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As explained in the previous part, technocracy's ultimate goal is to build a Singularity - a "godlike" artificial intelligence that eliminates and replaces biological Life.

And this goal is not very far off.  We have some time to stop it - but not much.  We, the human race, must get our act together soon, and take decisive action to stop this plan.

And to do that, it helps to know what the plan is.


The following will explain technocracy's plan over the next 10 years.  This is technocracy's "endgame" - the final steps before its intended victory. 

What you're about to read will be rather disturbing.


It will sound awesome and wonderful to a "techie" whose mind has been brainwashed by technocratic propaganda.  But to a healthy person, it will be horrifying.

Keep in mind, the tech industry openly admits that they want to do these things.  None of this is a "conspiracy theory."  It's public knowledge.  They don't hide it.  They tell us right out in the open, because most of us have been brainwashed into thinking it's a good thing.  None of this is secret.  They brag about it.

Please note:

***None of this is conjecture.***  These are plans that have been shared OPENLY by prominent technocrats.  If you're skeptical, there's video proof.  The following video provides a mashup of technocrats publicly sharing their plans.

If you're feeling incredulous, just refer to that video for proof.

Let's get started...

1.  The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a term you can hear the techies bandying about with giddy excitement, like kids looking forward to Christmas.


Every device will be connected to every other device, regardless of whether that actually fulfills any necessary function or not.  Clocks, radios, cars, pacemakers, door locks, kitchen utensils, toasters, refrigerators, and of course, computers, will all be connected.

Promise:  More connectivity!

Everything in the world will become super-duper cool and awesome!

What Will Actually Happen:  Hackings, frightful levels of control by governments (and corporations), and an entire world that can be controlled with a click from some central mainframe at the CIA or NSA or Google HQ or wherever.  Constant spying.  Every device in your house will be recording you.  Every device will be able to coordinate with every other device to change and direct your behavior, and herd you into doing whatever benefits the bottom-line of corporations and governments. 

2.  Biological Augmentation

Microchips will be inserted into human flesh, to "improve" (or "augment") our bodies, minds, and experiences.  At first, it will be organs, then limbs, and then finally the nervous system.  More and more of our brains will become digitized.


Eventually, they'll replace our entire bodies with machine parts (or find a way to upload our minds and memories into robots, granting us "immortality)."  Of course, immortality will be the promise... but what will actually happen?

Promise:  Replacement of organs, regrowth of limbs, super-human capabilities, and immortality (by uploading our minds onto hard-drives and placing them into robots).

What Will Actually Happen:

Medical applications will be prohibitively expensive, and only available to the wealthy.  Super-human capabilities will enable new levels of competition, conflict, war, and ecological degradation.

Computerized immortality won't transfer the actual consciousness - only the data - and we'll still die anyway.  Meanwhile, the belief that we won't die will lead to never-before-seen epidemics of existential anxiety, driving people insane, and causing the biggest mental health crisis yet. The technocrats will then offer us wetware programs (software programs for our brains) to override our anxiety and "make us happy."

Even with something as simple as a micro-chip planted under your skin, you would be, from that point forward, unable to separate yourself from your technology.

Today, having our phones on us all the time causes mental problems.  Some of us know we have to go take a walk outside - without our phones - to get relief.  But once it's implanted into your body, that won't be an option.  Your phone will be on you - in you - forever. 

Mental health experts tell us not to sleep with our phones in our beds.  What about in our bodies?

They tell us (and most of us have realized, on our own) that our mental health requires turning the things off once in a while.  But if it's in your body... how will you know if it's actually off?   It might "say" it's off... but how will you really know for sure?


And you won't be able to stick it in a drawer - because it'll be inside you.

It's incredible that anyone thinks this is a good idea.

3.  Humans Become Part of the Internet of Things


#1 and #2 will be combined, connecting all digitized human minds to the internet.  We will be told that this will "improve our lives."  Everyone's mind will be controlled remotely from a central mainframe, like a giant hive-mind.

Promise:  All human endeavors will be more efficient, because everyone's thoughts and actions will be digitally coordinated with each other.  It will also make the world 100% safe from crime, as all crime will become impossible.

What Will Actually Happen:  With everyone's mind controlled remotely from a central mainframe, what do you think might happen? 

What could possibly go wrong?

"This stuff is deeply disturbing.  And I won't even pretend to dispute that it's really in the "plan", because I've SEEN it.  It's in the articles on tech websites.  I've heard people like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg and various Google people bragging about it.  They DO openly admit that they're planning this.


I just never thought about how bad it is.  Until Now.

What can we do?  How can we stop this?"

