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Health and Healthcare


1.  Universal health care, immediately, covering everyone.

2.  But that's just a band-aid.  While it stops the bleeding, we still need to examine what's causing the bleeding in the first place.  Why are so many people so sick?


Have you ever noticed that, while there's a huge public debate about healthcare, there's virtually no debate about health?

If you watch a healthcare debate on TV, the entire argument can be boiled down to a question of who pays for the medicine...


...but never about what kind of medicine we're actually using.


And certainly no mention whatsoever of why people are so sick in the first place!


The fact is, our society takes a rather barbaric and silly approach to the whole issue.  We have a socioeconomic system that is causing sickness, in dozens of profound ways, and yet, most of us accept it as a given fact that we will continue to use this broken system, and continue to make ourselves the sickest population ever to walk the Earth, and that the only logical approach to deal with the problem is to treat the sicknesses, one by one, after they arise.

Sorry, but that is not how a mature civilization functions.  It's time to grow up, and start examining the root causes of our diseased society.

Good news, though!  It just so happens that the treatments designed to address disease after it arises are the expensive ones!  All of the advanced, complicated, allopathic procedures we've been arguing fiercely over how to fund, wouldn't even be necessary if we just stopped making ourselves sick in the first place!

That statement will, of course, be seen as "offensive" to those who are heavily invested in the allopathic medical system, due either to being employed in it, or to having already gotten sick and taken a large (not to mention expensive and extremely side-effect-ridden) amount of its "treatments."  If you've suffered for this system, part of you is going to want to defend your decision to rely on it, to avoid admitting that you made such a costly mistake.  That's how cognitive dissonance works.  That's understandable.

It may also be seen as offensive to anyone who has spent a lot of time and effort campaigning for programs to publicly fund those expensive treatments, like universal healthcare, Medicare-For-All, and so on.  The sentiment is noble.  A mature civilization DOES take care of its vulnerable members, and DOES NOT allow anyone to die from lack of medicine when that medicine is available but the person just doesn't have enough money to buy it.  A society that values toys for rich people above medicine for poor people is not a civilized society.

But the fact is, most of that expensive medicine just isn't necessary.  The stuff that is necessary is, by and large, the cheap stuff. 


Health is much cheaper than healthcare.

The entire public debate over healthcare rests on a key philosophical premise:  the belief that "health is expensive."  And the Earth Party questions that belief.  In fact, we reject it.  Health is not expensive.


And if something is expensive, it probably isn't health.  We can all afford medicine because the stuff we can't afford isn't even medicine in the first place.  Most of it is unnecessary, and actually downright counterproductive.  We can dispose of it, and focus on only the things that are actually medicine, which are almost all cheap.


Most pharmaceuticals are arguably poisons.  The most popular treatment for cancer - chemotherapy - is unarguably, undeniably poison.  Think about that:  trying to bring about health... with poison?


That makes no sense.

The Three Levels of Focus in Medicine

Level 1

The first level is called allopathy.  It focuses on disease.


It's like a sentry, sitting atop a castle, scanning the countryside for signs of invaders.  Once it spots them, it mobilizes the army to attack and defeat them.  Then, once they're defeated, it goes back to watching.

This approach makes sense when dealing with infectious diseases:  bacteria, viruses, and the like.  After all, this is exactly what our own immune systems do! 


But the problem arises when we apply it to non-infectious diseases, like cancer, cardiovascular disease, and all the other long-term degenerative problems that constitute over 95% of our society's "healthcare" expenditures.  The fact is, this militaristic "search and destroy" attitude does not work on anything non-infectious.  You can't "hunt down and kill" a degenerative disease, because there is nothing to kill.  There is no outside invader.


The problem is arising from inside.  The bodily system has stopped being healthy.  And when it stops being healthy, the answer is not to "find something to kill" - it's to make the body healthy again.

Allopathy focuses solely on destroying disease, but it has almost nothing to say about creating health.  And even when it does make forays into this "positive" domain, it takes an extremely blocky and pixellated view of it, by breaking everything down into isolated units, while ignoring the totality of the mind-body system.  It tries to find a specific vitamin, hormone, or neurotransmitter that's in short supply, believing that once it finds out what's missing, it can simply add that thing - usually in pill form - and everything will be better again.  When you think about it, it's really just a continuation of the same old "search and destroy" mindset; just, instead of seeking an invader, it's seeking a chemical imbalance - and then, once it finds the imbalance, it targets and destroys it!

