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The Earth Party

Position on:

Globalism vs. Nationalism


Nationalism's time has passed.  But globalism isn't perfect either.

Thankfully, there's a third option:

Globalism and Nationalism.png

We'll explain why both systems are bad, and why Planetary Consciousness is the true solution.

"What's the difference between globalism and this... 'planetary consciousness' thing?"

We understand the skepticism of a "one world government."


We feel that such skepticism is reasonable, in light of the way such a system has been pursued, thus far.

But you have to understand that the idea itself is not an elite agenda.  The elite have taken a good idea, and twisted it.


Humanity has dreamed of living as One People in peace and harmony for thousands of years.  But this dream has been hijacked by elites whose agenda has nothing to do with love and understanding, and everything to do with power and control. 

"So what's the difference?"

The difference is this:

Globalism is an agenda, by elites, to increase their power, through expansion of the existing power-infrastructure (which is fundamentally corrupt), from national to international.  They want the same people and institutions that are currently holding power, to continue holding power - but with a vastly expanded scope.

Globalism reflects a deep failure to understand how the current system got us into the mess we're in.


Globalists have been piecing together their tyranny machine slowly, incrementally, in the dark, without public awareness.  They do it piece by piece, bit by bit, hoping we won't notice.


They offer:

No Constitution.

No system of checks and balances.

No transparency.

No democracy.


It's literally just corporations amassing power and becoming governments.  Or governments, with all their current corruption, joining together to become mega-governments, with mega-corruption.

OF COURSE this is a bad way to do it, and OF COURSE it'll result in tyranny.


Globalism is a technocratic imitation of planetary consciousness.  Instead of uniting the world through a shared sense of solidarity and understanding, it seeks to unite us through the existing corporate/financial/mass-surveillance apparatus, keeping control in the hands of the already-powerful elite.

"And how does planetary consciousness differ from all that?"

​​​​​Planetary Consciousness, on the other hand, is an organic, natural evolution to a more enlightened relationship with our planet and with each other, and with all Life. 

Under globalism, the same people who got us into the mess are offering a solution to get us out. 

But with Planetary Consciousness, we start fresh, and build a planetary governing system with everybody's input, based on the values of liberty, democracy, transparency, constitutionality, and inalienable rights.

Planetary consciousness is a logical evolution to a more intelligent way of governing ourselves.

"I don't know about this... this one-world government you've got planned.  I mean, I get that you're very optimistic and idealistic, and you probably have good intentions, but I'm opposed to global government on principle.  I don't care how constitutional it is, how democratic it is, how transparent it is... I don't care.  I'm just totally against the very idea of it."

Sorry to break this to you, but you already have it.  Our world is already functioning as a global system, both economically and socially. 

We already live in a de facto global government.  Our economy is now global, our financial system has been global for decades, and there are numerous transnational corporations controlling aspects of life within nation-states, from agriculture to transportation to medicine to culture - and more - despite those states being nominally "sovereign."


Corporations and their networks have already formed a de-facto, ad-hoc government for our globe, and it's becoming increasingly tyrannical and destructive, simply through its built-in incentive to exploit us for profit.

This is not a question of whether we'll have a planetary governing system, but merely what kind we'll have.  We will have one, because we already have one.

And if you're afraid of the shadow elites creating a world government, then that's all the more reason for us to create one ourselves.


This is about having a conscious process, vs. an unconscious one.


If We the People take the reins ourselves, and design a system ourselves, then we can make it a constitutional system, with checks and balances, of, by, and for We the People.


But if we refuse this evolution, then the process will still continue, but it will continue unconsciously, and we'll be fully at the mercy of the elites and their whims. 


Either WE create it, or THEY create it.  It's one or the other. And if we do it, we can beat them to the punch, and enshrine the values of liberty in the new system.

The only way to stop the shadow elites from setting up a global government, is to do it ourselves.  We have to head them off.  We have to do it before they do.

If you refuse to take the step forward, and refuse to consciously participate in the creation of a planetary governing system in the light, then, ironically, you're helping the elite create theirs, in the dark.

And if we continue to let them do so, we're rolling the dice.  We have no idea what system will eventually come out.  Probably something horrible.

But if we seize the reins of the process ourselves, we can start doing it consciously.  We can have a coherent plan, and we can make sure that it's a benign system, which honors human rights, governs with compassion, and fully appreciates the importance of taking care of our planet's ecosystems.



