4.  The War Between the Sexes

The Gender War is a primary example of the "divide and conquer" strategy that keeps the unhealthy, dangerous status-quo intact.  Instead of focusing on evolving to a better world, we're busy fighting each other.

It's similar to how racism is used.  Racism is a way to prevent poor, downtrodden people from rising up and changing the social structures that oppress them, by distracting them.  Racism tells poor people that their problems are coming from another race - one which is just as poor as (or poorer than) they are.  Rich white people used this tactic to control poor white people throughout the 20th century, by convincing them to blame all their problems on black people.

The Gender War is the same thing.  Our status-quo system is teaching women to blame their oppression on men, and to view their struggle as a struggle against men.  And thus, instead of teaming up with men, their natural partners, to fight against corrupt power structures, women are doing the precise opposite: teaming up with those corrupt power structures to fight against men.


This keeps men distracted (because they're defending themselves from women, or self-shaming to win approval from women), and women distracted (because they're focused on fighting men and not the corrupt power structures, which they're instead placing an ever-increasing amount of faith into). 

Men and women are supposed to be natural partners and allies in the protection of our planet, but instead, we've been turned into adversaries.  And while we squabble with each other, the corrupt system is burning our biosphere to the ground, committing unspeakable horrors against humans and animals, and building a totalitarian tyranny to enslave us all. 

The Earth Party stands against identity-politics.  We believe that it's time for everyone to work together to solve the dire problems that face us as a species, and as a planet. 

In order to heal our world, we need to cooperate.  To do that, we must let go of artificial divisions.

"Who is doing the dividing and conquering?  Who is it that wants men and women to fight one another?  Who is this big oppressor who's oppressing both sexes?"

That would be the technocratic cabal, a movement seeking to replace biological Life with computers and artificial intelligence.  In order to accomplish that, they need to keep humanity brainwashed by their ideology of technocracy - and for that, they need to sabotage healthy sexuality.


Sexuality is the main raw source of personal power and creativity.  Healthy sexual relationships are one of the biggest threats to technocracy's control apparatus.  Sexual intercourse is the purest expression of the Spirit of Biological Life, and since biology is what technocracy aims to eliminate and replace, technocracy needs to attack and undermine biology's spirit, in order to gain a foothold in the human psyche.  

Yes, this can sound far-fetched if it's your first time hearing it, but it makes sense if you think about it logically, and with an open mind.  To learn more about this subject, visit our page on Conspiracy Theories and the Cabal. 

"So feminism is a weapon that needs to be discarded completely?  What about patriarchy?  Should we just let patriarchy run rampant?"

No, it's not that simple.  Both sides need to lay down their weapons at the same time.  You're right:  if feminists give up feminism, but patriarchy continues, then the dynamic will snap towards the opposite, male-dominated extreme.  That's why wars are ended with peace treaties, wherein both sides pledge to disarm together, simultaneously.


5.  Where Trumpism Comes From

"I'm a feminist, and I'm willing to lay down my weapons for peace, if it's a true, lasting peace, and if patriarchs lay down theirs.  But will they?  They seem to be the ones with all the power now.  Donald Trump is president, and patriarchy is on the rise.  Chauvinists are acting bolder than ever before, and certainly don't seem to be interested in lovey-dovey peace and understanding right now.  What do we do about that?"

First, understand that Trumpism and the Alt-Right are the political manifestations of neomasculinity, the resurgence of masculinity and male empowerment in contemporary mass-consciousness.  Neomasculinity arose from the manosphere - the meta-community of men disaffected by feminism, where members of various disparate groups and movements have converged, online, to develop a meta-narrative about their grievances, and join forces to counteract feminism (or, in many sad cases, women in general), which they perceive to be responsible.  The manosphere was the intellectual incubator of the nascient Alt-Right, and in 2015/2016 provided the primary space for working out the argumentation to justify the candidacy of Donald Trump for president.

The Trump presidency (and its corresponding phenomena overseas) came about by other factors as well, such as economic deterioration, failure of existing (mostly left-leaning) elites to address the problems of regular people, a backlash against manipulative globalism, the real results of poorly-planned muticulturalism, exasperation at stifling political correctness, Left-wing confrontational activism, and staggering corruption in neoliberal political parties (including the U.S. Democratic Party).  To read more about this topic in detail, you can visit our page on Donald Trump and Trumpism.

But what's important on this page is the cultural motivation behind his election.  This isn't about policies - it's about raw feeling, emotion, and the metaphysical forces of masculine and feminine - and the condition of their relationship. 