It still doesn't look at the mind-body as a whole unit.

So the first correction to our healthcare system is to evolve past allopathy. 

"So no one should use a regular doctor anymore?"

Not exactly.  Allopathy can indeed be useful in a few scenarios, specifically infections and physical accidents and emergencies.  If killer bacteria are waging war on you, then you need to defend yourself and fight back.  Allopathy is great for that.

If you broke a limb, you need a cast to hold it in place while it heals.  If you got shot, and there's a bullet lodged in you somewhere, you need a surgeon to go in and physically remove it.  All perfectly valid reasons to use an allopathic doctor.

And if you've got a degenerative disease, and it's gotten so bad that it might causes death or major irreversible damage within a short time - like, a few hours or days - then you've got an emergency, and it may be necessary to have an allopathic intervention, just to stabilize your system.  But, once you're stabilized, you'll need to look outside allopathy for long-term healing. 

If everyone followed that simple advice, it would eliminate around 9/10ths of current healthcare expenditures!

Because what most of us think when we hear the term medicine is not all of medicine - it's just a branch of it.  And a very strange one at that.  Its called "allopathy" or "allopathic medicine."  But that name is a misnomer, because it isn't really medicine.  So we'll just call it allopathy.

That's because allopathy isn't really about health.  It has nothing to do with health, actually.  It's focused solely on disease.  It does not create health - it just destroys disease.  It's like a gladiator, seeking out it's foe, zeroing in, locked and loaded, ready aim BOOM!  We got 'em!

It treats the body as a warzone, and medicine as a violent struggle.  

Folks, our descendents are gonna call us CAVEMEN for this garbage.

Ooga booga, me destroy enemy clan!!!
Ooga booga, me destroy disease!!!

This is not the way a mature civilization thinks.

Medicine is not a battle against disease - it's a process of cultivating health.

Allopathy - i.e. the expensive stuff - can be mostly disposed of.

It does have a few uses, like for a physical wound, like if you got shot, then allopathy is approproate.  Get that bullet out.

Or if you're under attack from vicious bacteria, it's a matter of self defense, so again, allopathy is appropriate.

And guess what?   Those happen to be the two cheapest fields of allopathy!  Most antibiotics cost pocket change, and surgery to remove foreign objects is far simpler and easier than organ transplants and other surgeries for chronic illnesses.

Chronic illnesses are the expensive ones, that eat up 99% of "healthcare" expenditures.  If we stop using allopathy for chronic illnesses, and use it only for the incidental emergencies it's appropriate for, that's 99% of the expenditures saved.  

Allopathy for emergencies only.

"What about chronics?"

Anything else, anything chronic, anything coming from within your body - an inner issue manifesting itself as an outward disease - then the answer is not external.  If the issue is internal, the cure is internal as well.  

For example, if a person eats gluttonous amounts of meat, apathetic towards the animals whose suffering produces it for them, chronically suppressing his or her empathy function, placing fleeting personal pleasures above others very lives, refusing to extend compassion to the living creatures who share the planet with them...

...and they wind up with cardiovascular disease...

...the proper medicine is not potions and concoctions from pharmaceutical conglomerates and chemical factories.  The medicine is compassion.  A compassionate heart is a healthy heart.  Heart disease is an unhealthy heart.  You heal an unhealthy heart by making it healthy again.  By learning compassion.

Pic of chem drum and hugging cow

If the person starts developing compassion, he or she will eat less meat - perhaps even stop altogether - and the arteries will clear up, and the heart (the physical one) will be healthy again!

Multi-hundred-thousand-dollar bypass surgeries are NOT required.  Just teach them compassion.

And if they don't know how to develop compassion - if they just have a hole in their soul that they don't know how to heal - then there is an entire cornucopoeia of visionary plants (and fungi) that are designed for dealing with exactly these types of situations.  And they cost pennies.  

Example, if someone has cancer, they can get chemotherapy for 500,000 dollars, or they can go to a shaman, eat some psilocybin mushrooms or peyote or ayahuasca, go on a vision quest, learn about how they created the sickness - what mental patterns led to the physical conditions, and what spiritual issues lay at the root of all of it, and come out of the experience CURED.  For real.  Not "symptoms under control."  CURED.  As in, no more symptoms to control.  

"Thats alternative."

No, thats normal.  Allopathy is alternative.

Allopathy is ridiculous.

Radiation isn't medicine.  It's poison.

"But those do cure.  Proven track record."

