The Alt-Right is not inherently "bad" - it does have some valid things to say, on subjects like the importance of local communities, and economic self-sufficiency - as well as the dangers of imperialism, and censorship. 


Rather than "bad", it's unbalanced.  It's not being kept in check by its natural compliment: the Alt-Left.  


The Right is unchecked and missing its complimentary opposite.  And this type of power is what's making it so wacky, and so in thrall of its worst aspects, like xenophobia and nationalism, racism, eco-denierism, and economic monarchism. 









They got the feeling right, but the dates wrong. they don't go back far enough.

What they see as golden years were only golden for a s elect elite - and only superficially.  While ther as wealth, and "greatness", and "glory" (whatever tf that means), there was not inner satisfactoin  -not even among the elites.  Especially not among the elites.  Oppressors are even more psycholigcally twisted than those whom they oppress. rich people are the most neurotic.  think of a Roman emporor, and you're probably hitnking of one of the most tortured souls in recoreded history. 

The Athenian "golden age of democracy" was a gilden fairy tale covering up a dark underbelly of rampant pedophila and slavery of absolutely epic proportions.   The British Empire produced teh most asphyxiating sexual repression in human history, along with the most extensive worldwide genoice and cuoturea destructin ever perpetrated.  Early America was built on the backs of slaves, slave-like wage-laborers, and the near-total hackin gff of an entire limb of the human genetic tree.  The 20th century saw a world put into deeper and deeper technocratic hypnosis as the industrial machine increased its worldwide ecocide by an exponential curbve.  All of these "golden" periods had an economic model that was unsustainable, that involved indefinite exponential expansion on a finite planet - and they all decimated their ecosystems and advanced the degradation of Nature. 

Western Civilization, a sa whole, produced the 6th mass extinction, the first in 65 million years, and by far the fastest.

None of those periods were golden ages.  none of them were sustainable, none of them were just, and none of them were even happy - not in a truly satisfying way. None of them featured spiritual or psycholoigical wholenes.s  and eveyron eof them was at odds with the very planet that hosted them.


And not only is it necessary for solving our civilization's problems, but it's also the path to the political victories to make such changes possible.

You may have noticed that reactionary political parties have been ascendant lately.  Progressive parties and philosophies just can't seem to get much traction.  The philosophies that are winning are all about stopping progress and going backward - at a time when forward-looking attitudes have never been more vital. 


Many of us are wondering, how are we going to move things forward, when we're starting from a position of such formidable headwinds?  How are we going to play "offense" when we're still failing at defense?

Well, we've got some great news for you!  The answers to both challenges are the same answer.  We can fix all of it with one simple solution.

For guidance on how to start winning, let's look at the people who are currently doing so:  the Alt-Right. 

How are they managing to win?  How are they so effective at capturing so many hearts and minds, all over the world?

Well, first of all, they have a narrative!  They understand the power of story in shaping people's attitudes and behaviors!  And they've brought a story to the battlefield.  It goes something like this:


"Nationalism, capitalism, patriarchy, Judeo-Christian philosophy, and in a general sense, western civilization, all worked, and provided the greatest era in human history.  But then, it all got messed up, by liberals/leftists/atheists/globalists/marxists/feminists/progressives/etc.

You want proof?  Look around you!  The chaos we see around us is because of them - because they led us astray from our heritage system.  Now, we can bring back the good ol' days, by rejecting that "leftist" stuff, and going back to our "traditional" stuff."


Notice anything?

They're telling people, in a nutshell, that things used to be good, because we used to have a healthy mythos - but then the mythos changed, and now things are all messed up.

This message resonates with humanity.  It resonates because it's true.

But of course, the Alt-Righties get one major thing wrong:  They mis-identify the historical period in which humanity was healthy.  And this is because they have a totally upside-down view of what health actually is.  (We'll elaborate on this in the upcoming pages!)


They got the feeling right, but the dates wrong.

The chaos we see around us is not due to "Leftism", and it's not due to anything that started in just the past few decades.  Rather, it's simply the natural consequence of the tropocidal system of capitalism (and its related ideologies) finally reaching its logical conclusion, as the biosphere collapses and the planet runs out of resources to sustain civilization - and people, seeing their sustenance dwindle, are beginning to quarrel over what remains.

That's what's causing the chaos.  Not the Left, which is trying to evolve us beyond that dangerous, destructive system, to a sustainable system, built around compassion and the recognition of the unity and interconnection of all Life.  That's the Left's job - to evolve society.  The chaos isn't due to too much Leftiness - it's due to not enough.

