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A Progressives-Only Debate: The Key to Defeating the DNC

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Here's an idea which, if followed, would defeat the DNC, and send the warmongering, Wall-Street-serving, corporatist establishment elites to the garbage heap of history where they belong.

It will WORK, if any one of the four progressive candidates has the guts to implement it. What is a "progressive"?


Someone who wants to evolve society forward - and not just bring it back to where it was during the Clinton or Obama years, but actually forward.

Someone who recognizes the corrupting influence of corporate money on elections, and refuses to accept it, and instead relies on individual donations, from real people, and does not accept corporate PAC money.

Someone who wants our country to stop being an Empire, and to stop waging wars all around the world, and stop overthrowing other countries' democratically elected governments to install puppet rulers.

Someone who doesn't think poverty should be a capital offense, and doesn't want poor people to die in the street just because they can't afford medicine or housing or food.

Someone who doesn't think young people should be forced into a lifetime of debt peonage just for getting an education.

Someone who recognizes that the wealthy have been waging class warfare against the rest of us for decades (perhaps centuries, or even millennia), and believes we have the right to defend ourselves.

Someone who recognizes that none of these problems can be solved if we keep killing the planet, because there won't be any people around to solve them. We need a planet with a healthy biosphere in order to survive. We are in the midst of a Great Extermination of all biological Life on this planet, and if we don't stop it, it's OVER. This is the most important issue in the world, and a progressive is someone who refuses to bury their head in the sand.

There are four progressives running for president in the Democratic primary. They are (in alphabetical order by surname):

-Tulsi Gabbard

-Bernie Sanders

-Marianne Williamson

-Andrew Yang

These are the four presidential candidates who have integrity, and a forward-looking policy agenda. You might prefer one strongly over the other three, and there might be a few stances you find problematic in the others. But overall, they are all decent people, who actually care about regular folks, and the planet. None of them are bought and owned by corporations. They all punch up, rather than down. They are all thinking about new ideas to bring humanity forward - not backward to the neoliberal cesspool of the 90's or the Obama years. They're all basically honest, independent from corporate control, and progressive.

Note: If you're still not sure what the difference is between a progressive candidate and a corporatist candidate, and you don't know what sets these four apart from the rest of the field, please see An Open Letter To Democrats. This is a very important message, because currently the Democratic Party is making the same mistakes that led to its loss to Trump last time... and if you keep on this course, and keep making those same mistakes, you'll probably end up with the same result. Please read it if you don't want to be stuck with Trump for another four years!

What we propose is a debate between the four of them. JUST the four of them. Screw the DNC and their ridiculous soundbite-debates. Forget trying to "qualify" for their skewed and arbitrary metrics. Enough of the nonsense. Let's take matters into our own hands.

Let's have a Progressives-Only Debate.

This is entirely legal. There is nothing the DNC can do to stop it.

Here's how it works:

1. One of the four reaches out to the campaigns of the other three, and together, they set up a progressives-only debate - just the four of them.

2. It's a true conversational format. No 30 second soundbites. An intelligent conversation between 4 people, around a table. Much like a Joe Rogan podcast, but with 4 people instead of 2.

3. A panel of independent journalists will be present to ensure that they discuss all the important topics, and to fact-check them and hold them to account, if need be. Jimmy Dore, Abby Martin, Aaron Maté, Medea Benjamin... folks from that crowd, who do real journalism.

4. The event garners more viewers than the official DNC debates. Far more. It wouldn't even be close. In fact, it would become the most retweeted and social-shared event in recent memory.

5. It will be so popular that they'll schedule ANOTHER ONE for a few nights later. And then another one, and then another one. The series quickly takes over the whole social media sphere. For the first time EVER, there would be REAL CONVERSATIONS, between ACTUAL PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES, about how to get this world out of the mess that it's in. It would give so many people HOPE for the first time in their lives. People would be in tears after watching. It would be the most interesting series of public debates in the history of America, maybe the world.

6. The four candidates would, between them, earn the vast majority of voter support. Perhaps there wouldn't be any particular one of them that would earn a majority - but between the four of them, they'd constitute a majority . And because of the delegate system, they can form a coalition to wrench the nomination away from the DNC establishment.

Each of the four of them can speak to a particular type of person. Bernie speaks to the classic lefty progressive crowd, and the poor. Tulsi speaks to progressives, as well as military families and anyone who's tired of the Empire (including a lot of disgruntled Republicans). Yang connects with the intellectual managerial technocrat types, as well as libertarians. Marianne can communicate with the "faith" crowd - she speaks their language, and can bring their votes back to the Democrats for the first time in a generation.

And every delegate that ONE of them earns, can be a delegate for ANY OF THE OTHER FOUR on Convention night.

Together, the four of them can form a coalition, and bypass the entire DNC-media establishment.

One of the four of them would absolutely be the nominee. Another of the four could be the VP, and the other two could be cabinet members.

It would provide not only a movement, but an awakening. There would be a true public mass-awakening, and Trump would be the biggest loser in history. It would be a 50-state clean sweep. And for the first time in memory, this world would have hope for the future.

This idea will work. All we need is for one of the four candidates to take the initiative, and reach out to the other three.

Please, someone get in touch with them. If you work on one of their campaigns, share this idea with your team. Share it with your field manager. Find a way to get it to the candidate. It SO SIMPLE, and it's fail-proof. All it takes is an ounce of courage.

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