No, the body cures.  You have the blueprint in your DNA.  The body heals itself.

Some people cure their own cancer without any allopathic treatment at all, no chemo.  Allopathic pharmadoctors call it "spontaneous remission", and when you ask them why it happens, they just shrug their shoulders, call you a "pseudo-scientist", and get back to peddling drugs and radioactive isotopes.  

The body can cure itself, and it does.

"But so can chemo."

No, the chemo didnt cure it - the body did.  It just looks like the chemo did it bevause the person was getting chemo when the body cured itself!  The body cured itself, and the pharmadoctors attribute it to the chemo, just because it was going on at the time!  The cancer didnt go away because of the chemo - it went away in spite of the chemo.  The chemo didnt cure anything.

How do you know that?

Because chemo cant cure anything!  The entire notion is preposterous on its face.  Chemo is poison.  Poison cannot create health.

No, but it can kill cancer cells.

Yes, the cells - but not the cancer.  Cancer is more than just its cells - it's an energy pattern, originating from the mind, and ultimately from issues within the spirit and soul.  The abnormal cells come about because of that underlying energy pattern.  Killing the cells doesn't cure the disease - it only destroys its manifestation - and only for the time being.  If the underlying pattern is not healed, it will eventually manifest again.

And the way to do that is not with poison.  It's with health.  Poison and health are opposites.  You can't create one via the other.  

"But people today are sicker than people of times past, and thus need more, and stronger, medicine."

Then all the more reason to take real medicine instead of fake medicine.

"How can you call that fake?  It cures things!"  

No, theyre not medicines, they're just symptom-suppressors.  If they make a person feel better, it's because theyre suppressing the symptoms of the sickness, not replacing the sickness with any health.  

So if the old stuff worked, why did we switch to new?

Technocracy.  It diesnt solve problems, just identifies problems and gives us solutions that dont solve them but advance technocracy.  

If it can take a garden that once grew herbs, and replace it with a factory that makes pills, it considers this progress - even if the pills dont even work as well as the herbs!  Because its not about helping us, and was never about helping us - but only about advamcing itself, and it makes false promises to help us in order to do that.  

We didnt get healthier.  But the gardens turned into factories, abd thats what was important (to technocracy). 

"So what exactly is "beyond allopathy?""

Level 2

The next level of focus in medicine is holistic medicine.  It focuses on health.

Some people even spell it with a "w" - i.e. "wholistic" - because it treats the entire body as one whole unit.

Allopathy attempts to work by breaking the body down into specific, isolated components, and treating each component by itself.  But wholistic medicine "zooms out" to view  the entire body as one picture, and asks how a problem in a component arises from a problem in the overall system.


After all, we know that the body is a dynamic system, in which every part affects every other part.  If one part is sick, there must be a sickness in the overall system - and if we can address and heal the overall system, it will heal the specific sickness as well.

Instead of hunting down and destroying disease, we cultivate health. 

And the mind is the center of all of it. 

Beginning in the 1700's, the medical profession acquired a rather bizarre fixation on separating the mind and body.  They believed that the two were utterly distinct, and that the "newest, most advanced knowledge" in medicine lay in isolating them from one another, and any doctor who looked for mental causes of physical illness (or vice versa) was a quack from the dark ages. 

We now know, of course, that this was a wrong turn.  The body and mind are intimately linked - in fact, they're not even two things.  The body is the mind, and the mind is the body. 

For instance, if someone has



Almost all disease is unnatural diet and lifestyle.  That means the cure is natural diet and lifestyle as well.

Bad food choices (meat, dairy, and processed).
Bad food processes (GMO, monoculture, pesicides, petroleum-based fertilizers, package preservatives).
Air pollution
Noise pollution
Electromagnetic pollution


But some ppl still get sick anyway, not their fault.  This insults them.

Then they can go get treatments.  The difference is the system wont be overburdened.  No hordes of chronically sick people to deal with.  Just a few.  And the system can handle that, without a lot of expenditure.  Society should provide.  (But not thru taxes)..

Doctors currently overburdened because so many.  So many who made selves sick - or at least the insane social system they live under made them sick - and if they stop making themselves sick (and their society becomes sane again too), then doctors wont have to treat them.  

And with them no longer clogging the pipes of the healthcare system, it can easily (and inexpensively) treat the remainder who still get sick by chancr or by factors beyond their control.  


