Attention:  BLM (Black Lives Matter):


On People of Color


Black and brown lives are STILL disposable to Big Pharma.

You may be familiar with the Tuskegee Experiment, in which the U.S. GOVERNMENT infected black men with syphilis, on purpose, just to study the disease's progression and observe how it consumed their bodies.  Psychopathic doctors withheld known treatments, and watched these black men die in front of them, in the name of "science."

Why did the medical industrial complex choose POC to perform this gruesome experiment on?  Why didn't they do it on white people?

You already know the answer.

But here's what you might not know:

This despicable crime did not end with Tuskegee.  It's still going on.  It's a major component of Big Pharma's business model, even to this day.

Even now, black and brown countries are the prime arenas for experimenting with new drugs and vaccines.

William Gates III has been using Africa and India as his vaccine testing playground for years.  Under the guise of "philanthropy" and "humanitarianism", he has subjected millions of black/brown people (children especially) to his experiments, without informed consent. Most of the test subjects don't even know that his vaccines are experimental. And as you might expect, they've produced disastrous results.

In Nigeria...

In India...

If you're unsure whether the dangers of vaccines are real, and you're thinking this sounds like anti-vaxx conspiracy theorizing, ask yourself:  Why doesn't he test his vaccines in white countries?

If there's no danger, why do they always make sure to do the experiments in countries of color?

You already know the answer.

And now he's planning to bring it all home, with a forced vaccine for coronavirus, right here in America, and throughout the western world.


Why is this so dangerous?

A typical vaccine requires 10-15 years of study before it's ready for market, but this one is about to be rushed out in under 1 year.  Nobody knows what effects it could have.  

And like usual, if History is any guide, you can rest assured that Pharma will find a way to make sure that black and brown bodies are the front-line test-dummies.

Two of the planned mechanisms are to make vaccination a requirement for (A) employment, and (B) to ride public transportation.  No needle = no job and no bus/metro.

And of course, there will be loopholes for the affluent class (car owners who don't rely on mass-transit, white collar workers with strong resumes and many different job options, rich people who can pay their doctors to write exemptions) to get out of it, while poor people and communities of color will be coaxed, cajoled, deliberately under-informed, lied to, and forced to accept the needle, or face termination from employment.  With a lack of job/transportation alternatives, many will have no choice but to submit.

It's time to say enough is enough.  We will NOT be experimented on.

The way to solve this problem is to strike at its root: the billionaires directing it and profiting from it.

Bill Gates must face justice for his crimes, before his forced-vaccination mandate for 7 billion people makes him the world's first trillionaire.

Executives and board members/shareholders of Big Pharma corporations must be held accountable.

And lobbyist stooges like Anthony Fauci, who have infiltrated our government agencies to serve the corporate agenda, must be made to answer for the role they've played in pushing this onto the population.

It's time to march on them.