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The Earth Party

Societal Peacemaking Series

6. Peace Between the Sexes

Part 4: Healing

Men admit that toxic masculinity exists, and that a portion of ones own masculinity (or ones beliefs about masculinity) might be toxic.  Agree to fix those behaviors when made aware of them.

Agree to be open to feedback from others, and listen to others (especially women) when they try to point out those behaviors and explain why they feel the behaviors are toxic.
Agree to take initiative in ones own learning process by engaging in somewhat regular acts of self reflection and self examination to spot those aspects of toxicity on ones own.

Women admit that toxic masculinity arises from fear, and that men who suffer from it need compassion, not more pain.
Admit that dehumanizing and otherizing them does nothing to help or fix the situation.

Admit that the two sexes are not causally isolated from one another, but interrelated, like all aspects of nature, and that, therefore, women might have played some part in cocreating the situation, and that a portion of one's own behavior may be continuing to contribute to it.
Agree to pay more attention in one's interactions, to keep watch for any action that might be doing so.

Agree to listen to their stories, to learn about the experience they've been going through.

1.  Sexuality is a central, fundamental aspect of being human.

2.  If someone is unable to participate in one of Life's core aspects, then it can reasonably be expected that they'd be suffering, deeply.

3.  If someone is suffering, and they cry out for help, a civilized society is one that takes them seriously, stands in solidarity with them, and does what it can to help them.

How you can help them:

1.  Stop hurting them.  No more namecalling, bullying, attacking.

2.  Allow them to communicate.    If they want to talk, talk to them.


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7. The Grand Treaty

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