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The Earth Party

Blueprint for a Mature Civilization


Step 1A:  Recognize Natural Law




So, you've come here for a plan.  You know our planet has a problem, and you want a solution.  Great!


Before we decide what that solution is, we have to understand the boundaries of the solution.  What are the limits of what we can (or should) do?  How will we know what's a good solution or a bad one?  What kinds of principles should guide the process?  What should be the foundation?

We need a set of guiding moral principles, to make sure our solutions don't overstep, or lead to more abuses.  We need a solid moral foundation.  Only then will it be safe to even attempt a solution - otherwise, we're risking more chaos and/or despotism.

"And what foundation do you propose?"


Easy!  Natural Law.


Everything in the solution must stay within the boundaries of natural law.  If it ventures outside natural law, then it's not a solution.  


Simple as that!

"What is natural law?"

Natural law is exactly what it sounds like.  It's the law - the definition of what is right and wrong - and it's based on Nature, instead of an invention of any person or group.  It's an innate property of the universe, and it can be deduced through simple logic.  It doesn't matter "who" you are, or what kind of titles you have, or what offices or positions you hold - none of that matters.  The law is not made by any of that - it's a natural phenomenon woven into the structure of Reality itself - just like physics or mathematics.  People don't make the law - we just discover it.


​We can't make an act that's wrong into an act that's right, just by deciding that it's no longer wrong anymore.  Nor can we make something right into something wrong, just because we decided to change the definition.  We don't have that kind of authority.  Nobody does.  There was never a human being - or any entity- that ever had the ability to change the meaning of right and wrong.

The law must be something that lies outside the human ability to change, because if it's within that ability, then anyone who wants to change it for their own selfish purposes can just change it. 

Legislators - whether they be kings or congresspeople, assembly-member or council-member - are just humans too!  They are subject to the law too!  Right?  No one is above the law - everyone is subject to it.


So, if they get to change the law, then there's no point in having a law, because anyone who wants to do something evil can just change the definition of evil into good by declaring it.  And if they get enough power and enough votes, they can successfully do so, and change the evil thing into a "good" thing, and then go ahead and do it.


If the entity subject to the law has the authority to change the law they're subject to, then there's no real point in having a law.  It CAN'T work like that.  

It may seem strange to see it worded this way, but it's precisely this concept that's led to every single abuse of power, in every government, of every country, nation or tribe in history.  If you believe that people can create law and change law and change the definition of right and wrong, under any circumstance, than you are supporting the philosophy behind all abuses of power in human history.  It's this concept that allows tyrants and crooked people to do wrong things, with the sanction of society.  

The vast majority of the crime in human history wasn't done by criminals - it was "law abiding people" acting within the "laws" of their country, legally.  because their governments were able to change laws and thereby change the definition of right and wrong, making the evil things they wanted to do, no longer evil.  Every single publicly committed atrocity in history stems from that belief - that people can make laws and change the definition of right and wrong.

So if you want to be on the good side, and you want to be part of the solution, and you don't want to support the philosophy behind every atrocity ever, and you want to support a philosophy that would prevent atrocities, and not allow them, then you have to accept that people do not create, make or change law.   Law is a natural phenomenon.


This absolutely has to be the foundation of any civilization, if it's to be sustainable, and free and kind, and worth living in.  Any other attempt to build a civilization or a new system will fail if it's not rooted in recognition of natural law.

So it has to be first step in any plan.  Whatever your plan is, this has to be the first step.  If it's not, then it's not a workable plan.

"What's in natural law?  How does it work?"

Thankfully it's not complicated.  It only really has 6 major principles.

The Little Green Book.jpg

1.  You are the owner of your self.  You have the right to live your life however you want to, and do anything you want to do, and refrain from anything you don't want to do, and make any choices you want to make, as long as you're not violating the rights of anyone else.  If you're not violating anyone else's rights, you are acting lawfully.  Period.  And if you are violating someone else's rights, then and only then, does the law get involved.  This concept is known as "Benign Sovereignty."  You're entitled to sovereignty - to the extent that you're benign. 

There are specific rights people have (known as "Human Rights" - for example, Freedom of Speech and Expression, Freedom of Relationship, and several others, but they all derive from that one right.  To read more, see our page on
Human Rights.

2.  Animals are living beings, and they count as someone.  Therefore, they have rights of ethical consideration by us.


The way Animal Rights work is not identical to the way human rights work - there are differences - but they do exist, and respecting them is law.  Everywhere, and always, for everyone.

3.  One of the most basic rights of anyone, human or animal, is the right to a habitat - their natural one, which that enables them to live a natural life.  And so respecting
Ecology is the law.  

4.  Whenever there is any dispute about the law - for instance, its application to a specific situation - the arguing parties must evaluate the situation
Rationally.  Reason is the judge of every dispute under the law.  

