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How to Create a Fake Pandemic

A User's Guide to Medical Psyop Construction


1.  Laying the Groundwork



A. Predictive Programming

You want to implant the cognitive associations in the mind of your population months, or even years, in advance, so that the ideas you're about to present to them won't seem so "new" or "weird."  You want them to have an automatic, subconscious, knee-jerk reaction that leads them directly into the behaviors you want, before you even suggest those behaviors directly.


You want the following stimulus:


"There's a pandemic!" be associated with the following response:


"Trust government and media blindly, follow orders, dismiss and ridicule dissenters as conspiracy theorists, be afraid of neighbors, obsessively wash hands, hide inside home, refuse to accept that normal life is safe until there's a vaccine."


Entrain this in people's minds by inserting it into movies and TV shows.


Publish it in papers, like Lockstep.

Show it in movies, like Contagion.


Hold a “dress rehearsal” right before you initiate it, to make sure that all of the key bureaucrats and media personalities know exactly how to behave once a “real one” appears.

Event 201



B. Institutional Infiltration



1.  Choose your Initiation Country.  This is the country in which the Initation of the fake pandemic will take place.  It should be a country where there is no press freedom, so that the initial Narrative can be reported with total unanimity, with zero questions being asked, and no deviation from the official line. No pesky investigative journalists getting in the way of the plan, in those crucial initial weeks.


Make an agreement with the dictator of that country, to implement this plan, in exchange for the promise that when all is said and done, his country will be the new superpower and geopolitical "capital" of your new world order.


Have that country infiltrate key institutions around the globe, including international public health NGO's (like the WHO) and the health departments of major countries (CDC, NHS, etc.), using sleeper agents and corrupt officials who will be willing to follow orders when the time comes that they're needed.

You want to place corrupt people, who are loyal to your agenda, into key positions in government, media, medicine, and academia.  You don't need to corrupt everyone in these entire fields, as long as you have a few loyalists in key positions.  All it takes is a few, to set the example that you want the rest of them to follow.  If the corrupt ones set that example, the non-corrupt ones will follow - not because they're corrupt themselves, but simply due to the herd mentality.



2.  Change the definition of pandemic to exclude severity.


You’re going to need to be able to declare a pandemic very early on.  If you can’t declare a pandemic, you can’t get any of the emergency powers.  The definition of pandemic needs to be met very easily and very quickly.




2.  Building the Narrative

As a general rule, you want the scenario to have the following qualities:

-Indefinitely extendable.  You want it capable of being used as long as needed, to get the goals done.

-Flexible.  You're going to encounter resistance from dissenters, so you want to be able to modify certain aspects of the plan, to get around the resistance.

-Universal.  You need to impose it everywhere at once.  If any country is "not on board", it presents a serious "hole in the narrative", which could threaten the entire project.

-Fast.  Once you hatch the plan, you need to move at lightning speed.  Any delay will give people the ability to think critically, and ponder what's happening, and this is very dangerous to success. 




A.  Initiation Phase



He we go.


Hold on to your hats.


This is gonna be a wild ride!


1.  Upon getting the go-ahead from the Conductor, the host country's tightly controlled state media begins issuing (fabricated) reports of a "new illness" in one of its cities.


2.  Crisis actors lay down on sidewalks, as if they’ve died, and (state) media cameras film them, creating reports of people “just dropping dead while they’re walking.”  Since the media is tightly controlled, no one questions it publicly, at least not from inside the host country.  People in other countries, where there’s press freedom, might question it – but what do they know?  They’re not there, up close.


3.  Send TV cameras into hospital respiratory wards, which always have people suffering and suffocating, and people on ghastly ventilators (because respiratory diseases like influenza and pneumonia cause such illness, every year), and do something you've never done before:  film it.  Once the hospital wards are filmed, splash the footage all over the state-run media.  Don't say it's from influenza or pneumonia.  Say it's from the “new virus.”


4.  Media in the "free" countries have no choice but to report on those reports, and can't really check their accuracy, because it's extremely difficult to do journalism in the tightly controlled country.


5.  Give the "virus" a name.  Two names, actually.  Make the first name have something in common with one of your previous global media sensation viruses (see Predictive Programming).  Call it...  Sars.  This links it to fear that has already been subconsciously established.


