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Peacemaking Series

1. Introduction to Peacemaking

Peace is fundamental to problem-solving.

Humanity is facing the greatest challenge in history.  Our current model of civilization is unsustainable.  We need to transform our social, political, and economic systems into a sustainable form - to evolve into a mature civilization.  This will take work.


And every moment we spend fighting each other is a moment not spent on the work that needs to be done.

It's a monumental job ahead of us.  And we need everyone to cooperate to get it done.  All all nations, all races, the Left and the Right, and both sexes.

If we squabble, we fail, and the human experiment ends.

So wherever there's still conflict and enmity, we must make peace now.

Yes, everyone is a member of some group that's been wronged, and everyone has long-standing grievances, and everyone wants justice.


And everyone is going to have to ask themselves:

"Is justice worth it if no one's around to appreciate it?"

"Is justice more important than Life?"


The Earth Party has begun a universal peacemaking process, to end all conflicts and heal all wounds, everywhere, at all scales, in all domains.

We're not waiting until we're elected.  We don't need legislative power to get people to start talking to each other.  We can start communicating with our adversaries immediately.  All of us.  Even you.

Whoever you're mad at, you can begin today.


Are you a woman who's angry at men?


A man who's angry at women?

Are you angry at a particular race?










It's time to start healing.

"Hey, you expect everyone to just forget about what was done to them, and just sing kumbaya?  That's unrealistic!  It's not that simple!  There are centuries of crimes and wrongs!"


We didn't say "put it behind us" - rather, start healing.  They're two different things.  


There is, indeed, a process, and it does take some time - but it's time to begin, and we can begin, and there is no excuse to not begin now.


Whoever you're mad at, whoever you view as the "enemy", it's time to start talking.


There are 3 main levels of Peace, because there are 3 main levels of conflict.

1.  On the surface, there is conflict between nations, and between races, and between religious sects.

2.  And those conflicts have crystallized into a pair of intersecting camps:  what most people know as the Left and Right.

3.  And the Left-Right conflict is a manifestation of a larger, more ancient conflict between the sexes, with the Left representing female/feminine, and the Right representing male/masculine.  In order to end the political conflict, we will have to make Peace Between the Sexes.



"Peace, schmeace.  Peace is a pipe-dream.  Everyone tries it - it never works.  I admire the idealism, but it'll never happen."

The reason why attempts at peace so often fail is because people don't go deep enough.  We try to solve conflicts without addressing the deeper, and often metaphysical, conflicts that generate them.

Let's use an example:  America and Russia.


If we look at the contemporary geopolitical landscape, we can see that most of the wars (especially the ones in the Middle East), are proxy-wars between two major power alliances - the USA/EU vs. Russia (and its allies). 

But if we look deeper, we can see that each of those alliances represents a political tribe.  Russia represents the Right (and conservative/rightwing ideas), while the EU represents the Left (and liberalism/globalism/progressivism), with the USA caught in between (but usually siding with the EU).  So in order to make peace geopolitically, we'll need to make peace between the political tribes.

Furthermore, even the Left/Right conflict is itself a manifestation of an even deeper and older conflict - the "battle between the sexes."  The Right tends to be aligned with traditional/patriarchal social systems, while the Left values feminine virtues (and feminism).  This even shows up in geopolitics, with many people seeing Russia as a last "citadel" for patriarchy and traditionalism, and the USA/EU openly using this fact as a pretext to adopt an aggressive military stance against Russia.

So we're not going to fix the geopolitical situation without fixing the inner social conflict that gave rise to it. 

Healing the relationship between the sexes...

...will heal the divide between the Left and Right...

...which will enable peace between countries.

Here's another example:  radical Islam.

It's a running joke, in western countries, that what's driving the religious extremism in the Islamic world is "angry young men who are sexually repressed."  After all, most I.S.I.S. fighters were lured to fight on behalf of the group by promises of authorization to enslave women and girls as "spoils of war."


And the problem is not unique to Muslims.  It shows up in every country.  Almost all mass-shooters are in the same situation as the jihadists:  lonely and repressed.

All of these issues - from small, random acts of terrorism, all the way up to the highly organized, world-famous extremist armies - are fueled by male sexual frustration.


And why are so many men unable to meet their needs? 


Because of the war between the sexes.  This war prevents relationships between men and women.  It causes existing relationships to be shallow and fear-filled, and unable to facilitate love on a deep enough level to truly satisfy people - while it renders some people unable to establish relationships of any kind at all.

Any half-way intelligent person has by now figured out that you can't fight terrorism just by killing people.  The USA has been bombing so-called "terrorist groups" for decades now, in multiple countries around the world, and the "war on terror" hasn't been won.  Terrorism is not a group.  It's not even an ideology.  It's a condition.  It's a metaphysical reaction of energies arising from severe, long-term dissatisfaction in the collective male psyche.

The only way to really stop terrorism is to make peace between the sexes. 

Third example:

"So how do we begin?"


The first step is communication.  And for this purpose, we've created a simple online Forum designed with the explicit goal of facilitating this process.

This forum is a place where people are learning to communicate with people who are ideologically different from them.  It's already happening, now - peace is being sown in the collective consciousness, as you read this.

You can start becoming a peacemaker, a collaborator in the forming of the true solutions to the challenges of our world, within 5 minutes!  Join the conversation!

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2. Peace Between Left and Right

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