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A Crime to Cut a Living Tree

If your "Green New Deal" doesn't include the banning of deforestation, and the recognition that it's a crime to cut a living tree, then whoever wrote it doesn't understand the true nature or depths of the problem. And their solutions are only cosmetic.

We need every tree - EVERY tree that we still have - and we need MORE of them. The tree cover of this planet needs to expand.

In order for Humanity to survive on this planet, it needs to be recognized as a crime to take an ax to a living tree.

It is a crime to cut down trees.

You can't build a building without the ground floor. If the ground floor is destroyed the rest of the building falls with it.

The trees are the ground floor. Ecology is the foundation of civilization.

Civilization has to be built around nature. If you replace nature, than civilization falls.

It is the responsibility of everyone to ask genuinely and in earnestness. How can I live my life in a way the coexists with the Earth's natural systems?

And it's not just a responsibility - it's the law.

Cutting down trees is already a crime, whether a particular state, country, or municipality recognizes it or not. It's part of Natural Law.

Natural Law is not "created" or "passed" by any person, or group of people. It's an intrinsic quality of Reality.

And it is already a crime to cut a living tree.

The Earth Party's Green New Deal recognizes this, with an immediate ban on all deforestation and logging, everywhere on Earth.

We are perhaps the only political party in the world with such a complete, unwavering commitment to the trees, and certainly the only one recognizing this as part of Natural Law, over and above national legislation.

If you want to learn more about this concept, see our page on Explaining Natural Law.

For our "Green New Deal On Steroids", visit our Ecology page (click on "Conversation #3 for our climate mitigation and ecological restoration plan)

Note: The picture is a tree within the wall of a house (or rather a house built AROUND a tree) in Yuhu Village, near Lijiang, Yunnan. It illustrates that it's possible to do what's advocated in this speech - to build around Nature. The people living in this region understand this, and it's part of their society's core value system. If they can do it... so can anyone, in any society.

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