Level 3

Take a step back from individual and look at society as a whole.  Our society is our context, and we, like all living creatures, are not separate from our context.  If our context is sick, there is only so much we can do to heal ourselves.  True healing requires not only an individual to return to health, but to do so in a society that has also returned to health.  If an individual returns to health in the midst of a sick society, and doesn't have the rock-solid mental presence of a Zen master, then they're likely to re-sicken, eventually.  The only question is when.

True healing includes the healing of society.

Stop herding people into unhealthy lifestyles.  

Suppose we stop airing advertisements for soda.  Soda consumption goes down, people get less sick, and healthcare expenditure drops by 50 billion dollars a year.  Thats 50 billion cost reduced, without needing to spend anything or do anything.  And we're not even outlawing soda - just stopping the advertising of it.

"But how do you get the companies to stop?"

Link to page on Advertising

Shame them.  Make it no longer OK.  Boycott them, the way you'd boycott a cigarette company that handed out free samples at elementary schools.  Connect the healthcare issue to them - make them own it.  Because it IS connected - it's a prime factor!  

Also utilize the right to peace.  To not be subjected to impersonal urgings to consume addictive substances.  A person should be able to walk through their town without being drug-hustled.  No more billboards, no more ads for that crap.  We the People have the right to stop them.  Not viooating their rights



"Do you support government-subsidized healthcare / socialized medicine / Medicare-For-All / etc.?"

Socialism is a band-aid at best - it is not a long term cure.

Socialism is only necessary for the expensive treatments - the invasive, allopathic,
Technocratic operations and Big Pharma McPills that don't even work, make the person sicker, suppress symptoms at best, and only exist in the first place because the corporate medical-industrial complex makes trillions of dollars off of them.

The stuff that actually works is almost free.

Allopathic medicine has its place.  It's useful in emergencies.  If you got shot, and there's a bullet lodged somewhere, an allopathic doctor is the right course.  If an ailment could be fatal within 72 hours, allopathy is good as an emergency measure.

But it is not a long term health maintenance system.  And 99% of the cost of healthcare comes from misinterpreting allopathy as a long term health maintenance system.  Long term health can be maintained without allopathy, for nearly free, and it actually works better.

The plant kingdom, for instance, can replace 99% of the pharmaceutical industry. How much does a leaf cost?  A nickel?

It costs nothing if you grow it yourself. 

Herbs cost next to nothing.

Exercise costs next to nothing.

Taking a walk in the woods or the park costs a round-trip bus fare at most.

Eating mostly
plant-based costs less than the standard meat-heavy diet.  Fruits and veggies make you healthier while saving money (and making society more compassionate).

The best medicines literally grow on trees.

So why do we need socialism to stay healthy again, exactly?

Most of allopathy is ridiculous.  Poisoning and irradiating people is ridiculous.  Drugging them to forget their symptoms while ignoring the root cause of the disease is ridiculous.  Slicing and drilling into people is usually ridiculous.  And not only does socialism advocate such poisoning, irradiating, drugging, slicing, and drilling as a standard long term health regimen, but it further calls for robbing people - literally taking people's money away by force, and sending squadrons of armed men to their home if they refuse - in order to pay for it.

That is insane.

"Ok but what about those 1% of cases where allopathy actually is necessary?  What if someone has a gunshot wound?"

Reducing the allopathic industrial monstrosity to 1% of its current size will make it function smoothly.  It's like if there's a traffic jam, removing 10% of the cars can clear up 90% of the congestion.  When the behemoth has shrunk to a tiny fraction of its former size, local communities will be able to easily manage it, and bear the cost of keeping it running efficiently and free for those who can't afford it.  In the 1950's, the heyday of capitalism, hospital emergency rooms were socialized institutions, subsidized fully by either the government or church charities or both, and cost-free to the people who didn't have money to pay.  And nobody complained.

When healthcare (and more importantly, health) is properly understood, it's a tiny expenditure.  It won't be something for liberals and conservatives to argue about or worry about.

"What else can we do to promote public health?"

Some other very cost-effective ways for villages, townships, and cities to facilitate the health of the population:


1.  Hiking Trails

Expanded network of hiking trails throughout wilderness areas adjacent to major population centers.  ("construct" is a loose term, since no building is necessary - just clearing enough vegetation for a little footpath).


Additionally, municipalities expand their public bus routes to cover access to the trail-heads.  Every person, even those living in inner-city ghettos, will have cheap, reliable bus access to Nature.  Hiking is good for two reasons.  It is exercise... but so much more than that.  Nature has a positive, healing effect on all aspects of mind and body.  Simply BEING in a forest, causes immediate improvements in mental state and well-being, including physiological changes like relaxed heart rate, easing of blood pressure, and a host of other benefits.


