Radical religious ideologies appeal to people for a reason:  Our governing system is broken, and people are looking outside of it for answers.

Islam, for example, appeals to the disenfranchised masses in poor countries because it seems to resist the imperialism of rich countries.  For some reason, it's not "compatible" with the imperial system, and so it takes on an air or rebelliousness and resistance.

The problem, of course, is that the system Islam would replace it with is no better. 

But those of us in imperial countries (like the USA) have to recognize that the growth of radical Islamism is a direct result of our own broken system, and if we fix our system, then radicalism will lose its appeal.



Why do people convert to Islam? 

This is what happens.  The imam tells them these 3 things:

1.  The world is really screwed up.  People are messed up, our social systems are broken, and it's causing great chaos and problems.  You would all agree with this.

2.  The second thing the imam tells them is that the governments of the various nations are utterly failing to fix any of these problems, and in some cases, are actually the source of the problems.   Again, you all agree.  There is no disagreement yet.  

3.  The third thing the imam will tell them is that there needs to be some sort of more comprehensive system that's greater than individual nations - a universal standard to which all humanity must repair, which supersedes the authority of any nation or group of nations.  

And this is where people diverge.  Some people - let's call them Type 1, will say, "No no no, we don't need any universal planetary system... nations can fix it by themselves.  We can fix everything at the national level, and all these different nations can fix it themselves - we just need more Republicans.  Or more Democrats.  Or perhaps more Libertarians, or more Greens.  Or we just need to move to the Left.  Or to the Right.  We can fix it.  We got this!"

The second type - Type 2 - says, "You know what, I kinda resonate with this message.  We do need some sort of higher law than the whims of people.  We need a universal standard, something that doesn't change based on the whims of individual humans or groups.  We need to see a bigger picture here than just individual nations."

Some people resonate with that message.  But, when they're talking to the imam who's trying to convert them, Islam is presented as that system, and Sharia is presented as the universal law.  And since there's no other competing system, other than Islam (because they haven't heard of the
Planetary Protectorate or the Law of the Earth yet), they're susceptible to Islam, because Islam seems to be the only game in town for achieving this purpose.

If you want to take away the "bite" of Islam - if you want to neutralize its main rationale for existing - then you need the Planetary Protectorate.  And if you want to take away Sharia's main rationale, you need the Law of the Earth.  

This is the next step in human evolution .  Everyone senses it.  Some consciously, some subconsciously - but everyone senses it.  Anyone with any awareness knows that we need to unite around our allegiance to the entire planet, and have a universal standard of law and morality that supersedes the day-to-day whims of men and nations.

And if you reject the true version of it, you're stuck with nothing but a corrupted version of it:  Islam and Sharia.  

It has to be one or the other.  You have to choose.  If the Law of the Earth isn't accepted, Islam will continue to spread.  There is no way around it.  

There's the old saying, "You cannot kill an idea whose time has come."  Islam continues to grow and  no one can stop it, because Islam is presenting an idea whose time has come - and thus it cannot be killed. 


But here is Islam's weakness:  It's version of the idea is a corrupted version.  It's based on a lot of oppression and violence.  It doesn't respect universal rights or truth.  The only way to defeat the corrupt version of an inevitable idea is to embrace the healthy version of that idea. 

The Law of the Earth

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