"But what's wrong with nationalism?  The nation-state is the most stable form of governance that we've ever had!  Why can't we just revert back to a totally non-global, non-planetary, nation-state system?  And, like, reign in the corporations, and force them to respect national sovereignty, or something?"

We understand that the idea of "national sovereignty" is important to many people. 


But the challenges and crises converging on humanity right now are planetary in scope, meaning that they can't be solved by individual nation-states.  The nation-state is just not a sufficient vehicle for solving the planetary problems we face today.

Planetary problems...

require Planetary solutions.

Nationalism keeps us locked in an insufficient model of problem-solving - one in which the crises will continue to spiral out of control, until they take our entire civilization (and maybe most Life on Earth) with them.

If you want to preserve your civilization, nationalism is simply inadequate to do so.

We need to think as one people.  As a planet.  Our planet must be our primary source of identity, with nations coming in secondary.

"But nationalism is the only way to fight the elites!  By having a strong nation, with strong borders, we can restore our self-determination.  The elites hate nationalism, so there must be a reason!"

The truth is actually just the opposite.


Nationalism is the real tool of the elites.

You think you're being clever by being nationalist, but in reality, you're just playing right into their hands.  Nationalism is what the elites want.

Because nationalism keeps the world divided.  It keeps humanity fighting and arguing among ourselves.  And if we're fighting each other, then we're not fighting them.  

Only united can we defeat them.  Only by transcending the artificial divisions of borders and nationality. Only by evolving, and awakening to a new identity as citizens of the Planet.

Planetary Consciousness is the elite's downfall, and they know it, and they fear it - so they fooled you into fearing it too, by inventing the term "globalist" and making it sound derogatory and scary.


They planted disinfo in your favorite radio hosts and dot-connecting authors and lecturers, to make them think planetary consciousness was their (the elites') own goal, because they knew that that would make you want to oppose it and prevent its formation.  


"You're telling me that it was the globalists who convinced me to think globalism was a globalist plot?"

The elites convinced you to think planetary consciousness was a globalist plot.  "Globalism" has been used as a bogeyman to scare people away from recognizing the intrinsic natural and spiritual unity of our Planet.

And that's what they want.  They want you staying away from planetary consciousness - from unity.  They want you identifying with your artificial partial chunk of the planet, called a "nation", instead of realizing your membership in the totality of the planet-wide community of Life.

Because divided, you're weak.  Anything that divides people is good for the elite.

Nationalism divides.

Planetary Consciousness unites us.

​​​"But isn't global trade bad for the planet, generally speaking?  Isn't LOCAL ECONOMICS a key component of an ecological society?"

Yes, absolutely!  If you're skeptical of planetary governance because you believe in the importance of local communities, we understand this concern.  We strongly believe in Local Self-Sufficiency, and Local Self-Determination.  We just don't think nation-states are adequate guardians of these values.  Their record on preserving it is abysmal.


Nationalism is the wrong thing for the right reasons. 


Nation-states are an arbitrary and capricious system for governing.  Their borders were drawn over centuries of whims and accidents, and their ability to create and define law has never been justified except through brute force and fear.  Their "right to govern" has no basis in reality.  Even the idea of borders has no basis in reality.


"Oh COME ON!  No borders?  Really?  You're one of... of... THOSE?  You almost had me, but now you've just gone and ruined it!  I can't get behind "open borders!"  Sheesh!  Come on!"

We explain how the new system will work, with regard to borders, on our page titled Borders, Immigrants, and World Travel.

We've taken all of the objections into account.  And many of the objections are understandable.


But if you really take the time to think about them, none of them withstand rational scrutiny.  All of the fears are unfounded. 

And not only that, but borders create more problems than they solve.  In fact, most of the problems you think borders solve, are actually caused by borders, in ways which you might not have realized.

How about opening your mind, and learning about a new perspective?

"Can you explain what exactly this "Planetary Consciousness" is?  I can't decide whether it sounds scary or just plain hippy-dippy."

Planetary Consciousness is the felt realization that we are all members of a larger community called a planet.

Evolution is always progressing to greater and larger levels of awareness. 

Long ago, there were only cells.  Eventually, cells came together to form multi-cellular organisms. 

Healthy cells understand:


1.  That they are members of a larger community.

2.  It's  called a "Body."

2.  That their own existence depends on the health of that Body.

3.  That their choices and actions affect the Body's health.

Those are healthy cells.