Nature Kills PTSD In Combat Veterans


Even just planting trees along the sidewalk has been proven to benefit the health of people living near them. 


Revival of Herbal Medicine

Medical industry has been hijacked by big business, and is NO LONGER about medicine, but about profit.  As a result, we are sold treatments that don't FIX our problems, but rather simply drug us, and numb the pain. They put us on drug regimens that don't even CLAIM to heal us, but merely suppress the symptoms.  They do this because there's no money in cures - the money is in keeping people hooked and dependent for life.  But Nature has cures:  they're called herbs.  Herbal medicine has been practiced for thousands of years, is highly effective, and the only reason why anyone is skeptical of it is because the pharmaceutical industry has paid, bribed, and intimidated the scientific community and the mass media into suppressing knowledge of it and ostracizing its users and advocates.  And it costs almost NOTHING.  You can plant herbs in your backyard, or in a community plot.  Pills cost hundreds or thousands of dollars - herbs cost 99 cents for a bag of seeds.  


3.  Elimination of Poison from Diets

Stop eating garbage.  It's not a hard concept.  Toxic food additives will be banned.  MSG and aspartame, and a myriad of other poisons will no longer be allowed in our food supply, and the business executives responsible for marketing them will be prosecuted.  I'm not kidding.  When businessmen in China taint that country's food supply on purpose, they get hanged.  The least we can do with our equivalent is give them a nice, cushy cell in federal prison.  ​I will also make sure the public knows the truth about meat, and other animal products.  Overconsumption of meat and dairy is probably the #1 cause of health problems in America, and it's costing us TRILLIONS.  It's time to stop hiding the truth.  It's not bad to eat animal products, but it's bad to OVERconsume them.  The average American eats probably 20-30 times more meat than his body actually needs.  It's wasteful, it's cruel, and it's a trillion-dollar drain on our economy.  Time to change it.  ​Also, the need for preservatives will be eliminated when we start growing our food locally again.  When nearly all of our food is grown within walking distance of our homes, there will be no need to preserve it, and no need to add cancer-causing and other-disease-causing chemicals to it.  See "Localization of Food", under "THE PLAN" for more information about this topic.  Eliminating chemical preservatives will reduce the need for a large portion of our expensive cancer treatments, saving us hundreds of billions.


4.  Personal Responsibility

In the event that someone needs an expensive operation (hey, it's still needed in SOME scenarios), and they cannot afford it, there WILL be coverage from the government - but priority will be given to those who have taken personal responsibility in caring for themselves.  This will be measured by fitness center attendance!  All fitness centers will keep (secure) records of attendance, and whoever attends the most gets priority in the case of expensive procedures.  If two people are waiting for the same operation, the one who took better care of themself gets the treatment first.  (This shouldn't be confused with emergency surgeries. If someone gets a gunshot wound or something like that, there's no time to figure out whether they're a regular gym-goer.  Emergency medicine will be universal and unbiased).  But if someone doesn't even take care of their own body, why should the rest of us take care of it for them?  The system I have proposed has the added perk of relieving us from the burden of feeling guilty about the difficulty of funding procedures for people who don't even have the sense to care for their own selves.  We can let them fend largely for themselves without it burdening our conscience or our wallets.    ​


Health is simple.  Our big businesses and industries have convinced us that it's a mind-racking, convoluted, expensive process, but it is not.  The combination of a (true) healthy diet, comprehensive exercise, and traditional nature-based medicine is enough to keep 99% of people healthy 99% of the time.  By getting back to nature, and using simple common-sense, with a little dose of compassion thrown in, we can virtually eliminate the need for industrial healthcare from our nation.    

The solution to our healthcare crisis is not to throw more money at it; the solution is to reevaluate what we think of as "medicine."

Have you heard the old saying, "An ounce of prevention = a pound of cure"?  Well, there are 16 ounces in a pound.

The Earth Party healthcare plan will cost 1/16th of the current expenditures.  Guaranteed.


But we want to be clear here that, while it is society's responsibilyt to take care of its ill, evne if they can't afford it, we still have to be wise about what actually consitutes medicine.  The current healthcare system encompassing all fhte  doctors and traainings, an assoc and pharm and corp and insur and the textbooks and the entire complex of what's genreally refereed to as healthcare, is seriously flawed.  it's corrupt.  it's gone off course, and it has developed a skewed and twisted idea of what constitues medicine, in regard to most types of ailments.

