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Journalism and the Media

Journalism and "the news" are not the same thing.

When you watch, read, or listen to someone bringing you "the news", you are not necessarily watching, reading, or listening to journalism.  In fact, you're probably not.  You're most likely listening to propaganda, which is not journalism.

Journalism inherently involves an element of investigation.  If there's no investigating, it's not journalism.

Repeating whatever your boss (who pays your salary) tells you to say is not journalism.

And that's all they do at places like CNN:  Your boss tells you what to say, and then you say it.  That is not journalism.

Journalists deserve honor and extra respect.  Propagandists do not.  Propagandists are the enemies of journalism.  Propagandists tell lies - journalists work to uncover the lies the propagandists tell.  They are absolute polar opposites.  And if you defend propagandists, you're working against journalists.

If you defend CNN, MSNBC, the Times, the Post, CBS, ABC, and yes, even Fox*, then you're working against journalism.

*Fox is controlled opposition.  They're there to make it look like there are two factions fighting, when, really, like Pro-Wrestling, the entire fight is scripted, and each side is told what to say by the same bosses within the Deep State, which puppeteers Fox just like the rest of the lamestream.

Here's a list of true journalists:

Abby Martin
Amy Goodman
Chelsea Manning
Chris Hedges
Edward Snowden
Eva Bartlett
Glenn Greenwald
Juan Cole
Julian Assange
Matt Taibbi

This list is by no means exhaustive, and we're looking to add more to it.  If you have a name to add, send an email to

News Aggregation Sites:

Those in bold were banned by Facebook.

What those organizations and people have in common is that
when they get something wrong, they come clean about it and apologize.

If someone or some organization is claiming to be a journalistic endeavor, and there are important things they've gotten wrong, but haven't publicly apologized for, then they are no longer a trustworthy source of journalism.

What all lamestream outlets (CNN, NBC, Times, Post, etc.) have in common is that they all got the
Iraq War wrong, and no one lost their job for it.  The employees and executives at these institutions lead their nation into a mass human sacrifice, and they suffered no consequence for doing so.  This means that these institutions do not care about truth or about justice, and they are fundamentally corrupt.  They are not journalistic outlets - they are propaganda outlets.

And they are the enemies of journalism.  They are what we need journalists FOR. 

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