If cells could talk, some of them would probably debate whether or not there's such a thing as a "body."  Some cells might be skeptical, and think the "body" is a "hippy-dippy concept."  Those cells might seek to grow and multiply, and consume resources with no concern for the health of the body they belong to (because they don't believe the body is a real thing).  The scientific name for that type of cell is "cancer." 


Healthy cells, which recognize their membership in larger system called a "Body", and acknowledge their intrinsic responsibility to respect the "Body", and protect its health.

cancer cells.jpg

Cancer cells, which multiply as much as they want, and release as many toxins as they want, with no regard for the health of the Body, because they don't even believe there's such a thing as a "Body" in the first place.

Cells organize into organisms, which we know of as flora and fauna.  Plants and animals.  Each body consisting of many cells, working together toward the common goal of keeping the Body healthy.

As history progressed, the process repeated.  Bodies (individuals) started recognizing a larger unit, called a "tribe."  These individuals understood that:

1.  They are members of a larger community called a "Tribe"

2.  Their own existence depends on the health of that Tribe

3.  Their choices and actions affect the Tribe's health

As history continued to progress, tribes began to recognize their membership in an even greater community.  These tribes knew that:

1.  They are members of a larger community called a "Nation"

2.  Their own existence depends on the health of that Nation

3.  Their choices and actions affect the Nation's health

And of course, throughout all of this evolution, there were the deniers.  There were people who denied that any of this was real, who insisted that every (wealthy) individual has the right to do absolutely whatever he or she wants, to the larger unit, because there is no larger unit. 

cells- thatcher.png

Such individuals could be called sociopaths.  How can anyone be trusted to respect their society if they deny that that society even exists?

Of course, they still acknowledge the existence of previous units of organization - the ones that are convenient for them.  They don't deny that their cells have a Body.  They don't deny that their individual selves are parts of nuclear families, or of ethnic/religious tribes and clans.  They don't deny their immediate sphere of influence, that directly affects them.

They just deny the larger, upcoming levels, whose acknowledgement they find to be inconvenient to the continuity of their lifestyle choices.


And future generations look back on them as complete idiots.  The arc of history might be long, but it will sort these people out, and file their legacies accordingly. 

So don't be one of them!  Use some foresight.



To recap:


We began as cells, and then joined into Bodies.

Then our Bodies joined into tribes, and other communities.


And then into nations.

And now we've reached yet another level of awareness:  the planet.

Planetary Consciousness recognizes that:

1.  We are members of a larger community called a "Planet"

2.  Our own existence depends on the health of that Planet

3.  Our choices and actions affect the Planet's health


And of course, there are deniers, who stubbornly insist that the Planet is imaginary, or flat, or "just a rock" - not in any way a living organism that we are members of.  They deny that we depend on its health, they deny that our activities can ever have any affect on its health, and they deny that we have any responsibility towards it, and they demand that we continue to allow them to do absolutely anything they want, to the Planet, without any restriction.  They refuse any limits on their growth and expansion - just like cancer does.


People who deny the Planet exists as an organism, and attempt to slow down and undermine the evolution of a planetary consciousness, are behaving like cancer cells.


And yet, in a feat of irony, they accuse the rest of us of believing that "all of humanity" is cancer.


You've heard that, right?  Eco-deniers get a real kick out of saying that eco-acknowledgers believe "humans are cancer", and want to "depopulate" the world.  They say we're in favor of a "human depopulation agenda" that's somehow related to the U.N. or something.

Meanwhile, they're multiplying exponentially, taking over every square inch of the planet with concrete, creating dead zones and toxic waste dumps everywhere, mowing down forests, driving species to extinction, poisoning the water, changing the chemical composition of the atmosphere, and not giving a rat's ass about how it affects the Body, because they deny the Body's existence, and insist that cells are the largest unit of organization that exists.  Just like cancer. 

And in a feat of irony, they are pushing the real depopulation agenda, since their agenda leads to the complete collapse of Life on this planet.  They want depopulation!  Yet, they accuse their opponents of a "depopulation agenda" - simply for trying to stop theirs!


Is this classic psychological projection?

But thankfully, not everyone behaves like them. 

1 Is Humanity a Cancer.png


"How does Planetary Consciousness manifest?  What does it look like?  What does it involve?"