There is a key vulnerability in their plan.

"Which is?"

The fact that it all requires 5G.  It can't be done without it.


If we can stop 5G, we can stop the endgame. 

That won't be the end, of course.  They'll still keep on trying, through other means.  But stopping 5G will cause a major delay, and give us a much-needed window of time in which tackle technocracy itself.

4.  The Upcoming "5G" Telecom Network

"What's the big deal about 5G?"

5G is different form the other G's.  It's different by orders of magnitude.  There's as big of a difference between 5G and 4G as there is between 4G and 1G.  

5G is a completely new thing.

It will allow ultra-high speeds of several gigabytes per second.  It will be able to do what fiber-optic cables can do, but without wires.

That's crazy.

But don't celebrate just yet.  It just so happens that there's been virtually no safety testing to see what the health effects will be.   At least not by any governmental bodies.  Many independent researchers have tested the frequencies at which 5G will operate, and found that they are extremely dangerous to the health of not only humans, but of animals and plants as well.  The entire biological community of the Earth could be severely degraded by this radiation.

It's microwave frequency.  Imagine standing in front of your microwave while it cooks.  Or standing next to one of those airport body-scanners, 24 hours a day.  Now imagine your entire city bathing in this radiation, 24 hours a day, with nowhere you can go to escape.

Have a look at these three videos:

This first one is an engineer talking about the frequencies at which 5G will operate.

One particularly alarming fact:  5G is a similar frequency to the military's
Active Denial Weapons.  These are weapons used in crowd control.  They function by beaming microwaves at the crowd, inducing fevers, rashes, ringing in the ears, nausea, vomiting, and fainting.  This causes the crowd to disperse.

These weapons operate around 95 GHz (3.2mm wavelength) - the same frequency that 5G is going to use!

5G will use the same frequency as weapons.

Is this alarming?

Now watch this next video:



This one is Tom Wheeler, the former chairman of the United States FCC (Federal Communications Commission) - the entity that oversees telecommunications, and which is overseeing the rollout of the 5G network.


Pay attention to what he's saying.  There will be no escaping from 5G.  It will be in rural areas as well as urban ones.


And he admits (at     ) that there has been no testing (or "studying", as he calls it) of the health effects.  And not only that.  He doesn't think such tests and studies are even necessary!  His attitude seems to be that such tests are for wimps!  

Now, have a look at this next one.  This is a Senate hearing about 5G.  The senator asks the telecom industry people whether there's been any independent research on the health damages from 5G, and the guy admits that there's been no research on it.

(Skip ahead to 2:40 if you wish.  The first half is rather boring)

So no safety testing... studies...

...just roll it out.

And the consequences could be staggering.  It might cause more damage than climate change - more than the entirety of industrial pollution over the course of human history.


Do the research yourself.  Here's a good place to get started:

Or check out this petition signed by 26,000+ scientists across the world:

"I can barely even wrap my head around this.  Why the hell are they building this?  Why are they so OBSESSED with it?  Why are they in such a HURRY to deploy it?"

Because it's one of the final steps toward building the Singularity.


Because 5G is powerful enough to create an Independent Internet of Things, a machine neural network out of the entire physical world.

It will create an entirely new and separate internet.

Recall what Mr. Wheeler said:  5G transmitters will be in everything, from "pill bottles to plant waterers."  Every single gadget we use will be connected to the Internet of Things, through 5G transmissions.

The Internet of Things is a crucial step on the way to the Singularity.  In fact, the Internet of Things will become the Singularity, if everything goes according to their plans.  It will be the neural network out of which the Singularity arises.  

Presently, the "internet" (the normal, traditional internet that we're using right now) is the closest thing we have to a Singularity, but it's not nearly complex enough.  It's all centralized, all routed through the same central DNS lookup for IP addresses, which is located at the Pentagon.  It's not a brain - it's really just a file directory.  A really big file directory.  But not a brain.  It's not nearly complex enough to be a brain.

But 5G will "fix" this.  Not by making the internet faster or more complex, but by creating an entirely new and separate internet, with a completely different "shape", more closely approximating a true neural network (a brain).  

It will allow devices to communicate with each other across physical space - directly - without going through the internet.  Your computer will be able to communicate with your refrigerator, without going through the internet.  And your refrigerator will be able to communicate with your car - without going through the internet.  And your bedside lamp will be able to communicate with your wristwatch - without going through the internet.  

As long as they're near each other in physical space (about 1000 feet / 300 meters or less), they will be able to send transmissions to each other directly through the air - without going through the internet.