Then, give it a second name, which is new, to represent the "newness" of the threat.  Make it something short and simple - something the average person can get used to saying, again and again, all the time.  A name, in the sense of a personality, that the person can "get to know."


Just like Lucifer became Satan,

Just like Melkor became Morgoth,

Just like Ganondorf became GANON...


... the "Sars-CoV-2 novel coronavirus" became COVID.


7.  Give your "virus" not one, but multiple plausible origins.  You want to make sure that everyone - every personality type - has an origin theory that matches their personality. For the average person, you can say it came from a wet market. Those places are gruesome. It's easy to imagine something gruesome coming out of one of those.


And for the slightly more "outside-the-box" types of people, the people who are somewhat open to "conspiracy theories", give them a decoy theory that satisfies their conspiratorial leanings, and say it may have come from a weapons lab on the outskirts of the city.  Pretend that this information was "leaked", by "brave whistleblowers."  Make it seem like forbidden knowledge. Maybe even deride it (a little bit - not too much), for being a little "fringe."


This way, you create an Overton Window situation where just about everybody (average and fringe) has a story they can believe in, as long as all of the stories involve the virus being real.


A.  Grizzly Symptoms


Crazy, out-of-this-world symptoms.  Make it do everything.  Every organ system.  Not just one organ (lungs), but everything.  Blood, brain, digestive.  Every kind of symptom imaginable.  And *new* symptoms as well.  Symptoms never before seen from any other virus.  Make it sound like Saddam's weapons of mass destruction.


Remember, the tightly controlled media of the host country allows you to *make these things up.*  No one is going to question it.


B.  Easily Transmissible


It has to be transmissible between asymptomatic (i.e. healthy) people. This is crucial, because it's the only way to justify imposing your despotism on healthy people - i.e. 99% of the population at any given time. In order to muzzle healthy people, lock down healthy people, quarantine healthy people, and demand governmental access-on-demand to the inside of healthy people's bodies, the Narrative must include the belief that healthy people can be carriers.  Otherwise your fake pandemic is useless.  Utterly.


C.  The severity. 

Establish a Fake but Scary Fatality Rate


Theory and then Practice


For theory, use a handful of corrupt institutions to make scary predictive models.  It doesn’t matter whether they’re credible or not.  Just having the models is all you need.

Academic Phase



1.  Develop the “test.” 


You don’t need to isolate and purify any actual samples of the “virus.”  All you need to do is have an organ-harvesting dictator post the gene sequence to the internet, and say it’s “real.”  Then, have a few corrupt academics in a western country download that sequence, and make a PCR test out of it.

This is the backbone of your "pandemic."  This is the thing you'll use, time and again, millions and millions of times, to reaffirm that there is a real virus here causing all this damage.


You don't need to isolate any actual virus particle to do this.  All you need to do is:


1.  Write an RNA gene sequence, digitally.  Write it before you start your fake pandemic, so you'll have it on hand for when you're ready.


Pick a cold virus

thousands of them

random serial number

a coronavirus that appears in march april

The PCR test is vitally important, because it's not meant for diagnosing infections in patients, and this is exactly what makes it useful.  It can be manipulated to show any proportion of positives or negatives that the test-administering bureaucracy wants, simply by adjusting the cycle threshold number.


Our viromes contain trillions of viruses from hundreds of different species, and all of us are carrying al of that around right now, and at all times, and we're not getting sick becaause our immune system keeps the numbers in check.  Since there are so many viruses, of so many different kinds, in every person, this virus will be found present in many, many people.  Sizable percetages of the population will have it at any given time.

2.  Have the authoritarian, journalistically opaque Initiation Country "announce" that they've "sequenced" the RNA of the new "virus", and upload the gene sequence (the one you already wrote a long time ago) to the internet.




Establish the fake rate in practice:


1.  Calculate the fatality rate with the simple equation of deaths divided by cases.

2.  Give the tests to the people who are already sick in hospitals, to skew testing towards those more likely to succumb to the disease.

3.  Avoid testing healthy people (in the beginning), to suppress the denominator.  Blame the lack of testing on “government incompetence.”  Have the governors pretend to be embarrassed.  This has a secondary benefit, in that it trains the public to think tests are scarce, and scarcity generates the perception of value. Do this in the first month or two, and from that point onwards, the public will be begging for testing.  You won't have to convince them to let you stick that thing up their nose - they'll be demanding it!

