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Narrative Part 8:

Humanity Approaches Rock Bottom


"So, what's been going on from 2017 onward?  Where are we in this process?"

Several key things are happening now:

Lefties are slowly realizing they're no longer in power, and their strategies aren't working.  As a result, they're searching for answers, looking in the mirror, and reflecting on what they're doing.  They're starting to become less confrontational, more open-minded, and more willing to dialogue. 


2.  Righties, reveling in their series of consecutive successes, are beginning to get drunk on power, the same way the did, and becoming more haughty and less willing to dialogue.

3.  The Trump administration is exposing previously hidden corruption by doing it brazenly, out in the open, without attempting to hide it or sugar-coat it.  As a result, many "unwoke" Lefties who believed their government was fundamentally benevolent and trustworthy because they personally liked Barack Obama, are starting to realize that, in the words of the immortal George Carlin, "It's a big club, and YOU ain't in it." 

4.  The ecological degradation that has accumulated since the industrial revolution has finally reached the tipping point, and the biosphere is breaking down in dramatic and highly visible ways, all across the world.  From the Red Tide in the Gulf of Mexico to the unprecedented European drought, it's becoming impossible to ignore, even for the most "head-in-the-sand" types of people.  Righties are observing ecological catastrophes, and realizing ecology isn't a hoax, and that the seriousness of the situation means we don't have more time - we have to put aside our differences and come together to heal this Planet, NOW. 

5.  The social, economic, and political models of the fading, Power-Centered Civilization are becoming increasingly dysfunctional, and more people are searching for answers, for new models and paradigms.  But they aren't finding them (yet), because they're still looking within the established models.  They're still not putting all of the pieces together.  That's what the Earth Party is for!


People are growing restless and protesting, but they're only against the things that don't work, but they're not for the things that do work - because they don't know what works.  They correctly realize that the current structure will no longer work - but they haven't yet envisioned anything to replace it with. 


Many pundits and authors are starting to realize this fact- but they still don't have the vision.  At least they realize that they don't have it... that realization is a step in the correct direction.  But still, they don't have it.


What does the cover of the puzzle-box look like? 


What kind of world do we want to build?


What does it look like?

The Earth Party is emerging as the cover to the puzzle box.

"So what should we do?"

The very first thing we have to do, as humans, is to make peace with one another.  Only by working together can we overthrow the system that oppresses us, and start healing our world.

There are two major divides that we must bridge:

1.  The Left-Right tribal war

2.  The war between the sexes

Those are the two major fault lines keeping most of us fighting each other.  All other conflicts can be ultimately traced to one (or both) of these. 

So the Earth Party has begun a social movement to make peace by restarting communication between these factions: 



We've created a forum for people to come together to work out their differences.  If you would like to participate in the peacemaking process (or just have a look to see how others are doing so), visit the forum.


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