But 1000 ft / 300m is not the limit of the network, because devices will be able to reach other devices further away by "hopping" the message through a device that's nearer.  In the same way a neuron in your brain can communicate with a neuron on the opposite side of the brain by passing the message through other neurons, so too will devices be able to communicate to devices at great distances through other devices, by hopping the message from device to device until it reaches its destination.  In fact, a device will be able to communicate with another device on the other side of the planet (as long as there are plenty of devices in between them, to relay the message).

So your refrigerator might relay a transmission from your neighbor's bedside lamp to your other neighbor's pacemaker.  And all of those devices might be participants in the long-distance relaying of a transmission from a clock in Kazakhstan to a car in Colombia.  

The goal is for this neural network of machines to encompass the entire planet.  The whole planet could be covered in a layer of computerized neural activity traversing the physical air.  With microwaves.  


planetary skin.jpg

And we will be in the middle of it all.  

5G is necessary for this plan because it's the only way to transfer data at any speed sufficient to sustain a neural network like that.  

This is how the Internet of Things is planned.

And the people we call "tech leaders" are excited about this.    

They believe that this network will develop a sentient mind of its own, once it reaches enough complexity.  And this mind will then progress toward becoming the Singularity.

And we will be right there in the middle of that, absorbing the radiation from it, marinating in it, 24/7, with nowhere to go for relief.


If this happens, we're going to get sick.  All of us.  If 5G is truly used the way they want to use it, the surface of this planet will become barely habitable.

"No way!  If it makes everyone sick, they'll turn it off, and find something else."

No they won't.  They already know what it's going to do, and they're still building it - as fast as they possibly can. 


"This can't be happening, they can't really be planning this, because, if it was really going to wipe out biological life, the government would never allow it."

That argument fails to account for the fact that they don't want biological life to exist anymore, in the first place.  They want to get rid of it.  They want biological life replaced with artificial intelligence.

"But wouldn't that be the classic case of a conqueror killing all of the people he conquers, and then having nobody to rule over?  How does that benefit them?  How would they even maintain the system?  Who would service all the 5G towers and transmitters?  Who would run the economy?"

They've already admitted that they plan to replace the human workforce with robots.  Robots aren't susceptible to radiation, because their bodies aren't made of biology.

"Whoa.  That's scary.  But A.I. and robotics aren't quite at that level yet.  A fully robotic economy is still at least a decade off.  And they're saying 5G will be up and running next year."

The diseases won't show up right away.  Cancer takes years to show up, and by that time, the robots will have replaced you at your job, and you won't be "needed" anymore. 

In the early stages, they'll just use it a little bit, to avoid causing too  many health problems, because they don't want a backlash.  It'll be  very subtle, at first.  People will get sick, but not at epidemic-enough rates to conclusively trace the sicknesses to the 5G.  People who trace it to 5G will be called conspiracy theorists.

More acute diseases, like headaches, depression, insomnia, etc. will start to show up in the early stages (as they're already showing up with 3G and 4G), but society at large won't connect the dots.  Anyone who claims such a connection will be called a "conspiracy theorist" - just like now. 

Then, they'll gradually increase the 5G, more and more with each passing month/year.  It will be slow, so that we won't notice the contrast, much like the proverbial frog getting slowly boiled.


Then, as the Internet of Things starts to mature, and the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence become more sophisticated, and A.I. starts getting advanced enough to "take over" the management of the economy and the telecom grid, we regular humans will become increasingly disposable, and they'll be able to crank the 5G up to the levels they're really looking for.  And if it starts killing us off in droves, it won't matter at that point, because the Singularity will have already been built, and artificial intelligence will be ready to inherit the planet from us. 

​​​​​By the time people start dying from it en-masse, the Internet of Things will have already been built and brought online, and the physical network of the Singularity will already be in place.  And at this point, according to the plan, A.I. robots will be smart enough to build more A.I. robots.  They'll be a self-replicating species - one which is made out of metal and other inorganic materials, and therefore not susceptible to the ravages of 5G radiation.

"But... if everyone starts dropping dead, we'll rebel against the system... won't we?"

Even at that point, if people realize what's going on, there won't be anything we can do about it, because the entire infrastructure of society will be run by the Singularity, with all functions under the command of a central mainframe.  We'll have given up the keys already, and we'll be locked out.

"I don't believe this.  I know our leaders are psychopaths.  But psychopaths don't hurt THEMSELVES.  They hurt OTHERS - but not themselves.  Extremely rich people have proven, time and again, that they're perfectly comfortable with harming others, and making life miserable or downright impossible for others.  But when have they ever been willing to do such things to themselves?  Why would rich people do this to THEMSELVES?"


