B.  The rates are especially skewed in the "outbreak areas."


"But in some places, the fatality rate is much higher!  Like in Italy... it's over 40%!"

What they're not telling you about Italy is that 99% of the fatalities there are people with pre-existing chronic health problems (comorbidities).  In one study, over 50% of the fatalities there had TWO comorbidites, and over 30% had THREE comorbidities.  

Bet they left those facts out of whatever report you saw/heard.

Also, Italy (along with most countries in the world) does not have a "automatic medical culture."  People do not automatically go to the doctor the moment they feel sick.  They use home remedies, herbal remedies, and rest.  They tend to only seek medical care when things get really, really bad.

Which means...

...that the only people who are getting tested, in Italy, are those who are already in very critical condition.  They're testing mainly those people who are at death's door.  If your tests are only being given to those who are likely moribund, then OF COURSE the fatality rate is going to be high - because you only TESTED the moribund.

Get it?

Just look what's going on:

As soon as you open your web browser, scary COVID "we're all gonna die" news pops up for you.  And it's all from the usual suspects: The New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, and so forth, who have all been lying to us about everything since we were born. 

As soon as you go to Youtube, all the videos at the top are scary COVID "we're all gonna die" videos.  Youtube added a new bar to their feed-screen, just for scary COVID stuff!  And you can't close the bar!  It won't allow you!  For any other channel you don't like, there's an option for "Don't Recommend This Channel".  But for the CNN and MSNBC channels, it won't let you do that!  The option doesn't show up!  They are literally forcing you to see scary COVID stuff at the top of your feed, every time you open the app!

Big Tech and the corporate media is making sure you're inundated with scary shit the moment you make contact with the internet or TV or print media or any kind of media.

And all of this is causing MASSIVE numbers of people to panic and head to the hospital the moment they cough.


So the doctors are overwhelmed.  OF COURSE they are.


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