When all political and economic factors are boiled off, what remains is the anger and desperation of the masculine principle, reeling after decades of suppression and disempowerment (real or perceived) by the feminine through feminism.

Sure, the alt-right cares about a lot of things, including immigration, race, religion, multiculturalism, taxes, and a host of other issues. But those are all secondary.  At its core, the alt-right is driven by the masculine collective consciousness.  Only something this central to human consciousness would have given the movement enough power to elect a president and change the course of human society. 

Trump is the champion of the Alt-Right...

the Alt-Right is the political manifestation of neomasculinity...

and neomasculinity is the most contemporary major "salvo" by patriarchy in the gender war. 

To convince the patriarchy to seek peace, we're going to need to heal the male/masculine spirit.  To do that, we must understand the roots of patriarchy. 

What caused patriarchy in the first place?  Have you ever thought about that? 

What was it that made men reject the matriarchal paradise of our distant past?  Why did men build a new and untested system of patriarchy, all those centuries ago?



6.  How Patriarchy Began 

A long, long time ago, we all lived in grass huts, on the savannah or in the forest, living in harmony and balance with Nature.  Society was egalitarian, and women were equal in power to men.  Some would even say women were the dominant sex, through their superior navigation of the emotional realm and control of the prospects for sexual intercourse.


At the time, there was no patriarchal church or organized religion, no "old boys club", no concept of individual land ownership, no title-deeds, no gender wage-gap (as there was probably no money, at least as we know it), no chauvinist written philosophy (as there was no writing), and none of the institutional pillars of patriarchy existed yet.  Many or most of the means by which men would later exert power had not yet been invented. 

Suffice it to say, men had very little leverage over women, and little ability to pressure women into doing what they wanted.  So women were free to choose sexual partners based purely on personal preference, without worrying about political, religious, or economic needs.  Perhaps not entirely without those worries - but they were far less restricting.  Women's sexual selection was mostly free of external, artificial pressures.  So, to put it bluntly, women could sleep with whoever they wanted.

Sounds like a paradise for everyone, doesn't it?  Who wouldn't enjoy sexual liberation?

The problem with this is that in such scenarios, a lot of women end up selecting the same, small minority of men.  A few men get to mate with an extremely disproportionate section of the women, while a large contingent (often the vast majority) of men are not selected at all, and have to live without sex. 

This is the phenomenon of alpha and beta males, and it's seen everywhere in the animal kingdom.  Virtually all animal species mate this way, with some families - like the felines, canines, and primates - taking it to an extreme of having only one sexually active male per pack at any given time.  Our closest cousins, the chimpanzees, are notorious for this.  Even the seemingly libertine bonobos, despite being free with non-procreative forms of sex activity (oral and manual stimulation), are nevertheless far more selective with procreative (penile-vaginal) sex, about which they follow the alpha-beta pattern just like all the other primates. 

And we can see the same pattern in homo-sapiens, showing up in the sexually liberated environment of the modern college campus.  In the one setting in which all sexual activity is allowed, encouraged, and facilitated with free contraception, and humans are left to their own devices in choosing sexual activities and partners without any external pressure or restriction, the same phenomenon faithfully shows up.  The vast majority of female sexual experimentation on college campuses happens with a tiny fraction of guys - usually the most physically attractive - while the majority of guys have very little to no sex, despite very much wanting to.  This may not be politically correct, but it's reality, and guys will confirm it if they don't fear social repercussions of political incorrectness.  If you don't know this, you haven't been listening to them.

So quite a few people were unhappy with prehistoric matriarchal paradise.  It produced a lot of involuntary celibacy.


And involuntary celibacy is a big deal.  Most men are obviously not incel, but the specter of it looms over the psyche of almost every man, whether he's conscious of it or not.

Almost all men are one of the following:

1.  An incel (involuntary celibate)

2.  A former incel who's afraid of going back to incel again

3.  Someone who has never been incel, but knows they could become incel if they let their guard down, and doesn't want to take any chances of that happening

There are a tiny number of men who don't fall into any of these three categories, because they have always had easy access to sex, and have supreme confidence that they'll never lose it.  But there are very few such men.  The vast majority of men are aware that they could become incel, and fear it, and are willing to do just about anything to avoid it.

Even if they don't admit it, the fear of possibly becoming incel is subconsciously at the core of all of the weird, bad, and seemingly inexplicable things that men do.

