LGBTQ Issues


1.  People who identify as LGBT have the right to live their lives in peace and freedom, without being victims of bigotry.

2.  That being said, we have to recognize that philosophical divergence has too often been mistaken as bigotry, and used as an excuse to promote censorship.

3.  LGBT people have a special role to play in the evolution of humanity - however, that role is often misunderstood, and could use some clarity.

1.  The Right to Freedom of Relationship


Everyone has the right to form relationships, of any kind, with everyone, as long as they're mutually consensual.

This is more than just a platitude - it's a fundamental, inalienable, non-negotiable human right.  


It's called the Right to Freedom of Relationship.  It derives from Benign Sovereignty, which is the right to live one's life however one chooses, free of any coercive interference, as long as one is not violating the rights of anyone else.

This is formally codified and published in The Law of the Earth - the universal, natural law of the planet, which the Earth Party recognizes to be beyond the purview of any government, elected or otherwise, to abolish or alter. 

To learn more, visit the Law of the Earth website, particularly Title 1: Human Rights.

2.  Philosophical Dissent Is Acceptable


However, while LGBT persecution is not acceptable, there is room for philosophical differences about the nature, structure, and origins of LGBT identities.  There is a difference between violating someone's rights, and merely disagreeing with them.  Holding a differing philosophy is not bigotry.

In recent years, the LGBT rights movement has shifted from securing human rights to enforcing conformity of thought.  This is because the movement - and the political Left in general - has been hijacked by technocracy, a force that doesn't actually care about human rights or the well-being of LGBT people, and is only using the issue to advance its own totally distinct agenda, which includes restricting human rights.

It is perfectly acceptable to hold a differing philosophy about an LGBT issue, and this does not constitute bigotry - as long as no active violation of anyone's rights is being committed.

For instance, if someone holds a view that homosexuality is a social adaptation, rather than a fixed characteristic, this is not bigotry.  It only becomes bigotry if the person tries to violate the rights of a gay-identified person on account of it. 

If someone holds a view that gender and biological sex are the same thing, this is not bigotry unless they try to violate the rights of a transgender-identified person on account of it.

Thoughts are not crimes. Beliefs are not crimes.  Treating them as such sets a dangerous course into Orwellian territory, and no one would fare well under such a tyranny - including LGBT people.


It's in everyone's interest - including LGBT people - to have a society that welcomes diverse opinions and allows the free and open exchange of ideas.

So now that we've established that there's room for more than one way to think about "queerness", what DO we actually think?

It's time for a Thought Experiment!

Ready?  Let's go!

Imagine that you have no current set of beliefs regarding queerness/LGBT-ness.  Perhaps you're a visitor from another planet, arriving here for the first time... or perhaps you just woke up from a coma and have total amnesia... perhaps you've been raised in the wilderness by bears and/or wolves and/or lions, and are just stepping into civilization for the first time.

Whatever it is, imagine your mind is completely blank regarding the subject.  You're a clean slate.  You've got no existing beliefs on it.

Got that?


Now imagine someone tells you that there's a particular group of people - a type of person - perhaps a type of spirit or soul - which is a minority among the population, but is quite special.

This type is more gentle, more sensitive, more compassionate, and more empathic. The way they see the world is more centered around Love than around the existing Power-Based social structure.  And they have a mission on this Earth, to help our society become more gentle, sensitive, compassionate, and empathic.  They're here to help humans evolve to a Love-Centered Civilization.

Notice that nothing has been said yet about sexual preferences.  Sex hasn't been mentioned yet!

With these special souls coming in to change things up, it's not hard to imagine the existing social order taking issue with this, and getting scared.  After all, if our civilization evolves to a Love-Centered social structure, then all of the existing Power-Based structures will... lose their power.  The people and institutions who are invested in the status quo would see the "special ones" as a threat.

So it's quite easy to see them fearing and hating the "special ones."  Even ordinary people (who are attached to the existing power structures) would fall into this behavior.  They'd seek to push the "special ones" out of their social circles.  They'd seek to dis-empower and marginalize the special ones, to prevent them from exerting any influence on society.  They'd try to make the special ones irrelevant and powerless.


One way is to prevent the special ones from reproducing.  Parents get to raise kids, and whoever raises kids gets to teach the next generation.  If the special ones have children, then those children will be taught the ways of the more evolved, Love-Centered consciousness.  But if the special ones don't have children, then the next generation has nothing but the existing, Power-Centered systems to learn by default.

Furthermore, the genders are complimentary opposite co-creators of Reality.  Two polarities are always necessary for Creation.  Yin and Yang, male and female are the basic building blocks of the Universe.  Isolating them from one-another would undermine their ability to co-create.  If the special ones were to keep mainly to their own gender, and avoid mingling with the opposite - or to only mingle in superficial ways that don't involve strong emotion - then it would reduce their power to create together and change society.

And in addition to that, mating is associated with status in the animal kingdom.  In every animal species bar none, the higher status individuals mate more, and those with low status typically don't mate.  This may sound primitive and barbaric, but it definitely influences the subconscious mind.  Evolutionary biology is an enormous factor in human thinking, perceptions, and behavior.  If the special ones were to have mates (partners of the opposite sex, with whom it's biologically possible to mate), then they would have higher status and prestige.  Their words would be listened to more readily.  But if they don't have mates, then people are subconsciously primed to assign them lower status, and be less eager to hear what they have to say.

All three of those factors - lack of reproduction, lack of complimentary opposites, and lack of mate-associated social hierarchy status - contribute to the dis-empowerment of the special ones, and the marginalization of their thoughts and ideas.

So if it were at all possible to cause them to be homosexual, then the existing power structure would certainly be interested in doing so.


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