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The Earth Party

Blueprint for a Mature Civilization

Step 3C:  Give Land Back to Nature


To keep our biosphere stable, we must give land back to Nature.

This can be done in stages.

1.  Stop mowing

2.  Demolish abandoned  buildings, and return their land to living soil

3.  Rip up useless pavement (e.g. empty lots)

4.  Demolish useless buildings (offices, strip malls, banks, and other services that won't be necessary in the new paradigm), and give land back to living soil

5.  Later on, once the scale-appropriate Transit Grid is built and operational, the old road grid will no longer be necessary, and all of those old roads can be torn up and given back to living soil.  This will create by far the largest give-back. 

6. Greening the deserts

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Step 3C:  Green the Deserts

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