4.  Slowly roll out the tests gradually.


In the very beginning, you should set your cycle threshold number high, so that a high proportion of the tests will come back positive.  This gives you control over the number of cases through your number of tests.  The more cases you want, simply deploy a greater number of tests. 


If you roll out the testing gradually, you can manufacture the perception of a disease that is "spreading."  It's not spreading because it's *actually* spreading.  It's spreading because you're testing more people.  And so every night, the news gets to report "increasing numbers of cases."  Because you're doing more tests.  But the news doesn't tell you that.  They only give you the raw number, without explaining the simple logic that it's increasing because the tests are increasing.

Put patients into nursing homes


3.  Maintaining the Scam




But you can't rely on the media forever. The media can get the thing going, but it's not enough to maintain it in the longhaul. For that, you'll need something more tangible. Like real, actual sickness.


If you can find a way to cause an overall increase in actual illnesses among the population - even just a small increase - then that excess amount of illness can then be blamed on the "pandemic." As people do see an increase in sickness around them, they find it hard to entertain the idea that the "pandemic" is, in the perma-skeptic's peroetually blunt wording, "just in people's heads."


1. Infectiousness (the speed and ease by which it spreads)

2. Severity (the number of people dying from it)

3. Weird and strange new symptoms that are unexplainable and/or no one's seen before.

Tell clinicians to do weird things.

Put people on ventilators

Record all fatalities as the "virus"

Test healthy people, to keep the case numbers going.  At this point, it's ok if you no longer suppress the denominator, because you already have your previous (denominator-suppressed) fatality rate, and it won't matter if that rate goes down - because you already have it reported, and no one's going to check.  And anyone who does check can be dismissed as a conspiracy theorist.  

The Politico-Hypochondriacal Feedback Loop.


footage of crowded hospitals, even if taken from other country

if people film hospitals, censor them before they reach, by deleting videos






4.  Government phase


First, you want the Initiation Country to demonstrate a lockdown, for the world to see.  There's no way a free, democratic country would impose medical martial law on its citizens until it at least gets a chance to see that done by someone else.  Human beings only tend to do things once we've seen others doing them, and it's no different here.  Your Intitiation Country will set the example for the rest of the world. 


Have them do their initial lockdown hard.  Draconian.  Utterly despotic.  Lock people in their homes.  Weld their doors shut so they can't escape.  Forcefully evacuate the entire city, and put people in internment camps.  Make them leave their pets at home, so dogs and cats starve to death in their cages.  This sends a message to the world:  "This (fake) pandemic is serious.  So serious, look at what we had to do.  Look at the kinds of extreme measures - the crimes we had to commit.  It was all worth it, to contain the spread of this virus.  That's how serious it is!"


Even if you don't manage to convince the free world to lock themselves down quite that hard, you're still setting the Overton Window far, far towards the draconian side, so that policies less draconian (but still very draconian in their own right) seem mild and moderate by comparison.


Then, pick one country in the free world, to lock down, to set an example for the rest.  Watching a totalitarian communist regime in the Far East do a lockdown is one thing; but watching a democracy in the West do it lends an extra degree of familiarity and comfort to the idea.  If they see one of their own doing this, they're much more likely to find it reasonable and relatable.


Finally, initiate lockdowns throughout the West, and throughout the entire world.





Prohibition on gatherings

Stay at home orders

Mask orders

Close hospitals

Nursing homes

   Including isolation


Feedback Loop




no interaction with viral ecosystem, immune system atrophy, making more vulnerable to infections of any kind...


make masks a part of identity





Get people both compiant, and tired of it, so that they're ready to accept whatever "solution" you offer them to "get out" of the mess.


Roll out the vaccine


Tie it to a certificate, and require that for everything you once required the mask for.  Since they've been conditioned to comply, via the mask rules, they're already primed to comply with the vaccine certification rule.



When people get tired of carrying around their papers, roll out a digital ID.  Don't say it's just for that, but use that as one of the added perks


Since anyone could take someone else's ID, and therefore infect others, the ID will need to be attached to body. implanted.


Tie the ID to all money transactions, all access to all services





Gene editing vaccine

use it to engineer the spirit of resistance out of the population

use vaccine to make people sick to keep fear going

1.  Select a strain of existing nuisance virus - like the flu or a common cold. 


2.  Create a test for it.

Make sure it's a PCR (Polymerase Chain-Reaction) test, so that it detects the presence of the viral species, while saying nothing of the viral load.