It involves both individual choices as well as an evolution in governance. 

Yes, individuals can make more planet-healthy choices.  They can buy eco-friendlier products, they can recycle, and they can choose eco-friendly transportation. 

But personal choices only go so far.  Most of what's threatening our biosphere's integrity is systemic - it involves the very systems our society is set up with.  Personal choices can't fix the system.  The system must be addressed directly. 

For this, we need to our scale of governance to reflect the scale of our challenges.  We must look beyond individual nation-states, to encompass the entire biosphere in one governing model.

Yes, we need a planetary system of governance.  And the Earth Party has already created a map of this process.  If you're wondering how it's going to work, that link explains exactly what our plans are, and how we will make sure the Planetary Protectorate remains true to its mission.

Individual choices are not sufficient to save our planet.  Being a good person and taking care of your own space is helpful... but it ignores the bigger picture.

Sure, you can be a "good citizen."  You can do everything you're supposed to do...

You can recycle bottles all you want, pick up trash all you want...
You can drive a smaller car... drive fewer miles/kilometers...
You can stop buying meat, dairy, and other animal products...
You can put some solar panels on your house...
You can say "no" when asked if you want a plastic bag/straw...

...but those are personal actions, and they're only sufficient to slow down the degradation of our world.  To actually stop the degradation (and, better yet, reverse it, and start healing the planet), the only solutions that are sufficient are collective.  We have to change our systems, at the scale of our entire society - whole planet, actually.  Relying merely on individual morality (i.e. recycling, using less electricity, buying less consumer products) is not sufficient.

As we like to say:

Planetary problems require planetary solutions.

An individual's problems can be solved by the individual - but a planet's problems can only be solved by the planet - by the whole world, all nations and peoples, thinking and acting as One, to create a mature civilization that is sustainable and lives in balance with the planet that hosts us.  

The realization of this truth is what we refer to as
planetary consciousness.  A person has achieved planetary consciousness when he or she realizes the truth just stated.

"How do you know that?  What if everyone just made the right choices?  Why does it HAVE to require group action?  I'm an individualist, and I'm suspicious of any "collectivist" attitudes.   I think problems can be solved person by person.  Clean up your own space, put your own house in order, get your own sh*t together.  Do that, and stop bothering other people."

The current socio-political-economic model - i.e. "the way we run our society" - is not allowing the changes necessary to save our planet.  It's prohibiting them.

We can save our planet - the solutions exist, and are known - but they're socially unacceptable, and in many cases - including the most important cases - outright illegal.  That's right - the healing of our planet is illegal.  Under the system we're currently using, it is illegal to heal the planet.  Even if we don't try to heal it - even if we merely try to halt the destruction - even that's illegal!

And an individual can't make something illegal legal, all by themselves.  That requires collective action, on the scale of entire communities:  Villages, Townships, Cities, and even the planet as a whole.

"What do you mean, "illegal"?  What are you talking about?"

Here's a quick example.  One of the necessary conditions for human sustainability is Local Self-Sufficiency in basic needs.  Every community (every Village, to be more specific) needs to produce its own food, water, energy, and basic tools.  99% of what we need on a daily basis must be produced within walking distance of where we sleep.  

And in order to do that, we'll need to grow food around our homes.  But very few people have enough land to do that.  Self-sufficiency will require a Village effort.  If all of your neighbors on your block were to agree to set up a communal food-forest in the land between your houses (i.e. what are known as "backyards"), then the combined area could easily provide food for the entire block.  But your neighbors probably won't agree to that.  They'd rather have a "lawn."  And if you try to use the land for something actually productive - like growing food, or perhaps even giving it back to Nature and letting it regrow into a forest (i.e. what healing is), your neighbors would call the police on you.

See?  Healing the planet is illegal.

Now here's the dilemma:  We need to heal the planet, in order to survive.  And since it's illegal to heal the planet, it's therefore illegal for the human race to survive.  The current system makes human existence illegal.

So obviously, that's absurd!  And that means our system of "law" is absurd too.  Our "legal system" makes our own existence illegal.  Our legal system is incompatible with Life, and hostile to the very planet that hosts it.

It is therefore a false system, and it has no legitimacy and no authority.

It is a lie.

We are running our civilization on a legal system that is a lie.  

So the very first thing we have to change is the law - or, more precisely, our society's conception of law.  What is law?  We need a new answer to that question.

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