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The Earth Party

Blueprint for a Mature Civilization

Step 3D:  Adopt a Logical Calendar

Page still under construction - it will be completed soon!


-Our current calendar (the Gregorian) is not based on anything.  It was cobbled together over a multi-century series of whims by  emperors and popes.  It has no relationship to the movements of the celestial bodies, or the seasons.

-We'll adopt a new calendar, based on the actual movements of the planets, stars and moon.

-Each year will begin on a solstice or equinox.

-There will be twelve months of equal length, plus 5 special days around the solstices and/or equinoxes to bring it to 365.  Plus leap days every 4 years.  Similar to the Shire Calendar.

-The solar calendar will govern practical matters having to do with seasons and climate.  The lunar calendar will also be used, for functions having more to do with society, community, interpersonal relationships, etc. 

-We will begin a new counting of years, starting on the first  solstice after World Peace has been achieved.  Years will be denoted as BPC (before planetary consciousness) and APC (after planetary consciousness).

-The exact details will be hashed out at the Planetary Convention on Units, with delegates from every country, convened by the High Council upon its first election.

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Step 3E:  Explore the Universe

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