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2020 Is the Year of the Choice

Awake, Arise! People of the Earth!

Our world's in trouble, and your vigilance is needed.

A sinister force besieges all Life. Its name is technocracy.

Long has it sought control over this world. Into every facet of the human mind and society, its tentacles have reached. A fight for freedom rages.

Today, we stand at the critical juncture of the war. Soon, our paths will be chosen, the fate of the world sealed: Either we will turn to the path of wisdom, and compassion, and heal each other and the planet through the power of love and the spirit of Nature... or wind up in a totalitarian medical techno-dystopia from which there might be no escape.

What we do this year, right now, could determine which of these fates awaits us.

And each and every one of us has a part we can play, and a potential to effect the outcome.

Even you.

You might just be the one who tips the balance.

"Me? What can I do? Where do I start?"

Start with knowledge - by understanding what's going on.

2020, as you probably noticed, is a bit different from most years.

The course of human history has been shaped by a very intense, but secret war, as technocracy encroached upon Life, and a small alliance of aware people fought to defend the living world from the assault. And this year, 2020, it's reached such a pinnacle of climactic desperation that it's spilling out into public view, as technocracy's agents can no longer contain the agenda quietly behind the curtain.

And this is technocracy's weakness, and our best shot at defeating it. For it depends heavily on secrecy to gain ground, because if humanity knew what it's got planned for us, we would all reject it immediately, and it would have no more power over us. Consciousness is the light that dissipates it. It thrives in the dark of unconsciousness. Once it's out in the open, that's indeed when it's the most frightening - but also the most vulnerable. We have it right where we need it.

2020 may be the scariest year in memory - but it also presents the most potential to turn the tide.

All we must do now is wake up, and rouse our brethren who are still enthralled. It's that simple. Consciousness is the cure.

Together, we can win, and liberate this world.


...only together.

You see, in order for Life to win, it must be united, and acting in unison, as a single intelligence - an undivided Identity.

No longer can we afford to remain alienated from one another - not by race or color, nor by religion or lifestyle - nor by nationality or culture, nor by sex or lifestyle, and certainly, definitely, absolutely not by political tribe.

Where we go One, we go All.

The Left and Right must come together. This was the most arbitrary and illusory division of all. It cannot continue, if we're to be Free.

These were never supposed to be tribes. They're mindsets. They're attitudes. They're functions of a healthy civic discourse. They're the two wings that together make flight.

A wholesome society needs both of them. They're both indispensable. They both have a vital function to fulfill.

You can think of them like the pedals in a car. The Left is the gas, and the Right is the brake.

Every culture needs a vigorous debate about its problems and shortcomings, and how to fix them. It needs to face its shadows and examine the ways in which it has failed the downtrodden, and strive to improve. To evolve. To become more compassionate, and more free - and to do so in harmonious coexistence with the ecological life-support systems that make civilization possible. This is the purpose of the Left. To assert this discussion, and move us forward, continuing the progress of Consciousness.

But sometimes, in haste, the Left jumps onto ideas that are ill-thought-out. Illogical. Not well-planned. Ideas that may cause negative side effects that we didn't foresee, and create entirely new problems, even while failing to solve the previous ones. Just because something is new and different doesn't necessarily mean it's healthy. Oftentimes, the gut or the heart can sense that something's off about an idea, even if the mind fails to come up with words to explain why.

Just because some policy or invention promises to improve our lives... doesn't mean it will.

Especially when technocracy gets thrown in. Its promises always turn out to be empty, yet it keeps whispering to us, and enough of us keep believing, that it keeps advancing. And it does so through the Left, which is the easier to co-opt.

The Left is the side of new ideas and change, and that's why it's inherently more susceptible to the enticements of technocracy.

And technocracy has done quite a number on the Left.

We used to fight against racism, against segregation, and against government discrimination based on race.  We envisioned a world where laws don't mention races.  A world in which your race has no bearing on your right to speak, or the value of your opinion.  A world in which, to paraphrase Dr. King, "a person is judged not on the color of his skin, but on the content of his character."

We believed that people were individuals - not categories.

But now, it's the opposite.  We're supposed to be in favor of rigid categorizations by identity, with entirely different sets of rules, different standards, and even different laws, for different races, and different levels of respect for opinions based on the race and/or gender of the speaker.  We're supposed to see a person's categories and classifications first, and his or her individual choices second.

Identity politics came from the infiltration of postmodernism into academia. In postmodernism, there is no objectivity - no free-standing definition of right and wrong. Everything is subjective. And in the absence of moral principles, the mind still needs something to latch onto for moral differentiation. And it latches onto identity. Morality is no longer about what you do - it's simply about who you are while you do it.

And it's not just on issues of race.  The Left has turned upside down on everything. 

We're now expected to be against freedom of speech (under the guise of "fighting fascism", failing to notice the irony in the fact that restricting speech is fascism).

