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The Freedom Activist

Resource Library



The Freedom Activist Resource Library is a collection of pictures, memes, videos, articles, and links that are useful for being an activist for freedom.  It’s located on a Google Drive that is publicly accessible to the world.


It contains thousands of items, arranged by topic, sub-topic, and sub-sub-topic.  Some items are funny.  Some are frightening.  All are informative.  All are useful. 


We started it by collecting information on the “covid” scamdemic, and it quickly expanded to include many other topics, such as censorship, media manipulation, election integrity, ecology, human rights, animal rights, geopolitics, war and imperialism, mass-incarceration, racism, feminism, the technocratic agenda, and more.


If you are an activist, and you’re fighting for a good cause, you’ll find it very convenient.

Click here to go to it.


How It’s Arranged


When you click the link, you’ll come to the main directory, where you’ll see the top-level categories. 

FARL screenshot 1 - top level directory.


Keeping it all organized is a never-ending work-in-progress, so the level of organization varies from topic to topic.  “Scamdemic” is the most orderly (and extensively populated) category, at the moment.

Folders for sub-topics are arranged alphabetically, except for what we feel are the most important and pertinent, which are numbered so as to appear at the beginning of the list, for easy access.

FARL screenshot 2 - numbers.png


It’s important to view the Library on a computer, rather than a phone, because most phones cannot open the url links.  If you view it on a phone, you can get the pictures, and maybe the videos, but the url links probably won’t work.


Also, computers tend to display the thumbnails/previews bigger.  So we recommend viewing it on a computer, to get the full usefulness out of it.


You can also simply download the entire thing to your hard drive, if you want.  That makes browsing easiest of all.



The Library is updated almost every day, with more resources, and more streamlined organization.  If the topic you’re looking for is under-populated, or overly messy, check back in a day, a week, a month; chances are it will have improved.

If there’s something specific you’re looking for and can’t find, you can ask for directions at

Also, email us with additions or suggestions!

Supporting The Work

If you find value in this Library, donations are welcome.  Just head to the Patreon page.


Donations ensure the time and energy to continue gathering, curating, and providing this resource to the world.

Thank you!

Now go out there and spread some Freedom.

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