival.

In other words, as long as they don't violate the Law of the Earth - the law that all of us are born knowing.

Nations are free to participate in projects of the Service Branch, if they wish, but none of these projects involve force against that nation.

The branch that uses force is the Guardianship Branch; and it only does so on behalf of the three universal imperatives listed above, which are absolutely worthy of being forcefully upheld.  

Complete national sovereignty was important within the context of the old civilization;  but this whole web of interlocking crises we face as a planet is calling us to evolve beyond that.  Nations have proven themselves unable (or unwilling) to respect the planet they live upon, so there must be an "adult in the room" to keep their abuses in check.  

National sovereignty covers nations' prerogative to govern their internal affairs as they like - but not to commit crimes against their planet or the living beings who dwell here.

​9.  This plan involves a global government - how can we be sure it won't lead to tyranny?

What's to stop a tyrant from arising?

Just one thing, but it's the most important of all:

The Law of the Earth.

The Law always honors the Liberty of a peaceful person, and so cannot be used in service to a tyrant.

Since the law cannot be changed, no matter how much power a leader accumulates, he can never change the Law, and thus, the veneer of moral legitimacy that all historical dictators were able to conjure will always escape any demagogue who violates the unchanging Law.

Every despotic system that ever existed shared one thing in common:  They all treated Law as if it were something that can be created by Man, and changed on his whim. They all granted human beings the godlike power to change the definition of Right and Wrong.

Sometimes it was just one person, wearing a crown.   Later, it was 51% of the population.  But in both systems, people - mere people - were claiming the authority to set the definition of morality for other people.

They weren't claiming to have discovered the law, as this writer has; they were literally claiming to make it.

And so, if a leader or officeholder wanted to do something immoral, he simply changed the definition of moral (in people's minds), by passing "legislation."  And since the people hallucinated him to have such authority, their own morality collapsed in tandem with his, and gas chambers and gulags became possible.

Both monarchy and democracy got it wrong.  We cannot change the definition of right and wrong for each other, and we cannot make laws for each other. None of us have that authority.  And if none of us have it, we cannot "elect" or "delegate" it to a representative.  This is pure mathematical truth:  We cannot give someone something we don't have!

If we don't have a yacht, we cannot give our representative a yacht.  

​If we don't have the authority to change the definition of right and wrong, we cannot give such a thing to a representative.


This fundamental misunderstanding was the rotting core of almost all societies, including the modern one.  When a house is built on sand, it is bound to fall apart, and absolutely nothing can be done to fix it - as long as sand remains its footing.

Nothing else we do can overcome our challenges if we don't fix this one crucial mistake.  We must recognize the Law of the Earth as the true and only Law on this planet: eternal, unchanging, and superseding all man-made institutions in perpetuity.

​This is mandatory, no matter what governance model is eventually adopted.  All attempts to build a civilization will fail, if they claim the false authority to make one man lord of another, and to change the

definition of morality by the force of their own consensus.  Such attempts will end in either chaos or tyranny.

ALL of them.

Basing government on a foundation of immutable law makes tyranny impossible.  All tyranny proceeds from the philosophical error that people create law, and if no one ascribes that power to anyone, tyranny cannot happen.

Recognizing the Law of the Earth is the ONLY way.