5.  Any response to a violation of law must be
Proportional to the violation.

6.  It's better to err on the side of
Forgiveness and mercy.  Address present, real issues, rather than seeking vengeance for past ones.  

The rest of the steps in the Blueprint are based in natural law.  They're derived from the need to align this world with those 6 principles.

It's really simple, folks;  If we bring our civilization into alignment with natural law, then we can save it, and ourselves.  If we don't, we can't.  That's it.


Aligning our system to natural law will make our society sustainable, free, kind, and worth living in.  We can grow into a mature civilization.

But if we don't bring it into alignment with natural law, and simply try a whole bunch of
technocratic solutions, without examining the deeper fundamentals of how are society is structured, and who we are, and what this world is really about, and what our proper place is in it - if we don't do that, then we won't save our civilization. 


This first step, recognizing natural law, is an absolute essential.   The rest are just details.

To learn more about natural law and how it works:

Introduction to Natural Law.



Our platform is Natural Law, and Natural Law is our platform.

The two are one and the same.  Whatever Natural Law is, that's what our platform is.


"What is natural law?"


Natural Law means that law comes from nature - that it's a property of the Universe, discovered rather than made.

It stands opposite from statism - the belief that law comes from states, and is ultimately made by people.

There are 3 main forms of statism:

Monarchy:  "If the king says it, it's law."

Republicanism:  "If elected representatives say it, it's law."

Democracy:  "If the majority of the population says it, it's law."

In all three forms, people are making laws... and they're making them for other people.  One person (or group) has the audacity to declare themselves the arbiter of what is right and wrong, good and evil, lawful and unlawful.  In all three forms, someone (or a group of someones) is claiming to have the authority to change the definitions of those things on a whim, by the sheer force of their own desire.

Good things can be declared evil, and evil can be redefined as good.   Morality can be criminalized, and psychopathic crimes can be made into non-crimes.  There is no limit to what statist systems claim the authority to do.  They can make torture, rape, and murder legal if they wish.

"No they can't!  Because basic human rights are guaranteed in Constitutions!"

Constitutions may add an extra layer of protection, but Constitutions can be amended and changed, according to their own system.  This means that if enough people want to make atrocities legal, they can.  It might require a 2/3 or 3/4 majority instead of a 51% - but it's the same principle.

This claim to the mutability of morality and law, and the limitless authority to change them at will, may seem normal to us, because we've all grown up in it, but actually, it's megalomania.  And it opens up Pandora's Box.  All the horrible things states and governments have ever done to their people over the centuries can be traced to this single philosophical mistake. 



In a statist legal system, if a leader or officeholder (or group) wants to do something immoral, he/they can simply change the definition of morality to turn whatever act they want to commit, from a crime into a non-crime, by passing "legislation."  And since the population believes this to be perfectly within the authority of the state to do, their own morality collapses in tandem, and gas chambers and gulags, slavery and war, become possible.

In democracy, any time a majority group of people wants to oppress and victimize a minority, all they need to do is pass "legislation" declaring whatever crimes they intend to commit, no longer crimes. 

And history has proven where that leads. 

But if you reject statism, and recognize Natural Law instead, then that stuff can't happen.  Nobody would think the government has the power to change the Law, and make atrocities legal, no matter what form of government it is.  The Law stays the same, at its core.

Since the law is a property of Nature, and no one hallucinates themselves (or their leaders) capable of changing it, then no matter how much power a leader accumulates, he can never change the Law.  And thus, the veneer of moral legitimacy that all historical dictators were able to conjure will always escape any demagogue who violates the unchanging Law.



Basing government on a foundation of immutable law makes tyranny impossible.  All oppression proceeds from the philosophical error that people create law, and if no one ascribes that power to anyone, tyranny and oppression cannot happen.

Nothing else we do can overcome our challenges if we don't fix this one crucial mistake. 


This is mandatory, no matter what governance model is eventually adopted.  All attempts to build a civilization will fail, if they claim the false authority to make one man lord of another, and to change the definition of morality by the force of their own consensus.  Such attempts will end in either chaos or tyranny.  ALL of them.

When a house is built on sand, it is bound to fall apart, and absolutely nothing can be done to fix it - as long as sand remains its footing.


We must recognize that Law is a natural phenomenon, which is discovered, rather than made, and which none of us have any authority to change. 

"So what's in natural law?  Is it written somewhere?  Can I look it up?"

Yes.  A fully functional, referable version of natural law has been published under the title of The Law of the Earth, viewable at  As far as we know, this is the only attempt at such a work currently published on the internet. 

"Wait a minute.  You just said nobody gets to make Law... but you made up your own???  Aren't you contradicting yourselves?" 

The Earth Party didn't make the Law of the Earth.  We discovered it.  And after discovering it, we simply reported it.