So a long time ago, the incels got together, had a revolution, overthrowing the existing matriarchal order through force and violence, and then instituted a system of enforced monogamy.  From that point onward, a person, male or female, was only permitted to have one partner.  The attractive men who had previously monopolized multiple women could now only have one - which forced all the others to start considering men whom they previously had overlooked.

It can be said that patriarchy was the original socialism!

Involuntary celibacy was the impetus that drove men to create patriarchy, and the original patriarchal revolution in each culture was waged by incels. 

Men invented patriarchy to acquire leverage over women, to attain (what they thought at the time would be) an even playing field.   Of course, it backfired, and patriarchy created more problems, some of which, pursued to their conclusion, are now threatening the very continuity of Life on Earth.


So patriarchy was clearly a bad idea, and should be discarded post-haste.  But at the same time, we will also need to address the emotional and sexual weakness in men, because if we don't, we just go back to square one - matriarchy - in which men and women have equal power economically but women are dominant emotionally and sexually - which was the environment which originally led to patriarchy in the first place.  If we go back to that, then patriarchy will simply re-arise all over again.  That's what started to happen in these past 5 years or so. 


Involuntary celibacy is a major destabilizer of societies.  It's the root cause of patriarchy. No one who's interested in social progress and peace can overlook the central role that this condition plays in the human predicament.

To recap:

Involuntary celibacy --> Patriarchy --> Manosphere --> Alt-Right --> Trump

That's the chain of causation.  If you want to fix all this, you're going to have to address the problem of widespread involuntary celibacy.

7.  Healing Incels:

The Key to Ending the War

Woman can surrender to her sexuality without having to do something to somebody else

When woman surrenders to sexuality, it doesnt entail doing something TO soneobe, and doesnt have to worry about violating anyone

Man cant surrender to sexuality without worrying about hurting someone

So man has to repress all the time or almost all
Woman doesnt have to worry about that

Do this do this do this
Relax and open up

Male priv still exists, not denying
But theres a Corresponding privilege in women

Buildup of neurosis, explains why men neurotic






"As a woman, is it my duty to please a man?"
​Yes, as Woman, it is your duty to serve and fulfill Man.
​And it is Man's duty to serve and fulfill YOU.

See?  Equal.  Equality.  It's a mutual partnership.

Man and woman are both poles in an eternal dance that's fundamental to the makeup of the universe.  Each pole serves  as the complimentary oppposite that fulfills and balances the other.  If you're refusing to play your part, and deliberately causing unfulfillment in the other, then you are partially responsible for the development of imbalance and insanity in, and subsequent insanity-driven misbehavior of, that pole.  This goes for both woman and man.  Both are partially responsible for the other, because both are intertwined at a deep and elemental level of reality. They cannot be separated, and neither can be causally isolated from the other.  The condition and behavior  of each is partly defined and driven by the other.


For instance:

If you look at racism, imperialism, colonialism, and oppression of indigenous peoples, it's a manifestation of the disharmony between the genders.  Colonial powers with advanced technological capabilities and machines (the masculine) feel lonely and unloved in their overcrowded, dirty cities on cold, dreary continents, and so they reach out and non-consensually impregnate other continents, oppressing the native people, who live a less mechanized lifestyle in closer communion with nature (the feminine).

If you look at environmental destruction, you can again see corporations, run (and certainly designed) mostly by men and operating on a masculinity so mechanized and out-of-touch with nature as to be called hyper-masculine, digging, drilling, cutting, sawing, slicing, burning, dumping, poisoning, and blowing up the natural world as a means to acquire wealth, for the purpose of purchasing big houses and loud cars and other status symbols intended to raise their status in the social hierarchy in the eyes of females, to increase their chances of attracting those females and obtaining sex and love from them, not knowing how else to get it.

The over-consumption of meat partly stems from the compulsion of men to appear masculine.  Mass-shootings are committed mostly by lonely, angry men.  Religious fanaticism is centered around a hyper-masculinized male god who sits on a throne all alone, with no goddess to keep him company.

And one of the main driving forces behind the development of AI (artificial intelligence), which tech-leaders are nearly unanimous in citing as the greatest danger to humanity's future, is the desperate desire of sexually frustrated and lonely men to find solace and relief through sex-androids. 

All issues ultimately arise from the disharmony between the sexes, and so it's of central importance to heal this wound, now.

For a synopsis of our position on feminism and gender, visit our page on Feminism and the Gender War.

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