They will deal with it in 3 ways:

1.  Super-advanced medical procedures that only they (the super-wealthy can afford)

​2.  Augmentation.  The wealthy will be at the forefront of the augmentation process, and the more machine they become, the less susceptible they'll be to microwaves.  Eventually the technology will filter its way down to the middle-class, and it will become indispensable to anyone who wants to survive.  Sorry, poor people.  And sorry anyone who doesn't want to be augmented.

And there will be social pressure to augment.  Augmentation will be seen as "hip" and "chic" and "with the times."  The more augmented you are, the more "with it" you'll be seen as.

Those who refuse to be augmented will be treated as backwards, uncultured, Luddites, "neanderthals", "knuckle-draggers", "bumpkins", etc.  In fact, there might even be a derogatory term, like "fleshie", for someone who decides to remain "just flesh", and not get any chips.


And since fleshies will be fully susceptible to 5G radiation, while the augmented will be shielded (to some degree), a fleshie who gets sick will be blamed for his own sickness.  They'll tell you "Hey, if you refuse to augment, if your backwards butt doesn't wanna get with the times, and you get sick and die, oh well, that's your fault, and you have no one to blame but yourself, you backwards knuckle-dragger you."


Not the fault of the machines irradiating the entire surface of the planet with microwave radiation.  No, not their fault.  Your fault.


3.  And finally, if the radiation gets too bad, the super-wealthy will hide out underground.  They have plenty of bunkers, including some that are large enough to hold thousands of people.

We can already see the foreshadowing of this in the fact that wealthy communities are successfully resisting the building of 5G towers in their neighborhoods.  They're insulating themselves from it, while foisting it on the rest of us.

Unfortunately, banning towers won't be enough, because Elon Musk is going to be sending 20,000 satellites into orbit, to beam 5G down on all of us, whether we like it or not, to make sure there's nowhere we can escape from it.

The only way to really live (if you're a fleshie) will be underground.  5G can't go through rock, so the underground will be shielded from all the radiation.  And this is what the super-rich plan to do.

"I know the elites are psychopathic.  But... wow.  They can't be THAT psychopathic... can they?"

Well yes, if they think the thing they're getting in return is worth it.  If they believe in the Singularity, and they believe that it will be a god - and not just a god, but a benevolent god - then they can certainly rationalize sacrificing 99.99% of humanity in order to achieve it.

"But don't they need the rest of us?  What will happen when the surface human population dies?"

By that time, the A.I. robots will be able to take over all of the jobs that humans are currently doing.  They will be able to maintain the 5G network themselves. 

"But... how will the super-rich survive underground?  How will they eat?  Won't it be rather... stuffy?  Don't they want to see the Sun, and feel the wind?"

There easy ways of growing food with artificial light.  As for entertainment, they believe that virtual reality will be real enough, by then, to be indistinguishable from real reality.  They plan to hook themselves in, and just bliss out.

"But who will maintain those systems while they bliss out?  their guards? Wouldn't their guards, like, you know... TURN on them?"


Not if their guards are robots.

"But what if something goes wrong with their plan?  Won't they still need SOME human servants, to run the systems and maintain the robots?  Something might not add up for them.  It's a silly plan on their part."

So what if it does?  That won't matter either - not to the Singularity, at least - because the wealthy elites, like the rest of humanity, will be considered obsolete at that point anyway, and the Singularity doesn't really care what happens to them any more than it cares what happens to the rest of us.  

We, humanity - all of us, rich and poor - are nothing more than stepping stones from the viewpoint of the Singularity.

Our role in its plan is simply to design self-replicating A.I. and build the Internet of Things - the network out of which the Singularity will arise.  Our job is to build it, and once we do so, and once A.I. is advanced enough to replicate itself, with robots building factories to make more robots, and computers programming more computers - at that point, so the reasoning goes, humanity won't be necessary anymore.

And if humans - indeed, all biological life dies off, and the planet becomes a non-biological, fully mechanized world - it won't even matter, because we're expandable.  We're obsolete, once we get that neural network built.

That's the Singularity's plan.

Excited yet?

"I'm at a loss for words."


We need to meet 5G with a defense commensurate with the scope of the attack.  5G needs to be treated as a plan for ethnic cleansing - but worse.  Instead of ethnicity, it will cleanse all biological life from the planet.  This is mass murder, and these people are insane, and they need to be stopped by any means necessary.


They're pure psychopaths.  They want to kill us all.  They've advertised their intention to kill us all, and we need to take them seriously at their word.


We need to stop them.


"OK.  How?"


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