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Feminism and Gender Relations


1.  The Meaning of Equality

2.  The Reality of the Power Balance

3.  The Unspoken Column

4.  The War Between the Sexes

5.  Where Trumpism Comes From

6.  How Patriarchy Began

7.  The Key to the Battle

8.  Peace Between the Sexes

1.  The Meaning of Equality

A.  We believe in equality.  We believe that both sexes are equal in worth, and are deserving of equal respect, dignity, and rights.

B.  Equal, however, does not mean identical.  Females and males are different in characteristics.  Each sex has strengths where the other has weaknesses, and weaknesses where the other has strengths. 

Equal in worth; distinct in traits.

C.  And this is not by accident, because the sexes are more than just sexes.  They are representations of the two metaphysical halves of Reality.

Every magnet has two poles, and every particle has an anti-particle.  The Universe is designed as a fractal pattern, with the macro resembling the micro.  Electromagnetism consists of yang (+) and yin (-), and so does social relationship.  The total amount of each type is equal, if you zoom out to a large enough scale.  It's a basic law of reality that neither pole in any polarity can dominate the other - not for long, anyway.

This is a basic property of physics:  the law of polarity. And the sexes - male and female - represent the metaphysical polarities of masculine and feminine. 

This does not mean that all men must be masculine or all women must be feminine.  There is no requirement for any person to have any particular energy.  Feminine men and masculine women are fine.  If that's how Nature made you, there's no problem there.  Neutrons exist, and are part of physics.  (For more details on this topic, visit our page on LGBT Issues and Philosophies).

But speaking in terms of statistics, and of the overall aggregate properties of the respective collective consciousness of both sexes, each sex does naturally gravitate towards embodying one of the polarities:  masculinity for men, and femininity for women.

D.  The two polarities are the primordial co-creators of Reality.  As such, our natural condition is friendship, partnership, and cooperation. We are supposed to be working together - playing together- dancing together - to co-create this world.

When we're in loving cooperation together, the world is stable, and we can face any challenge, solve any problem, and fix any issue, hand in hand.

E.  But when we quarrel, everything goes out of whack, and society deteriorates very quickly. 

The current situation of humanity largely results from a long-running fight between masculine and feminine.  All other issues stem from this.  Racism, imperialism, colonialism, consumerism, carnism, religious fanaticism, terrorism, mass-shootings, environmental destruction, economic inequality, poverty... all of it can be traced to origins in the disharmony between men and women, and between the forces of masculine and feminine.  This will be explained in further detail below.

F.  Over the years, each sex (or each polarity, if that's the way you prefer to look at it) has developed weapons to fight the other, and regain the upper hand.

Patriarchy is a weapon by the male/masculine to gain power over the female/feminine. 

Feminism is a weapon by the female to gain power over the male.

Trumpism is the vanguard of neomasculinity, which itself is a major counterattack by the masculine against its long bombardment by feminism.  If you keep reading, we'll explain  where trumpism comes from, what's fueling it, and how to heal the wound.

G.  Neither gender (or polarity) is the "good guy" or the "bad guy."  It's not about one oppressing the other - the oppression is not unilateral.

It's simply a war.  An ancient war, between two metaphysical forces that are intrinsically equal, and supposed to be friends.

H.  The way to solve the problem of war is not to make one side win and dominate the other - it's simply to stop the fighting.  To lay down the weapons on both sides, and not use those weapons anymore.

Feminism is a weapon.  So is patriarchy.  When there is Peace Between the Sexes, neither weapon will be in use.  That means feminism will have to be let go of (along with patriarchy) in order to have lasting peace.


2.  The Reality of the Power Balance

"But men are oppressing women!  Men started this war, it's men's fault, and the only way to fix it is to liberate women from men!"

Feminist philosophy is founded on the premise that men have had control over women for centuries, or, in more metaphysical terms, that the male/masculine polarity has been dominant over the female/feminine polarity.  Either way, it states that the former has been controlling all aspects of society, while the latter just sat there, mostly passive and helpless.


But we don't accept this premise, because it fails to acknowledge the power that women (and the feminine polarity) have.  Men have had control economically and politically, in the "official" realm, but women have always wielded power in the realm of emotion and sexuality.  These realms may be more subtle, and less immediately visible to the naked eye than the types of power that men wield, but they are not less powerful.  Men may be the visible actors, but women have enormous influence through subtler channels that can be overlooked if you're only looking at the surface of things.

The reason why it doesn't seem like that's true is because the power of women and the feminine is harder to see.  It's more subtle, and less immediately visible to the naked eye.  But it's no less potent. 

Men's power is easy to see because it's out in the open.  Men have controlled the official power structures.  They hold the political offices and run the companies, and their names are on the title deeds.  So at first glance, yes, it seems like they're in control. 

But women have enormous power. 

The world of feeling and emotion (particularly sexuality) is far more powerful than feminism gives it credit for.  In fact, some (not all, but some) schools of feminism consider it useless and inconsequential - which is why they believe that their empowerment is to be achieved by becoming more like men - by making women into men.  They equate power with masculinity.  To them, masculinity and power are the same thing, and that's why they want women to become masculinized.  In a feat of supreme irony, some major schools of feminism denigrate femininity.

But femininity is powerful.  It's just as powerful as masculinity - just in a different way.  It's the ruler of the realm of emotion and sexuality, and this realm is the driver of everything that happens in the human world - second only to food and survival. 

