1.  Learning the Lessons

2.  Discerning the Truth



In Part 1, we'll take a step back, look at the bigger picture, and offer some ideas on how this situation fits into the overall story of humanity.

In Part 2, we're going to walk you through the "official narrative" about this pandemic, and point out the "plot holes" - because, yes, our "mainstream media" is not being entirely straight with us about what's going on.  They are once again doing what they do best:  Fearmongering, and using the collective panic they stoke to herd us into responses that benefit those in power - not us.


In Part 3, we'll share the response we hope the defacto governments of the world embrace (and which we would use, if we were the ones currently in power).




Overall, we do NOT want anyone to be freaking out.  Our message is one of hope and optimism, and we have some very solid reasons for that, as we're about to explain below.  While some of this may seem scary, at least initially, if you read to the end, you'll understand why there's cause to expect massive celebration in humanity's very near future.Without further ado, here we go.

What is COVID-19?

It seems to be all things to all people.

It's bringing out both the best and the worst in us.  It's showcasing the full spectrum of our potentials, good and evil.

It's bringing all the threads in our timeline, both light and dark, to their logical conclusions, and showing us the true nature of the structures we've built and the systems we live in.


It's laying bare the fruits of all the choices we've made, cumulatively, throughout our history, that have all come to determine the type of society that we live in.  It's exposing all of this.

That makes this situation an enormously teachable moment.  This civilization is in a classroom now.  The COVID Classroom.  Class is in session.  And the sooner we learn the lessons, the sooner we can graduate.  And come outside again.

There are reasons to be optimistic.  Very optimistic.  I know that optimism isn't what everyone's looking for right now.  Some are still looking for confirmation of their worst fears.  Fear is a drug.  And it's in great supply now.


And it's hard to be optimistic when the news is telling you to be so afraid.  But we really might be on the verge of a major evolutionary leap in human society and consciousness.

Or... it could be the beginning of the total collapse of society and the end of the world!  Eeeeeek!

Or the opening act of a global totalitarian techno-dictatorship!  Yikes!


That's possible too.

And our choices - all of us - all the choices we make in these days ahead - will help determine which of those paths we walk.

As for The Earth Party, we pray that this crisis is what finally opens the eyes of the human race.  The catalyst of our true maturation, as a species and as a civilization. 

And the way to choose this path is to meditate on the lessons that are being taught right now, so that we can learn them and graduate.


Teaching us so many lessons.  The sooner we truly learn these and acknowledge them, and start putting them into practice, the sooner we'll get through this.  Because it's a change agent.


Change Agents


Manifested by mass-conciousness.  The purpose of any change agent is to faciliate change.  And once the audience makes the changes that the agent is there to faciliate, the sooner we get though whatever the crisis is.

When you learn the lessons, you pass the class.  

The sooner we learn the lessons COVID is here to teach us, the sooner well be trhoug it.  It's htat ismple.

This phenomenon exists on both individual and societal scales.  We see it in our individual lives, when we have a hcallagne which at fist we thought was random and we don't know why it's happening ot us, but as itme oges on we star to underand that it's showing us osmething, it's epxosing osmething that weither didn't know , or knew but didn't want to acknowelkdege.

Then we stat seeing rhyme and reason to it, and we start learning htings from it, and then we star tmaking changes our lifestyles, behaviors, belief sytsem,s whatever it may be.  And when we make those changes, the crisis shrinks.  

That's how it works on an indiv level.  

It's the same on a societal level.

What is this crisis here to teach our society?  what chnage is it here to facilitate?

What are the lessons?


Overarching lesson that ties all together is an improvement in consciousness.  evolving society to higher and more integrated and more intelligent, more wise level of consciousness.


Let's list them.

Lesson #1:  Ecological consciousness.


This is the understanding that cause-and-effect relationships extend beyond 1 degree of separation.


In simpler terms...





The poor, the fate of the poor is everyone's fate (and it always was - we just didn't see it becaue there was too much of a lag.  We didn't see how poverty, and the apathy of the others classes towards their suffering, corrupts the entire society.


If we had had a universal healthcare system before this crisis hit, we would have been ten times better prepared for it.  I don't have to tell you the stories of people trying to get tested or treated, and being turned away because they don't have money.Nor the stories of people feeling sick, and wanting to stay home, but being forced to go into work anyway, because they can't afford to take any time off, and then spreading the virus at their workplace.Failing to take care of our brethren has consequences.  Humans in general (and Americans in particular) have a tough time understanding the concept that cause-and-effect relationships can extend beyond 1 degree of separation.  But it's true.  How we treat others comes back and affects us.  If we don't give a crap about the poor person who can't afford healthcare or vacations, that karma is now coming full circle.Our apathy used to just make us dicks.  Now it makes us sicks.The writing is on the wall:  It's time to care about those with less resources than us.  It's time to care about the poor.  It's time to decide that no one should even BE poor.  We can't escape the reckoning anymore:  It's time for a robust, reliable social safety net.  