The historical periods that the Righties are pining for were not golden ages - they were precisely the opposite.  It was during these periods that the foundations of the current chaos were laid, and the current destruction set in motion.  It just took a while for it to manifest to a degree of intensity that couldn't be ignored.  Like a slowly building disease, the malignancy of the Right's favored ideologies was, for a long time, asymptomatic - without symptoms noticeable on a large scale - that is, until recent years, when all the proverbial excretions began hitting the fan, and becoming symptomatic.  And now they're covering it up by blaming it all on the Left.

But nevertheless, their story resonates, because the basic idea - the feeling - that things used to be good - touches something deep and real inside us.  There was a golden age... somewhere in our past.

And the contemporary Left, meanwhile, barely has any story at all, nevermind a powerful one.  In a collective sense, it hasn't been telling any story at all.


For most of the past decade (2009 and onward) there has been a general tendency of those on the Left to rely on censorship to win the narrative debate.


Instead of countering the Right's narrative with a better and more accurate narrative, most Lefties have instead used a strategy of silencing and marginalizing the Right's narrative, "deplatforming" its speakers, "refusing to legitimize" anyone with bad ideas, and just shutting down debates entirely.  "No debate, no problem" sums up the attitude.


Not all Lefties did this.  But it became the general trend.  If you didn't do it, then thank you!


But if you did, you're partly responsible for the Alt-Right's unchecked rise.  Instead of showing the Right's audience why racism, sexism, and xenophobia were wrong, you merely tried to stop the ideas from reaching the audience's ears and eyes in the first place.  And you thought that this was a substitute for actual dialogue.  You thought you didn't need to debunk anything, because you could just suppress it all instead - and hence, nothing got debunked, and those bad ideas went unchecked, and spread and gained followers, and won elections.


It's not that those regressive ideas are "so powerful" that even the merest exposure to them results in ideological capture.  No.  don't give them such credit!  They're not powerful ideas.  You just didn't show up to fight them.  You forfeited every debate, by not even showing up.  So they won by default!


You relied on censorship to do everything for you, and now you have proof that censorship never works. Censorship always produces the opposite effect of its intention.  Always.  


The point is, nothing substitutes for having a narrative.  the Left needs a narrative, to explain the upcoming changes to the social system, and justify their place in our collective story.

To defeat the establishment, we have to take command of the Narrative.  This doesn't just apply to us - the Earth Party - it applies to anyone who wants to unseat the entrenched parties, and break the power of the corporate oligarchy.

Wanna beat Trump?  Gotta reclaim the Narrative.

Want to stem the tide of fascism arising all over the world?  Gotta reclaim the Narrative.

You want to save the world?  Stop climate change?  Stop war?  Stop oppression?  Stop the animal holocaust?  Stop technocracy?  Stop the bankers/globalists/NWO etc.?  Stop Trump?  Stop imperialism?  See humanity graduate into a mature, stable, peaceful civilization?  Then your movement needs to start addressing the population at a deeper level.

Those of us who want a better system, who believe in changing the world, must present that world with a vision of itself.  We must show the skeptics a comprehensive picture of what we want our world to look like.


Most of us chant slogans and campaign against what we don't want, but barely mention what we do want.


And the smaller fraction of us who do focus on solutions, only promote a few isolated fixes to individual problems - like a few pieces of a jigsaw puzzle - while falling short of any bigger picture. 

The apparent slow-motion collapse of the "liberal democratic world order" we saw begin in 2015 is due to that system's loss of a coherent story.  It no longer addresses us at this level.  It presents us with no overarching vision - no picture of what it wants the future to look like.  Instead, it promises us slight improvements - a little bit more money, a little bit cooler gadgets.  All while continuing to plunder and erase the biosphere, expand inequality to the extreme, and treat living beings like inanimate objects.And people have started to see through that.  We're hungering for something more.  Something substantial.


But there WAS a golden age.

It was the Original Society.  And it's very, very ancient. 

If you feel a deeply intutive sense that htings used to be better, you're not wrong.  Your intuition is correct. 

But to find it, we have to go either very far back in teim, or very deep into remote corners of the largest wildernesses.

Our narrative isn't new.  It's the original.

We will tell the world a new story - but it will be the old story.  The story of our beginnings.  The story that has been told around millions of campfires for tens of thousands of years.  Before the comet, before the flood.  From the time when we lived in balance, when we knew who we were - before we became a species with amnesia.  We're going to remember who we are.


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