This stands in stark contrast to statism, in which people openly admit that they are making the law - that it comes from them, and only exists because they decided to make it so. 


Us:  "The reason why we say ABC is the law is because ABC is the law."

Statists:  "The reason why ABC is the law is because we say ABC is the law."

See the difference? 

In one, the law exists first, and then we describe it because it exists.

In the other, they say it, and it exists because they say it.  And, if they say something else, then it becomes something else. 

Statists are claiming that the law proceeds out of their own mouths - that they are the source of law - as if they were gods. 


This is why statism is often called a religion.  The world's most dangerous religion.

"You say you 'discovered' the law... Where did you discover it?  In some buried treasure chest on an island somewhere?" 


In the same place Newton discovered calculus.


This question is answered here.

"Can you summarize the Law of the Earth?"

Sure.  It's comprised of 6 sections:

Title 1:  Human Rights   (Explanation)  (Full Text)

Title 2:  Animal Rights   (Explanation)  (Full Text)

Title 3:  Ecology             (Explanation)  (Full Text)

Title 4:  Rationality         (Explanation)  (Full Text)

Title 5:  Upholdment     (Explanation)  (Full Text)

Title 6:  Forgiveness      (Explanation)  (Full Text)

"And how does it work?"

A full explanation is provided on the Law of the Earth website, which you can read here:

How the Law Works

Don't worry, it's very simple!  Much, much simpler than the system you're currently using!

It would take you months or years to read all the laws of the nation-state system, but it only takes 10 minutes to understand the Law of the Earth.

Have a look!

How the Law Works

fuming people objecting to LoE.png
It's understandable to have objections to a concept that seems so new, so grand, and so contradictory to what you've been taught.  But we assure you, it's well-thought-out, and it makes sense. 
If you think natural law sounds crazy, just be aware that statism (the opposite) is much, much crazier.
If you believe in statism, then you believe:

1.  The definitions of "Right" and "Wrong" are not fixed.  They can be changed by a certain person, type of person, or group of people.  

2.  They can be changed into anything the aforementioned person/group wants them to be.  "Wrong" can be re-defined to include perfectly natural activites, and "Right" can be redefined to include horrible crimes, based solely on the whims and desires of the select person/group.

4.   The person/people who set the definitions can make whatever they want want to do "Right", and make anything they don't like "Wrong", based solely on their whims and desires

5.  If you go against the rules they set, then you're a bad person, and you should be visited in your home by armed men who will abduct you, carry you away, and put you in a concrete cage.

6.  If you attempt to resist your kidnapping, they can shoot you, and you'll deserve it.  

That's statism.

WE don't believe all that.  YOU believe that, if you're a statist.

And if you think people or governments can "make laws", then that's statism.

Democracy is a form of statism.  If a majority of the population wants to enslave a minority, they can, according to democracy.  Instead of a king declaring himself a god over his country, it's 51% of the people declaring themselves gods over 49%.  There is no substantive difference.
Statism is wrong.  Law comes from Nature, not from Man.
The Law of the Earth is valid, and we've done an exhaustive job of debunking all of the arguments against it.  Here are some of the most common initial reactions:

Click one if it's what you're thinking:

"This whole idea is just crazy!"

"This is a bunch of woo-woo!"

"But law comes from nation-states!"

"Who do you think you are to make up your own laws?"

Or if you have a more nuanced argument, you can probably find it on our main "Objections" page, where you can see a list of every objection we've heard.  Chances are, whatever your objection is, we've already addressed it, and it's already listed. 

In summary...

Natural Law is valid, real, a key component of a Mature Civilization.


Any society that rejects it is condemning itself to eventual tyranny, chaos, and collapse. 

Only a party that recognizes Natural Law is fit to lead. 

We are the Earth Party, and we will align all nations with Natural Law.


Aligning Nations with Natural Law


This will be done in two stages:

First, we will pass legislation, through existing legislative structures (such as congresses, assemblies, etc.) to bring the nation's legal code into approximate conformity with Natural Law, as an immediate remedy to the worst abuses of the former system.  Think of it as "sanding down the rough edges."

Then, after natural social units have been restored, and society is equipped to make a big shift without a "shock", we will formally declare the Law of the Earth, replacing the former system of nation-state legal codes entirely, and retiring those codes to their proper place - in museums to the barbarity of our past.

Whereas Law is natural
and whereas no person has authority to make Law,
and whereas governments are composed of persons,

Government has no authority to make Law.


be it acknowledged, recognized, proclaimed, affirmed, and resolved,
that all codes, legislation, and so-called "laws" created or passed
by persons or groups, including nations, nation-states, sub-national entities, international organizations, and all legislatures
are hereby repealed, abolished, and declared null and void,
and are replaced by the true and valid natural law,
The Law of the Earth.

See The Law of the Earth for more explanation. 

Thank you for being open-minded and sane!


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