It's important that we wise up to what medicine really is.  And the good news a bout this is that mos tof the false medicines are the expensive ones.  the ones that consittue the bulk of the bloated expenditure on ehalthre, care the treatments that shouldn't eeven be getting used in the first place, because they're false medicine, and they don't reallly health anything.  

So for those of your who are concerned about the fiscal aspects of universal healthcare, you can take a lot of comport knowing that once we dispose of the false treatments that are the expensive ones, providing universal (real) medicine is going to be exponentially logarythmically cheaper than the price tag you were probably envisioning when you were tinking of all of those expensive allopathic quackeries.  See our healthcare page for mor details.

what are some of these quackeries that you would dispose of?  

Well let's start with some of the most obvious.  Chemo, SSRI's

So what IS medicine?

Medicine is looking at the wholeness of the situation, and figuring out what's wrong in the big picture.  Most illness is generated by the patient, through some combination of habits, choices, env, and subconscious mental programming.   This is not to lay blame - it' sjust how it works.  So medicine is looking at how the person is genreating their problems, and then changing the factors that are generatin git.  

So called mocern, allop, only treats the symptoms.  Once something goes wrong, it applies an opposing force onto the thing that's going wrong, to push it back into where it came from.  It's an incredibly crude and brutish way of treating bodies and minds and people.  Real medicine is where yes, you might give some remedies to treat the symptoms so that the person can get some temporary relief, so that they can focus on the bigger picture, which is curing the disease at its root, by healing the person from within.    you don't just heal  organ, you heal whole because organ part of whole

do need to focus, maybe can't if uncomft, but those symptom treatments are secondary, peripheral, core of medicine is to identify what genrating the disease in the first place, and change those underlying facotrs.  And most such factors come from the mind, and the mind plays the key role in determining sickness vs. health.  

Allpathy is a branch of materialism.  Materialism trained people ot think that the mind and body were seperate, and niether has an effect on the other, or it only goes one way.  but it's complete hooey.  True medicine looks at body as rep or manifest of mind, and hasks what kind of ailment in the mind is th body ailment showing us.  and if you can fix the one in the mind, the body will heal as well.

And how do you figure all of that out?

how do you figure out what's going on in the mind that's leading ot the ailment in the body?

the most effective way is through the use of plant teachers.  visionary planets a fungi - visionary flora.  

more than just the chemical process - it's the experience and what you learn from it.  

This is not alternative medicine.  We repeat, this is not alternative medicine.  This is standard medicine.  This is the oldest form of medicine.  Human beings have been using this medicine for over 40,000 yeras.  We've only been using allopathy for the past few hundred.  Allopathy is the altnerative medicine - visionary flora are the standard medicine.

When a person becomes ill, and it doesn't go away, then they need to use medicine, and medicine is visionary flora.  

But isn't that stuff against the law?

No.  It is absolutely not.  The law does not prohibit medicine.  Law cannot prohibit medicine.  The very idea of law prohibiting medicine is a nonsensical preposterous absurdity.  If something is medicine, then by definition it cannot be against he law, or else healing is illgal, and sickness is legally compulsory, and what kind of worldis that?  We'll tell you what kind of owrl di tis.  it's this one.  Thiat's why it so fucke dup.  Becuaes healing has been illegal.  what did you expect?  you made healing illegal.  What kind of world did you think you' were going to get?  why are you surprised?

Notice we said illegal, but not unlawfulo.  illegal means it goes against manmade codes.  But manmade coe have no authority in relatoin to actual law.  Visionary polants and fingu are 100% lawufl iunder real actual law, natural law, and if they're illegal unde rmanmade codes, then those codes are against he law, and the people who made them and enforce them are criminals.  

Visionary flora are lawful.  Medicine is lawful.  

And when the earth party come sto pwer we will make sure that our social practices and law enforcment respec this and acknoweldge this fact, and no one and we mean no one ever and we mean ever, has to worry at all, and we mean at all, about getting into any sort of trouble, whatsoever, because of thier use or responsible distribution of visionary plants and fungi.  

And furthermore, we'll make sure that the people responsoble for terrorizing us all of thse years face their own justice.  We will hold them accountable.  The ones who trie dto forcibly stop us from healing ourselves- they need to be held accountable for what they're done, and we will hold them accountable.  For more details, so our page on visionary plants and fungi.


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