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LGBT Issues and Philosophies


1.  People who identify as LGBT have the right to live their lives in peace and freedom, without being victims of bigotry.

2.  That being said, we have to recognize that philosophical divergence has too often been mistaken as bigotry, and used as an excuse to promote censorship.

3.  LGBT people have a special role to play in the evolution of humanity - however, that role is often misunderstood, and could use some clarity.

1.  The Right to Freedom of Relationship


Everyone has the right to form relationships, of any kind, with everyone, as long as they're mutually consensual.

This is more than just a platitude - it's a fundamental, inalienable, non-negotiable human right.  


It's called the Right to Freedom of Relationship.  It derives from Benign Sovereignty, which is the right to live one's life however one chooses, free of any coercive interference, as long as one is not violating the rights of anyone else.

This is formally codified and published in The Law of the Earth - the universal, natural law of the planet, which the Earth Party recognizes to be beyond the purview of any government, elected or otherwise, to abolish or alter. 

To learn more, visit the Law of the Earth website, particularly Title 1: Human Rights.

2.  Philosophical Dissent Is Acceptable


However, while LGBT persecution is not acceptable, there is room for philosophical differences about the nature, structure, and origins of LGBT identities.  There is a difference between violating someone's rights, and merely disagreeing with them.  Holding a differing philosophy is not bigotry.

In recent years, the LGBT rights movement has shifted from securing human rights to enforcing conformity of thought.  This is because the movement - and the political Left in general - has been hijacked by technocracy, a force that doesn't actually care about human rights or the well-being of LGBT people, and is only using the issue to advance its own totally distinct agenda, which includes restricting human rights.

It is perfectly acceptable to hold a differing philosophy about an LGBT issue, and this does not constitute bigotry - as long as no active violation of anyone's rights is being committed.

For instance, if someone holds a view that homosexuality is a social adaptation, rather than a fixed characteristic, this is not bigotry.  It only becomes bigotry if the person tries to violate the rights of a gay-identified person on account of it. 

If someone holds a view that gender and biological sex are the same thing, this is not bigotry unless they try to violate the rights of a transgender-identified person on account of it.

Thoughts are not crimes. Beliefs are not crimes.  Treating them as such sets a dangerous course into Orwellian territory, and no one would fare well under such a tyranny - including LGBT people.


It's in everyone's interest - including LGBT people - to have a society that welcomes diverse opinions and allows the free and open exchange of ideas.


"What do you think about transgenderism?"

Regardless of your philosophy regarding the nature and origins of transgenderism, we should all be able to agree that everyone has the basic right to self-expression. 

In fact, the Right to Freedom of Expression is enshrined in Title 1 of the Law of the Earth!

The Right to Freedom Of Expression

To ask any question,

to share any opinion,

to report any observation,

to speak about any experience,

to peacefully express any idea or feeling,

and to criticize any person, opinion, or idea,

and to peacefully express one's feelings and identity,

without reprisal, retribution, punishment, or fear of such.

(More details)

If someone expresses themselves in a non-traditional, or culturally non-conforming way, they're not doing anything wrong (as long as they're not hurting anybody else).

If a man wants to wear a dress, he's not hurting anyone, and therefore, not doing anything wrong.

If a woman wants to style her hair in a crew-cut, she's not hurting anyone, and therefore, not doing anything wrong.

Anyone who has a problem with this, and feels anger or hatred towards such people, and desires to judge them or make their lives more difficult on purpose because of it, needs to engage in some self-reflection and meditation, and figure out where that anger is really coming from.

"Do you support medical procedures to "change sex"?

Sex-change operations are not medical procedures.  Amputation of healthy organs is not medicine.

If an organ is diseased, and it's causing pain, and there is a low chance of recovery, then amputation may be a legitimate medical option.  But if the organ is not diseased - if it's perfectly healthy - then amputation is not medicine.  It's self-mutilation.

Self-mutilation is completely different from other forms of gender-nonconformity.  Singing, dancing, wearing clothes traditionally associated with the opposite sex, working in jobs traditionally associated with the opposite sex - these are all healthy expressions, if they align with your inner sense of self.


But self-mutilation is a different category.  Self-mutilation is not a healthy expression of who anybody is.  If you're feeling the desire to self-mutilate, then that is a mental illness.


Self-Mutilation = Psychological Illness. 


The problem is not the targeted organ or body part - the problem is psychological.  And since the problem is psychological, the proper treatment is psychological as well.

"But the organ IS causing pain.  Mental pain, yes, but pain nonetheless.  The organ doesn't match the brain's "map", and the dissonance causes suffering."

If the mind and body don't match, then the problem is not the body - it's the mind.  Think about it:  If you're carrying a map, and the map doesn't accurately reflect the terrain it's supposed to, then you don't go changing the terrain to match the map!  You re-write the map to match the terrain!

This is so obvious, it's remarkable that it needs stating.

Just about all suffering is caused by a self-image that doesn't match reality.  This goes all the way back to Buddha.  When your mind refuses to accept what IS, you suffer.

The mind is wind - the body is solid.  Air takes on the shape of its container - not the other way around. 

People suffering from body dysphoria need to learn meditation and self-acceptance - not get cut up with knives.