Teaching us about the physiuca nature of our economy ,and remeing us that the physical things are the center of the ecnomy, not abstract things.  Grocery store clerks are the essential workers - not venture capitalits and hedge fund managers.  The world doesn't need stock brokers, or financial services analysts - it needs farmers and truck drivers.  The people who do the physical work of feeding us.  

It's also teaching us about the imortance of knowing our supply chains.  NOw that some foods are starting to disappear from the shelves, it's got people asking:  Where does food actually come from?  How do those systems work?  Do I know where my food comes form?  Have I ever been there? Have i ever seen the farms where my food is grown?  If i haven't been there, why haven't i?  Why dont i go and see where it comes from?  If I dont konw, why don't iI know?  and why did it never bother me that i didn't know?

anti-gardening rules, anti rainwater

lack of community   resilence

Nutrition and self-care.  Mediatio nand the energy body, and oconnection with phys body, and with  mind and spirit


personal meditation practie.  most important thing yo ucan do when bug goin around.  immune system in tip top sha[pe.  in order, have energy body balanced and healthy.  also really important for all aspects of life, for staying healthy in genreal, and being happy in general, and having a stable healthy cohesive, peaceful society, people need to be meditators.  Well heres a chance to start a meditation practice.  if you were looking for atime or a trigger or event to stimulate you to finally get into ahaving  mediation practice, this is it.  Can't put it off anymore!

So make a space in your home, could be right next ot your bed, or right on your bed.  or living room, yard, woods close ot home, wherever you oic, and long as it's comofrtable to sit in and move around on, and do a movement medtiation practice on, selct a spot, go there and sit, and start observing the thoughts in your  mind, the prsent moment around yo, the osuns the smells, the enrgies ,the isghts, lcose your eyes, focus on your breath, focus on the enrgy deep inside you, all around you and just observe it.  dont do anything, just obsreve.  get in touch with the present moment. being the observer of your own mind.  start moving in whatever way your body feels the flow pulling you to move into.

It's also an impetus to start eating healthy, because our food affects our energy.  It affects our immune systems's abilty to bild antiboeis.  So if you've been saying, I wanna have a healthy diet but..m aybe next week.  Maybe for new years rsolution, maybe next year.  Maybe once my kids go to college.  Once I graduate.  Once I get a job.  whatever it is, whatever excuse you've been using to put off eating helathier,  and starting a meditation practice, you can stop making that excuse now, because, you know, all this.  


Silence and alone time, slowing down.

Hygine and cleanliness.  Asian countries

Animals and the way we've been treating them


To stop the smuggling /trade of wildlife and the animal agriculture industry.  To stop treating animals as property to buy and sell.

One of the main theories on the origins of the virus is that it came form somebody eating an animal.  not hte first time that happened.  many of our diseases came from animals. measles, mumps, pox, almost all of it, came from      some happened hundreds of years ago, some thousands, but so many came from eating and ill-treating animals.  forcing them to live in filth conditions, not allowing them to roam freely as they would naturally od, but keeping them confined, in pens, cages, that's what creates the diseases that humans have picked up from the animal kingdom.  ill-treatment of them.  It's time to transition to a plant-based diet.  If you were looking for the trigger event to finally take that 21 day vegan challenge, now would be the time. 

Sanctoins on other countries

People in prisons.  why did we even need them in there in the first place?

police no longer bothering people for drug possession.  begs the question, why were doing so in first place?
Things and services we can do without.  never needed so many possessions, entertainments



Exposure of capitalism as a flawed system.  Recognition of the need to heal our economy by making it locally self-sufficient permaculture.  And the need to layer into natural social units. the village townshi and city.  In order to, among many benefits, control pandemics.

Because if you have each village economically self-sufficient, with a layered economy, then each community can isolate for a few weeks, a few months, if you grow all your own food, you could isolate for however long you need to, becuse you don't depend on economic activity outside your village, so you don't need shipments and do travelling and all that, and you can hunker down for months, while a pandemic burns itself out.