Again, it's all about who you are. If you're in the "good tribe", then you can say whatever you want - including hate - whereas if you're in the "bad tribe", anything you say is interpreted as hate, and censored.

A troll used to be someone who sabotages a conversation, while an admin was someone whose job was to keep it flowing.  But now, a troll is someone who tries to have a conversation, and the admin's job is to prevent it.

The Left used to fight for recognition of the rights of the vulnerable, but now it's furiously cranking out arguments to justify the outright denial of personhood to the most vulnerable people in the world.

The Left used to distrust those who claim to be "authorities".  Now it's demanding absolute subordination to the whimsical dictates of un-elected nerds in lab-coats just because they have plaques on their walls and abbreviations after their names.

It used to be about natural health, and people making independent choices about our own bodies.  Now Lefty discussion spaces are blasé about calls for vaccines to be imposed on whole populations by force.

It used to be about Loving And Accepting Yourself Exactly As You Are.

But now, it insists that some people will never - indeed, can never - be happy until their genitals are cut off and folded inside-out, and their blood is pumped full of synthetic hormones made from the byproducts of petrochemical refineries.

Postmodernism, and the identity politics it spawns, have ruined the credibility of the Left, and account for the main reason why it's not winning political power anymore.

And technocracy is the deeper culprit. Postmodernism serves the technocratic agenda because it divorces the human mind from any objective standards, of not just morality, but truth itself. In the postmodernist mind, nothing is true and nothing is false, and everything is based on the current feelings and whims of whoever is doing the evaluating. And if this is the case, then there is no sacredness.

And sacredness is what protects Life from technocracy's assaults. With no sacredness, there is no hesitance to screw around with Life and Life's systems. Everything is interchangeable, everything can be swapped in and out, and technocracy has free rein to modify the living world in any way it sees fit.

It used to be all about Mother Nature.  Now, we promise each other salvation at the prospect of implanting microchips in brains and linking every brain together via 5G microwaves into a second internet that overlaps the entire physical surface of the planet and then eventually becomes an omnipotent deity, which can then assimilate humanity, and all of biological life, into itself.

What a monstrous corruption.

We must reverse these trends now, not only because they're harmful in and of themselves, but also because they ruin the credibility of the Left, and undermine its ability to win hearts, minds, supporters, and elections.

We need the Left - a healthy one - to start winning and gaining power again, and soon, because our civilization has some major problems, many of which are serious enough to collapse the whole thing if left unaddressed, and the Right is doing nothing to address them.

Because it's not the Right's job. It's the Left's function to evolve us into a better society. The Right is there to halt the advance in case it goes off in the wrong direction.

We need the Left to lead, but first we must reverse the postmodernist, technocratic trends in its ideology, so that it goes in a healthy direction.

And the key to reversing these trends is so simple! It's the Right. That's the Right's purpose. To interject at precisely these kinds of moments, to bring the Left back to its senses, to course-correct away from the technocratic path, and towards something more natural and wholesome.

That's entirely what its for. That's it's job. That's why it exists.

Each side - the Right and the Left - contains the key to the proper functioning of its opposite, like the eyes in a Yin-Yang.

And the way to fulfill the function of each is through communication.

The Right must communicate with the Left, so the latter doesn't get hoodwinked by technocratic temptations and create new problems.

And the Left must communicate with the Right, to explain why existing issues matter, and offer methods to solve them.

Three things are needed now, in our cultural discourse:

(1): The Right needs a full picture of technocracy - what it is, where it comes from, its goals, its methods, its tricks, and so forth, to explain to the Left, without overly blunt and religious-sounding language, what exactly we're dealing with, and the forces that are arrayed.


And the Left needs a comprehensive vision of the future - a non-technocratic one, in which Nature and Spirit thrive - and an actionable plan for getting there, to allay the Right's fears. Most people fear the unknown. The Left's desires - even the good ones, that are well-thought-out and un-corrupted by technocracy - are nevertheless scary to people who don't yet understand them. We need a plan. One we can show people, and explain.


Most importantly, the two sides must develop an ability to communicate with one another, in order to cooperate on that plan - to create it jointly, to make sure it turns out wholesome, non-technocratic, and feasible. The best plan is developed by both sides working in conjunction and in full communication with each other.

And the Earth Party offers all three:

-An understanding of technocracy

-A Blueprint for a Mature Civilization

-And a communication and peacemaking process

We are the very first, and likely thus far the only party with this threefold mission, in the world!

One more thing.

Ask yourself: How much longer are you willing to wait?

For another avenue. One with more funding. One that already has more followers. One that your favorite news site or pundit tells you it's OK to put your hopes in. One that your peers are already into.

How much longer will you wait for it to come along?

Another year? Another two? Three? Five?

Ask yourself: Do we have time for that?

Look around you. Look at the world.

Do we?

If you're done waiting, if you know It's Time, then join us.

Your voice matters. Your actions count.

The world is counting on you.

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