If someone says "My nose is too big", the correct response is:  Accept yourself as you are.

If someone says "My boobs are too small", the correct response is:  Accept yourself as you are. 

If someone says "I was born with the wrong eye color - I'm supposed to be blue, not brown", the correct response is:  Accept yourself as you are.

If someone says, "My skin is too dark - I need to bleach it to become white", the correct response is:  Accept yourself as you are.

So, if someone says, "I'm the wrong sex", what is the correct response?

Accept yourself as you are.

We are aware of the painful history of gender-repression.  We encourage all people to express themselves, including in ways that don't conform to traditional gender roles and expectations.  But we do not condone mutilation.


People calling themselves "doctors" who perform these gruesome experiments are not doctors at all, and they should lose their medical licenses.  They are quacks, and history will bear this out.

Right now, we have museums and history books replete with examples of medical quackery, such as:

-Trepanning (drilling holes in people's skulls to cure mental illness)

-Electro-shock therapy to "cure" same-sex attraction

-Female sexual desire being treated as a mental illness

-Ingesting arsenic to make cheeks redder

-Chastity belts to "cure" masturbation

-Cutting off infants' foreskins to make them "cleaner"

-Cutting off infants' clitorises to make them "better wives"

-Drinking snake-oil to cure hundreds of different ailments

This list barely scratches the surface.  The point is, just because "doctors believe XYZ" does NOT make XYZ medicine.  There has been quackery before, and there is still quackery NOW.  And cutting off someone's genitals, turning them inside-out, and declaring that the person has now "changed sexes", will be featured in the quackery museums of the future, alongside all of those other quackeries.


We want to be on the correct side of the history.  Do you? 

"Hang on!  I found a contradiction in your philosophy!  You said doctors should lose their licenses for performing these operations.  But the Law of the Earth states that everyone has the right to do whatever they want, as long as they're not violating anyone else's rights.  Right?  And considering the fact that these "sex-change operations" are performed on WILLING PARTICIPANTS, with full CONSENT, it means that the doctors aren't violating anyone's Benign Sovereignty.  Their subjects are fully consenting.  Don't adults have the right to consent to anything they want to consent to?  How is this position consistent with the Law of the Earth?"

The doctors should lose their license, but a license is not required for practicing medicine. 

If you want to let a random person off the street perform surgery on you, you have the right to do that, and they won't be violating the Law, as long as you've consented to whatever you're having them do to you.  Consenting adults have the right to do whatever is mutually consensual between them.

A medical license is just a way of advertising competency.  A non-licensed person claiming to be licensed is committing a crime.  But a non-licensed person who is not claiming to be licensed, and who is simply saying "Hey, I'm not licensed, but let me operate on you anyway!" is not committing a crime.

If you are someone who wants to mutilate your own body, you have the lawful right to do so, and you have the right to grant consent to anyone to whom you wish to grant it.  The Law of the Earth doesn't prohibit these procedures, and the Earth Party will not try to stop them by force.

But truth is truth, and mutilation is not medicine.  And we will continue to speak the truth.

"I do find the recent explosion in so-called sex-change operations a little alarming.  It's weird how it become so popular so suddenly.  And what's even weirder is how no one's allowed to criticize it.  It's like the entire mass-media is conspiring to popularize this.  Have you noticed that?"

Yes, and there's a reason for it.  It's the same old villain as usual:  technocracy.

One of the branches of technocracy is trans-humanism, which is the idea that humans can, will, and ought to, be merged with machines.  It's an ideology that envisions a half-human, half-machine hybrid species in the (alarmingly near) future.

Since such an idea is grotesque to the normal mind, the masses won't accept it unless we're primed for it.  In other words, we will need to be tricked into thinking of it as "normal."  This will have to be done in stages, to prime us gradually.  And the normalization of genital mutilation is one of the early steps.

Trans-humanism relies on the belief that bodies are nothing but "mechanical flesh sacks" - basically just computers made out of biological material instead of metal and silicon.  This belief leads to the attitude that biology and computers are interchangeable. 

Interchangeability is a key component of trans-humanism.  In fact, it's absolutely indispensable to it.  Without the belief in interchangeability, trans-humanist ideology falls apart.  Think about it:  If body parts are not interchangeable with computers, then anyone who replaces part (or all!) of their body with computers is losing something fundamental.  They'd be losing a part of themselves.  


Trans-humanist ideology requires the belief in interchangeability.  

And "sex-change-operations" spread the idea of interchangeability by claiming that a penis can be interchangeable with a vagina (as long as you turn it inside-out first, and do a little Copy+Paste).

We (the population) are being primed to view body parts as interchangeable, so that we'll be more ready to accept their replacement by machines, and more willing to consent to the technocratic agenda.

"This is insulting to trans-folk.  This is hurtful."

What's even more hurtful is the exploitation of trans-folk by greedy quacks who make millions of dollars off of tricking them into mutilating themselves, and by technocrats who are using trans-folk as science experiments in mass-mind-manipulation.

We oppose the exploitation of gender-nonconforming persons as science experiments.  We oppose the hijacking of their identities, and the taking advantage of their suffering to make them poster-children for technocratic trans-humanism. 

If this resonates with you,

then please get involved!

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