All the wars that are being fought, all the money that's being made, all the corporations that are plundering - it can all be traced back to "someone needs something."  And if that something isn't food, then it's something emotional.  A good general umbrella term to describe these types of needs would be Love.

And women, being naturally more attuned to the subtleties of this realm, are at an intrinsic advantage over men.  Women are better at navigating it, and women hold the keys to it. 

The prize for which men work so hard, for which men (allegedly) created the pay gap to take more money, for which men wage wars and ravage the biosphere - women are the ones holding from the very start.  Whatever advantages men have acquired, they did so to impress and win the affections of women.  Women begin the game already holding the very reason for which men play the game in the first place. 

That's a position of enormous privilege, and it's not an act of misogyny to acknowledge this.

That's how powerful women are. 

Feminist philosophy portrays women as helpless objects being acted upon, but never as subjects doing the acting - like billiard balls getting bounced around a pool table.  This is not a healthy way to view women.  Women have been the co-creators of human events since the dawn of humanity.  Whenever a man has acted, his choices were influenced by the women around him, and by the need to impress those women to obtain love from them.  Soldiers, generals, CEO's, presidents, kings, and emperors all acted as part of a socio-emotional ecosystem in which women were not only participants, but major powers in the shaping of the dynamic.  Women shaped the landscape and set the rules of the game in which the men faced the choices they were faced with. 

This is not to absolve men of all responsibility, or to blame everything on women.  (That's the kind of thing feminism does).  Feminism blames the entire problem on men, and patriarchy blames the entire problem on women.  Both systems are wrong.

The Earth Party transcends both of those limited worldviews.  We view both genders as equally responsible.  We view history is a co-creation of both sexes, with both acting in unconsciousness, and both contributing to the mess we're in.

This is a healthier narrative, because it places us - men and women - both in the same boat, giving us a sense of solidarity with each other.  With solidarity, there's no blame game.  And the blame game has got to stop, because we have a lot of serious problems to fix on this planet, and we need to cooperate, not fight one another.  Women and men are the natural partners and allies of one another, and we shouldn't be fighting one another.  We should be teaming up to fight our common enemy, which is ignorance, which knows no race or gender.

"But women have actually been oppressed!  How could men have gotten away with so much abuse, for all this time, if women have just as much power as them?  Obviously, women have NOT had as much power!"

Women have indeed been oppressed and dis-empowered, but so have men. 


Feminism is founded NOT on the premise merely that women have been oppressed, but that they've been oppressed MORE.

In order for feminism to make sense, women's oppression must have been greater than men's oppression.  If women were indeed oppressed (which they were), but their oppression is not greater than that of men, then the rationale for feminism collapses.

We fully acknowledge the oppression that women have faced, and continue to face.  We do not deny it at all.  There is an entire list - a very long list - of ways in which women are oppressed and disadvantaged, relative to men.

There is a long list of ways in which human beings have suffered, and continue to suffer, from corrupt and oppressive social systems.  But the list has two columns - not just one.  There is a column for women - for ways in which women have been disadvantaged - but there is also a corresponding column for men, of ways in which men have also been oppressed and disadvantaged, relative to women.  And it's substantial.

pic of two columns

3.  The Men's Oppression Column

In university gender studies courses, students will be shown the column for women (the ways in which women have been disadvantaged), but they will not be shown the corresponding column for men.  In fact, the latter column's very existence will be denied.  In fact, the mere mention of such a column is treated as a serious transgression - an act of bigotry against women.  It is literally not permitted to be spoken of, and anyone who speaks of it will be punished - academically, socially, and economically.

When a person suggests the existence of the Men's Disadvantage Column, the proper repercussions are, according to standard feminist protocol:

---To be cast out of their social group by their peers, and isolated from all social contact with the rest of humanity

---To be denied access to all public platforms of expression (de-platforming)

---To be shouted down if they attempt to speak

---To be labelled with pejoratives such as "sexist", "misogynist", "bigot", "fascist", and other epithets, up to and including "Nazi"

---To be dehumanized by the press

---To be fired from their current job and blacklisted from all future employment

---To be legally prosecuted if at all possible

---To be walked up to on the sidewalk and punched in the face

Due to this intimidation, it's very easy for a student to make it through 4 (or more) years of university without ever encountering the idea of the Men's Disadvantage Column. 

Not being familiar with what's in the second column, and only acknowledging the first, how can someone make an informed judgment about which column is weightier, and more substantive?  How can they judge if they've never even compared?  They can't.

This is why the basic premise of feminism - that "men have more power than women" - is such an automatic assumption in today's society.  It's treated as a basic property of the universe - like the fact that gravity pulls things down, or that the Sun rises in the east. 

But assumptions can be false, no matter how widely accepted they are.

"What's in the column?"

"So how did all these false assumptions develop in the first place?  Why would one sex or gender feel it's being oppressed by the other, if it's not actually?  How did these beliefs become prominent?"

It's simple:  it's been a war.  Each side tries to hurt the other.  That's what people do in a war. 

And just like in war, each side levies propaganda against the other, to garner sympathy for itself, and gain allies in its fight against the other. 



Our Agenda has six main items, and one of them is to Make Peace Between the Sexes.  (If you follow that link, it will explain where Trumpism came from, and what to do about it.)

Thank you for reading!  We know this was a long one.  We appreciate you hanging in there!

With Love (for everyone, regardless of sex or polarity),

The Earth Party

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