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War and Peace and Geopolitics

The Earth Party is a planetary party, and does not favor any nation over any other nation.  While our presence may be bigger and more developed in some counties than in others, our loyalty is to our planet.

I pledge allegiance

to the Earth

and all Life here-upon.

To the living soil

on which we stand,

one planet, indivisible,

with Liberty and Compassion for all.


The measure of a nation is not its genetics, its phenotypes, or even its technical achievements, but its moral choices.

All countries must be held to the same standards of behavior. 

No matter what country we live in, we judge our own country by the same standards by which we judge others. 

What is wrong for other countries to do is wrong for our country to do.

What is right for our country to do, is right for other countries to do.

Same standards.

This is Planetary Consciousness.  This is how planetarians see the world:  We put the truth above identity, morality over glory, and the health of our planet over the interests of any institution upon it, for without the planet, no such institutions could even exist. 


If we think our country has the right to do what other countries do not, then our morality is not yet mature.

And humanity really needs to mature, now more than ever. 


"From the standpoint of morality, every country might start out equal - in the beginning - but once they start making choices, don't some countries come out morally superior, and others inferior?


I get that superiority and inferiority aren't connected to identity - but they're still connected to morality, and aren't some countries more moral than others?  Aren't there some countries that are immoral?"

Immoral countries?  Like whom, for instance?


Your country's adversaries?

Strange coincidence, isn't it? 

Look, we know everyone's gotten programming from their country.  You've been taught to view the landscape in a certain way, by your country, to make you supportive of your country expanding and gaining more power over other countries. 

And so have we.  We grew up in countries too! 

So we don't condemn anyone for carrying subconscious national favoritism. 

We aren't perfect either.  We recognize that we aren't completely free of biases yet.  But we aim to be.  And that's what makes us worthy of calling ourselves planetarians.

We acknowledge that no matter what country we live in, we are tempted to always view problems as other countries' fault. 

No matter what country we live in, we all enjoy pointing out the misdeeds of other countries... and rarely our own. 

Every country in the world is doing something bad.  There is always room to criticize something a country's leadership is doing.

But what we have to realize - especially those of us living in countries that are major geopolitical powers - is that the crazy things other countries do, they do because they're afraid of us, and of the crazy stuff we might do.  And they have reason to fear us doing crazy stuff because our country has already done crazy stuff, in the past.  


Most of us are blissfully ignorant of the crazy stuff our country has done to others.  But those others are well aware, because it happened to them. 



The Way to Peace


The answer to all of these geopolitical messes all over the world, the Way to Peace, is for us (whichever country we are) to recognize that they (whichever country they are) are afraid of us, and for good reason.


Long-standing abuses can be seen in a rational light if you realize that the abusers themselves were afraid of being abused by another.


To persuade anyone to loosen their grip on power, you have to persuade them that they're safe from whatever thing they were clinging to power in order to protect themselves from. 

To get a country who's abusing another country to stop abusing that country, you have to show them that your country isn't going to start abusing them if they stop.


If you want them to stop scaring other countries, you have to stop scaring them with your country.

When people feel safe, they put their weapons down.

But as long as one country is holding its weapons, it scares all the other countries... making them want to pick up theirs - just for protection.

If one country is being imperial, then its peers will want to be imperial too, and build up their empires - lest they fall behind and get imperialized themselves. 

If one 1st world country is colonizing 3rd world countries, then other 1st world countries will start becoming afraid, and may start feeling the need to arm and empower themselves by colonizing the 3rd world as well, and carving out their own slices of it, to stay competitive with the first country, so that they don't get taken over by it.

The abuses committed by powerful countries don't seem quite so irrational when you consider that the powerful countries themselves are afraid of other powerful countries.

For one side to put down its weapons and surrender its control, the other side has to put down its weapons, and surrender its control.

So how do you disentangle all of these fears, and get everyone to put down their weapons simultaneously?

With communication.

The more we communicate with each other, the more we can understand the logic of the other - why they think what they think, and do what they do. 

The more the other's actions make sense to us, the less insane we perceive them to be. 

The less insane we think they are, the less afraid of them we become.

The less afraid we are of them, the less crazy stuff we will do. 

Which makes them less afraid of us.

Which makes them do less crazy stuff.

Which makes us less afraid of them.

Which makes us do less crazy stuff.

Making us less scary.

And them less afraid.

And them less scary.

And us less afraid.

And less scary.

Get it?

It all begins with communication.


Communication is the Way to Peace.

The Process for Peace

The Earth Party proposes


The Imperial Downsizing Summit...


to discuss the The Imperial Downsizing Treaty.





You know the issue is a headache for them.  They wish they could let go of it.  But if they do, they'll appear weak.  They'll have fewer geostrategic advantages for their military - less area to build bases on.  Less reach.  They'll have less land to mine, and fewer natural resources.  Less tax revenue.  They'll shrink.

But if your country shrinks along with theirs, then it gives them the opportunity to save face, and doesn't alter the power balance.



Nuclear regulation and disarmament

Zoom out.  More than your country.  Your planet.

Geopolitically, imbalanced.  One country runs everything.  And it causes chaos everywhere.  Because like a person who always gets their way.  

Person who is never told no.  They become a psychopath.  
And the USA has also not been told no in 70 years, and its developed all the same psychopathologies youd expect.

"So just leave all those people to suffer under despots?"

No, actually.  We do want to help these people, and we do want to use military force when necessary - we just don't want it done under the flag of a specific country.  It needs to be a planetary effort to secure liberty on our planet.

The USA has no moral standing to intervene in other countries on its own, considering the fact that its own record is the worst on the planet.  Other despots might be evil, but the USA has done more evil than all of them combined, and it makes no sense for the country with a worse record to bring "liberty" to a country with a record that's not as bad.  It's nonsensical.


If anyone should be invading anyone, those "rogue countries" should be invading the USA to bring justice to American war criminals, since, no matter how rogue those other countries are, the USA is even roguer, as it continues to shield (and publicly celebrate!) its own war criminals even to this day.

If the USA wants to help out so bad, it can donate military units and hardware to the
Planetary Protectorate.  It can invite its soldiers to volunteer to relinquish their loyalty to their nation, and swear a new oath of allegiance to the Planet.  It can be among the founding donors to the Planetary Liberation Forces.  Donate a carrier group.  Or 10.  Donate F-16's.  If other countries see the USA donating, they will too, and the process will get started, and the PLF will grow into the dominant military force on the planet, consisting of a rainbow of faces, with origins in a rainbow of former flags - truly embodying a credible representation of humanity.

With such representation, military interventions on behalf of human rights will take on the character of a truly legitimate planetary policing action - rather than that of one neighbor simply grabbing a gun and invading another neighbor, as it currently does.

If the USA acts as the catalyst that sets this process in motion, then the USA will secure a place in History as actually doing something good in the world for once, beginning the long journey of repairing the damage it's spent the last 2 centuries inflicting.  


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