The tests used for Covid have been PCR tests, which don't test for viral load - only the presence of viral DNA.  So if a person has ANY of it - even a sub-clinical amount - they test positive.

This is important because the PCR testing regime ignores a fundamental aspect of virology:  It's not the mere *presence* of a virus, which makes you sick - it's the *amount* of virus.  The viral load.  

All of us are walking around with over 300 trillion viruses (actually called virions) in our bodies - all the time.  There's an entire ecosystem of them in each body, called the virome.  It consists of thousands of different "species", many of which are in the coronavirus family.


None of these trillions of viruses make us sick unless a virus multiplies to a big enough quantity.  And that only happens if there's an underlying problem with our immune system - if it's hampered by malnourishment, or insomnia, or by acute or chronic stress, or by pollution (including electromagnetic pollution), or some other disturbance.

When the body and mind are knocked off balance by non-viral disturbances, viruses can multiply, making us sick.  And it's important to note that they can be viruses that we already have.  They could be viruses that we've been carrying for weeks, months, or years.  Any of the thousands of viral species in us could suddenly start multiplying and sickening us, even after years of dormancy - but only if our immune systems are compromised by an imbalance in the mindbody.

As long as you're healthy in general, your immune system is capable of keeping your virome limited in its "population" (viral load).

You can have the flu - or a cold - or "a coronavirus" - and carry it around, basically forever - and not get sick, as long as your immune system is functional.


In other words, you are an "asymptomatic carrier" of thousands of different viruses at any given time, and right now, there are thousands of different theoretical PCR tests that would, if invented, detect any of those thousands of viruses in your system as "a positive case."

What they're doing with Covid is testing people with a PCR test to see if they have *any amount at all* in their system.  Even the inventor of the PCR test, Kary Mullis (who won the 1993 Nobel Prize for inventing it) said that it should never be used as a diagnostic tool, and its proper purpose is only for research - specifically gene sequencing.


Yet this test forms the backbone of the "Covid" testing regime for diagnosing patients. 

And your oligarch "news" is mentioning NOTHING of this to you.

In the body of a person with a fully functioning immune system, viruses are basically little more than markers.  A significant portion of the population is already carrying this particular virus strain, at any given time (because it's a strain of the common cold), while being completely healthy.  This means that nothing necessarily has to "spread" - and you can create the appearance of spreading, simply by doing the next step:


3.  Increase the number of tests gradually.


Start with a very small number of tests, and work your way up slowly, enabling the media to report a "Number of Cases" that steadily rises with each day, creating the perception of "spreading."

Imagine if we did this with tests for blood-type.

Let's say we're testing for Type-B blood.

Today, we administer 10 tests, and get 1 positive.  (1 person with Type-B blood).

Next week, we administer 100 tests, and get 10 positives (10 people with Type-B blood).

The following week, 1000 tests, and 100 positives.

The week after that, 10,000 tests, and 1,000 positives.

Then 100,000 tests, and 10,000 positives.

Newspaper articles could then be written with titles like: "Type-B Blood Increasing by 1000% (10x) Each Week!"



"Type-B Blood Spreading Like Wildfire!"

And more articles asking desperately:


"What's causing this epidemic of Type-B blood?"

Yes, this is comically un-scientific, and yet it's exactly what they've done with "Covid-19" testing. 


And your oligarch "news" is mentioning NOTHING of this to you.

4.  Start filming intubation wards.


Send cameras from CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and so on, into hospitals to film patients suffering.

Be on the lookout for any hospital that has overcrowding, so that you can pay extra-special attention to that one.

Every year, respiratory diseases occur.

Every year, people go to hospitals for them.

Every year, there are people suffering with tubes down their throats.

Every year, there are some hospitals that get overcrowded.

But in other years, no one filmed it.

In 2018, Los Angeles hospitals got so crowded from flu season that they were treating patients in tents in the parking lot.

The only difference is, they didn't film it.  (Because they weren't trying to manufacture a fake pandemic then).

And your oligarch "news" is mentioning NOTHING of this to you.

The mass-media is expert at a tactic called outlier hyperfocus, wherein by training cameras on a rare phenomenon, and weaving sensationalist stories about it, they can create a feeling-perception that a rarity is in fact a norm, and is "everywhere" and is "coming for you."


