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The Earth Party
Blueprint for a Mature Civilization
Sign the Imperial Deflation Treaty

Main Outline:

-The foundations for world peace are laid by peacemaking in the tribal, interpersonal, and sociological realms.

-The actual process of world peace begins with the Imperial Deflation Treaty.

-The treaty gives big countries the ability to let go of restive, separatist territories

-Big countries don't really want to hold on to lands that want to be independent.  Separatist movements give the big countries headaches. 
-They wish they could let these lands go, but they're afraid of losing face and looking weak in front of other major powers.
-They use these lands for economic purposes (natural resources) and military purposes (bases and geopolitical positioning).  If they were to let an area go, they would be at a strategic disadvantage in relation to their peers - the other big powers.

-Every big power wants to let land go, but not if other big powers get to keep theirs.

-The solution is a treaty to allow all the big countries to simultaneously let their separatist areas go.  That way, the pressure gets released, while the overall balance of power remains the same.

To save face
To preserve the balance of power between themselves

Imperial Deflation Treaty Example Chart.

-The process can be done gradually, in multiple rounds

-After the big imperial countries have shrunken down to a more manageable size, the next phase in World Peace is arms reduction.  Nations will dismantle weapons under the oversight of the Planetary Protectorate.
-Lasting peace will be achieved through the empowerment of the Planetary Protectorate.  Nations will gradually transfer their military hardware and units to the Protectorate.  As the Protectorate attains more military power, it will be increasingly capable of keeping the Peace across the planet.

-The ratio will be approximately 2 to 1.  That means that for every 2 units of military power that are dismantled, 1 unit will be kept intact but transferred to the command of the Protectorate. 


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