This is not the first pandemic.  There's all sorts of stuff waking up in the ice in the arctic, now that it's melting.  We're gonna hve to have a planetary response sysem for these things when they show up.  not if when . But good news is if we adop a layered economy, thats advocated in the blueprint, and layer our economies by city townshiop and village, and all food comes from wihtoutw alking distance of where we sleep ,then when a pandemic shows up in the future, we can isolate into villages and still have all our needs met including our social needs.  We'll be able to sicialiae with the closest 50 to 300 people aorun dus, if we're sealed off at that level, we don't have to worry about transmitting it betwen us ,because we'rre not interacting iwth the outside world.  the layefred economies in the blueprint enable a quick, efficient and effective planetary pandemic response.  this is the only way to be safe from pandemis.  and its also etter for the einvomernti, for us, mental health, etc.  It's the way to go, and most people know at omse level that it's the way to go.  they say oh it would b enice, back ot th eland, hippies, tranditional ways of life, that would be quain tan dnice, but not the wya the world is now, blah blah.  They recognize ideal and good thing, but just haven't foet the impetus to get to it now.  this virus suddenly shows us the importance of geting to it now.  

So that's one of the lessons that it's here to teach.


General society cooperation.  People helping eachother out.  Doing things for eachother for free, wihtout transactionalizing eveyrthing.  helping the elderly and vulnerable get their supplies.

Teaching us about the value of togetherless ,and cooperation and community.  In a situation like this, it's not survival of the ruthless, it's the survival of the cooperative.  Competition no longer provides an evolutionary advantge in a situation like, this only cooperation does.  putting to rest the belief in hobbes .   and it was always the case, we just weren't aware because the effecgts had so much of a lag to them, but now it's immediate, and we can see the connection betwen the effect and its cause more clearly, so we're finally learning hta twe're all in this together.  wwg1wga.  

It could even be catalyzing hte first formation of a truly planetary consciousness.  Because w're all focusing on the same thing at once.  




Planetary Conciousness.

As a planet, as one society acting togehr in concert.  One country doing one type of response and other countries doing other types, it's not a unified response, unified strategy, and you get chaos.  Measures are ineffective and end up hurting economies.

We've been saying for many yeras and we'v enot the first, all sorts of visionaries have been saying this for centures.  At some point we will evolve into a plenary oscieyt, we will transcend thde nationstate model of governance.  

And when the cological crisis showed up - or rather when we became aware of it, when we fianally beceame aware - the need to actaullly accomplish this evolution became recognized as necessary.  But... procrastination set in.  We always thought we could ismly buy a little more itme ,and eventually someone somewhere would save the environment.   Collapse is still 30 years way.  20.  12. 11.  We keep putting off the formation of planetary consciousness because think it's not yet urgent enough.

And then along comes a pandemic crisis.  Something that makes plantary consciousness urgent.  Something we'll have to figure out now.  If we can learn tihs lesson and start walking the road of planetary consicousness, then the virus will have accomplished the lesson that it's here to teach us.

Plantary consciousnes snot the same as globalism.  

We wanna be clear here, this is not ht esame tihng as globalism . If you're worried that this sounds like globalism, we understand the watchfulness. tthe warinesss. the vigilance.  Because we don't wana totalitarian global gov either!  This is not globalism.

Globalism is when a tiny clique of elites from various countries get together in secret, outside of the public view, and come up with plans on how to unite the world under their control, without sharing those plants with the rest o fus, and cetianly without giving the rest of us any say in those plants, and never holding a vote on whether we approve of those platns or not, but just doing it, in the dark . thats globalism.

What the ep is advocating is a conscious plaentary society.  Uniting the world in public, in the open, democratically, by we the people, we the people of the various nations of the world coming togtether voluntarily to mutually create a new vision of how humanity can govern ourselves as one society on this planet.  And presenting the public with a plan in the open, a consitution, with checks and balnaces, and inalienable rights, and robust democratic system to make sure that govnerments respect those rights.  

And a vote on said consitution, with open and honest debate.  on the world stage.  not in bilderberg hotels.  where everyone in the world an tune in and see what's happneing, how it's being disucssed, whos saying what ,what their arguments rae, what the conterarguments are. we can do this in a way that informs and solicite th eparicipation of everyone.  that is not hte same thing as globalism.

We want planetary consciousness.  

And if this sounds like it makes sense to you, great news ,the ep has a blueprint.  for setting up this process.  the gov will be called the planetary protectrate, and elected fthrough lbsd.
a plan for reorganizing human society at the deepest most fundamental levels to become sustainable and compassionate and truly truly free,throughout this planet  for the first itme in thousands of years.

This has the potential to really improve humanity.  We have a chance to start a new world with this.  

hope.  too many rhymes and reasons.  purpose to it.  optimistic.

All the things we were struggling to teach, it's teaching

And it's also exposing the dark side.  The dark forces have come into full view, as they're attempting to exploit this crisis to steer us in a direction that benefits their agenda.

And that's why it's so important that we get a grip on what's really going on, so that we don't allow them to manipulate us.  We have to discern the truth before we can move forward.

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