5.  Hire quacks to make doom-and-gloom "predictive" models.


Then select the gloomiest one as the "official" one, and exclusively cite that one, and no others.

Remember those models, back in February, that said "millions of people would die" from Covid in the USA alone?

Those were the models cited by public officials to rationalize lockdowns.

But it turns out that "those" were in fact just one.  It's called the Imperial Model, because it was developed at the Imperial College of London - an institution notorious for creating awful computer models in the past.

It was riddled with faulty methodology. 

It clearly didn't come anywhere close to true.

Its lead developer, Neil Ferguson, got caught inviting his mistress over to his house for sex, in the very peak of the lockdown/stay-at-home social distancing hysteria - and even after he himself had tested "positive"!

Even he didn't believe his own crap.

But of course this didn't stop our public officials from trumpeting his awful, un-scientific model, all day, every day, on every channel, as the primary justification for lockdowns, did it?


B.  Building the Pandemic Narrative

Now you have all your resources ready.  You've got your PCR tests, testing stats, intubation footage, and frightening statistical models.  Now you're ready to launch!


It's time to weave a narrative of a "monster plague" slowly coming to get everyone.

6.  Announce that there is a new virus.

Make sure the major networks and newspapers and news-sites put it at the top of every day's edition, so the population knows it's "serious."

7.  Start putting the footage of intubations you've collected, on TV. 


Show the people suffering in respiratory wards (regardless of what virus they actually have).

8.  Start reading "statistics" from your rigged testing system that you've been collecting over the past few weeks.


They should show a gradual increase in cases (because, remember, you gradually increased the testing!)

9.  Find severely symptomatic patients - of any virus - and film them especially closely.


Make in-depth, documentary-like segments about them.  Broadcast them everywhere.


If someone dies, interview their weeping family, and feature it on the nightly news.  Every night.

10.  Draw frightening graphics of viruses, and put them up everywhere.


Make them scary by showing up close detail of viruses, with scary knobs and barbs radiating off them.  Make the titles in big, bold, scary letters.



11.  Invent catch-phrases.

Social Distancing

Stay Safe, Stay Home

Flatten The Curve


Alone Together

"The New Normal"

Repeat them at the same time, on every news network, in every online news site.


You want to create a whole new culture around it.  Having everyone repeat the same slogans is important for the groupthink needed in later steps.

Every demagogue knows it. 

11.  Create pandemic designer-product lines.

Designer masks, designer gloves, designer hand-sanitizer dispensers...

covid essentials.jpg

When people buy these items, it serves to link their self-image to the pandemic and their belief in it, making it ten times harder for them to let go of the narrative, no matter how much evidence they're present with to the contrary - because that's how powerful self-image is.

11.  Have the CIA and DoD use their troll farms to saturate social media.


Have them re-share scary articles by the thousands.


Have them fabricate anecdotes of "friends and family members" who got sick, and some who "died".

You know that thing they've been accusing "Russia" of doing?

Well they've been doing it themselves, at least as far back as 2011.

12.  Modify Youtube's algorithm to send scary pandemic videos to the top of everyone's feed.


Not only that!  Insert a special new bar that's solely dedicated to the pandemic, at the top of everyone's feed, and make people scroll past it in order to get to their actual video feed.

youtube covid news bar.jpeg

13.  Put a similar bar on every major app.


Even apps that have nothing to do with public health.  Like Google Maps.


Saturate people's minds.  The key is complete saturation - to make everyone think about the "pandemic" in every setting, at all times, whether they want to or not.



As of July, many apps (including Google Maps) have removed their "Covid Alert" bars.

But don't pretend you didn't notice them when they were there, during the key initial phases of the "pandemic"!

​14.  Count every person who passes away in a hospital after "testing positive" as a "victim" of the virus, regardless of what they actually died from. 


The PCR tests come in handy again, because every patient has a virome, and many of those viromes will contain "The" virus (because they contain 300 trillion virions of thousands of different species, and there's a decent chance that "That One" will be one of them, because it's a common cold, and lots of people have lots of strains of the common cold all the time, even though they're not multiplying to a quantity sufficient to cause disease).


Thus, if and when "That One" shows up on the test, that person is classified as a "positive case." 


And then, if that person dies (from ANY cause), they died with "Covid."


