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The Earth Party

Blueprint for a Mature Civilization

Step 2D:  Planetize the Internet

Redesigning our economy will take place in two stages.

The first stage was described in 1D: Self-Sufficiency.

The second stage is the Benign Global Economy, which maximizes the fulfillment of needs while living in the greatest possible harmony with Nature.  Treating the entire planet as one economy is the most efficient way to do that, for several reasons.

Why do we need a Global Benign Economy? 

For instance:

1.  Natural resources aren't evenly distributed across the planet.  Different areas have different minerals. 

2.  Some have more rainfall.

3.  Some places are better for particular types of energy harnessing.

4.  Some places are more bio-diverse, and thus more valuable as untouched ecosystems, whereas others are less so, making them better places for agriculture (because we wouldn't be losing as much bio-diversity by farming them).



-Solar on rooftops for immediately-accessible power, for basic necessities (like heating and cooking)


-Wind power, but not big turbines.  Small "wind tree" mini-turbines.  If it endangers wildlife, it's too big.

-Geothermal, tidal, etc.

-Use the new Sane Financial System to finance it

-Everyone can have a job if they want to work

-Power lines will run along the Intuitive Transit Grid, making them easily accessible for repair, and the map easy to comprehend

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Step 3B:  Give Land Back to Nature

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