Since they died with Covid, you can claim that it was the cause of death - because it "was present."  


Regardless of whether it had anything to do with the person's actual decline.

No distinction is being made between having it, and having *enough* of it to be symptomatic.  No distinction is being made between dying WITH Covid vs. dying FROM Covid.


Don't trust Dr. Birx, because she sounds ditzy and something something Trump something something?

Well then here's the director of the Illinois State Health Department saying the same thing (and Illinois is a BLUE state)!


If they die of a heart-attack, with Covid, then they are classified has having died from Covid, and included in the statistics.

If they die of cancer, after having already been condemned to die and sent off to hospice with 2 weeks to live, and they happen to die with Covid, then they are classified has having died from Covid, and included in the Covid fatality number.

Even if they got shot with a gun, if they test positive before dying of blood loss (and hospitals are instructed to test all patients who enter), then they're included in the fatality number.

15.  Allow doctors to diagnose without a test, based on symptoms alone, and put "Covid" on the death certificate if they die, and include them in the statistics, without a test.


In fact, pay them extra money to do this.



15.  When you test, at least in the beginning, restrict them to only those people with symptoms. Particularly those with symptoms bad enough to show up at a hospital, by testing extensively at hospitals but rarely outside of hospitals.This further skews the sample, toward those most likely to die (which can and does already happen, normally, from seasonal flu and common colds, among immuno-suppressed persons).It's kind of like doing a poll on gun control attitudes in the parking lot of a gun show, or a poll on cannabis legalization in the parking lot of the World Cannabis Cup.

16.  Censor info about real health.


17.  Censor information that exposes the lies of the key architects.  Make them infallible and revered and untouchable.  Make sure no one finds any reason to seriously second-guess their motives.


18.  Downplay the denominator to inflate the quotient.

19.  Require stringent protocols for disposal of deceased patients, to slow down the process and make them appear to "pile up."

20.  Decrease the grace period for relatives of deceased hospital patients to claim their relation's body, from 30-60 days, down to 6 days, in order to increase the number of bodies buried at municipal anonymous burial sites.  Then, collect statistics on the influx of new bodies, publish those statistics in newspapers to alarm people, with the slogan "mass graves!", and then bring the grace period back up to a higher amount again, once the narrative has taken hold.  And don't tell the public what you did.


C.  Use Public Policy to Erode Immunity, Creating a Feedback Loop Between Policy and Sickness

Once you've got a narrative built, and the population is willing to let you make vast changes to their lifestyles in the name of protecting them, use this newfound trust to enact public policies that make people more unhealthy.  Your goal is to create a feedback loops between your policies and disease. 

19.  Shut down establishments involved in cultivating health - like gyms and athletic tracks, to make sure that public health decreases, immune systems degrade, and and people become more vulnerable to disease.

Close hiking trails, even though trees don't transmit viruses.

Outlaw surfing, even though oceans don't transmit viruses.

19.  Force people to wear masks.

Masks lower oxygen intake by as much as 20%, the equivalent of adding 7000 feet of altitude.

They force you to inhale your own carbon dioxide, acidifying your blood, with detrimental effects on every organ and system in the body - including the immune system. 

They also force you to re-inhale your own virus particles, increasing your viral load.

20.  Lock them inside their homes, so they don't get exercise (essential to health, including immune health), or sunlight (the main source of Vitamin D, which is essential to health, including immune health).

21.  Tell them to "social distance", so they become lonely - which wears down the immune system. 

22.  Prevent them from going to work, so they become bored and depressed -= which wears down the immune system.


23.  Arrest people for exercising, just to really drive the point home.

24.  Use ventilators to kill patients.  In fact, pay hospitals extra money to do this, to make sure it happens.


25.  Outlaw, prohibit, or at the very least discourage effective treatments, and shame the doctors who use them.

26.  Use the news to make fear, 24/7.

27.  Lock people down so they have nothing to do but watch the fear porn.  Prevent them from going outside, exercising, getting sunlight.  Weaken their immune systems.  Weaken it even more through extended acute anxiety.

28.  This creates a feedback loop.  The more afraid they get, the more vulnerable they become (to any disease), and the more symptomatic various illnesses will become, which in turn means more statistics - which in turn scares people more.

29.  This creates a collective psychosis, through the power of mass-consciousness and conversion disorder.


30.  When this all manifests as the classic symptom of acute anxiety which is known as "shortness of breath", attribute it to the "virus." Tell them it causes suffocation, and watch the rumor take on a life of its own, as mass-psychological conversion kicks in, and the fear itself causes shortness of breath, which then increases the fear of the virus.  It's basically the engineering of one big collective panic-attack.


It's deliberate statistical skewing, and your oligarch "news" is mentioning NOTHING of this to you.



D.  From a combination of all of these factors, the "pandemic" will take on a life of its own.  It wasn't real - but it can become real, if you follow all of these steps, because it can create feedback loops.



Use It.



More specific.


1.  Control of movement.

To tell people when they may leave their homes, and when they may not.

To tell people whom they may gather and interact with, and whom they may not.

To quell protests at will.

To establish internal border checkpoints, within countries, at any scale desired, whether interstate, inter-county, inter-munipicality, or even inter-neighborhood, and control the movement of people between them.

    How to do all this:  Call it "lockdown", in the name of stopping the spread of the virus.

To arrest individual people (dissenters) at will, with no charges, and no judicial oversight.

    How:  Call it "mandatory quarantine."


2.  Control of the economy

The ability to choose which businesses survive and which collapse.

Consolidation of economic power from small businesses to large big-box retailers.

      How: Have leaders prohibit small businesses, but leave big ones open

                And/or:  Close all in=-person business, and allow only online shopping (Amazon).


3.  Control of speech

The ability to censor anyone, any time, and control the flow of information in human society.

   How: Use excuse of "stopping the spread of dangerous misinformation during a pandemic."

To prevent people from being able to communicate in person.

   How:  Tell them to stay away from each other.  6 feet minimum.

               Close down all venues that enable group communication (such as bars, churches).


4.  Next-Level Surveillance

Digitally track every person on the planet, at all times, fed through a central database.

      How: Say we need to "track and trace" to know who had the virus.


5.  Turn populations authoritarian.

     How:  Encourage snitching on people who break "rules."  Set up hotlines to call to report.



6.  Ownership/Control over the human body.

The ability to enter anyone's body, at any time, with no possibility of refusal

The ability to make changes to anyone's body, at any time, with no possibility of refusal.

   How: Start with something on the body, before going in the body.  Start with forced masking.

       Next:  Move on to in the body, through forced testing.

       Next:  Move on to in the body, plus editing the body, through forced needle injections.


7.  The ability to edit the human genome, in real people, in real time, to re-engineer the human race at the molecular level.

To make people more docile, less capable of critical thinking, and more prone to authoritarian attitudes

To make our cellular biology more compatible with digital augmentations, in preparation for the merger of biology and A.I.

   How:  mRNA gene-editing technology and nano-technology.

   How to get that stuff inside people:  Well, you'll need access to people's bloodstreams.  What's the one way that we already have?  Vaccines!  People regularly roll up their sleeves for vaccines.  That's your point of entry.  You'll use the excuse of "vaccination" to gain access to the bloodtreams of all humanity, to insert your mRNA gene-editing technology. 


8.  Set up a new, unaccountable global police force, unconstrained by elected governments.

   How:  Start with a "contact tracing" army that does not have any formal police powers.

              Give it more power, gradually.  Start with the authority to "test" people by force.

              Eventually give it uniforms.

              Then give it full arresting powers, and bring it on par with "regular" police.

              Defund and abolish the "regular" police, so the Medical Police have no competition.

              Unify the Medical Police forces from each country into one Global Medical Police Force.

              Call it perhaps the "Global Department of Biological Security."  BioSec.



9.  Crush the human spirit, overall, through continuous trauma and mass-abuse.  Trigger the "Stockholm Syndrome" effect.  Make them feel attached to their abuse, and make them want more of it, and make them attack and ostracise whoever doesn't want to be abused.

   How:  All the steps outlined above, when combined, will create this effect.  Make sure it's ubiquitous, make sure it's constant, and make sure it's repeated, over and over again, everywhere, for months and months, with no respite. 



What scenario would lead people to want these horrible, horrible things?


Answer:  A pandemic.


In a pandemic, you can unveil every single one of these "policies", and you'll have an excuse to do it, and a significant portion of the population will buy that excuse.


In short, "There is a virus", and we need to do all of the above things, to "protect" you.  It's "for your safety."

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