A Warning for Lockdowners

At the heart of the lockdown debate is this question: Do you think the human body is government property? Do you think you own my body?

Do you think you can force me to wear whatever you want me to wear, even something that obstructs my airway?

Do you think you can demand biometric data from me, like my temperature, and point a gun-like device at my forehead to collect it? And deny me my rights if I refuse?

Do you think you have the right to stick something up my nose? Into my veins?

Do you think my veins and nasal passages are your property, to access at will?

If you believe these things, then you're on a path of darkness, and I will not cooperate with you. Anything you tell me to do, no matter how small, I will not do. Any program or policy you propose, I will oppose. I will openly flaunt whatever dictates you proclaim, and dismantle any system you construct, and throw as many wrenches into your gears as I can, because you apparently need a lesson in the meaning of the word NO.

No means No.

My body is mine, and you do NOT have my consent to alter it.

I'm now going to make this clear to you.

You may not have my veins or my nasal passages. You may not stick anything into me.

You may not restrict my freedom of movement. You may not "track and trace" me. You may not point temperature-guns at my head.

You may not dictate me to obstruct my airway with a dehumanizing and idiotic muzzle. You may not force me to wear a fluoride and PTFE-laden microplastic bacterial petri dish over my mouth.

You will not stick anything in me. Not a needle, not a swab, nothing. My body is MY body, I am sovereign, and no one sticks anything into my body without my consensual permission.

And forcing me to submit to a bodily intrusion in order to participate in essential social activities is *not consensual.*

Anyone who seeks to deny me my basic rights, liberty, or sustenance, in an effort to coerce me into giving my "consent" for bodily intrusion, is by definition violating my consent, because consent cannot be given under circumstances of coercion or deliberate duress.

Anyone who violates the sacred barrier of my body, and inserts something in me without my noncoerced consent, is committing rape, and is a rapist.

Coerced vaccination, coerced "testing", whether by needle or swab or other means, is rape.

Denying me access to essential social activities with the intent to coerce me into submitting to bodily intrusion, is non-consensual, even if "consent" is given - because consent cannot be given, genuinely, under duress - and is therefore an attempt at rape.

A rapist is a criminal. A violent criminal.

And the right to self-defense exists.

If someone tries to rape me, I have the right to defend myself.

If you advocate for coerced intrusions, know this: You're advocating for rape, and you're activating my natural right to self-defense.

And if you participate in such coercion, or give material support for it in any way, then you're a co-conspirator to an act of rape.

Any government official who uses his or her vested powers to promote coerced intrusions is a rapist, in active and ongoing commission of violent rape against the whole of the population under their jurisdiction, in addition to being in violation of the Geneva Convention and the Nuremberg Principles against non-consensual medical treatment and experimentation.

And I have the right to defend myself.

All government officials who promote coerced bodily intrusions are enemies of their people, and exist in an active state of treason, and are therefore universally warranted for arrest - either by uniformed law enforcement or by civilian citizenry - and for subsequent criminal prosecution for assault, battery, and rape.

This message stands, regardless of whether you're open-minded enough to have actually clicked the link to get here or not, and actually listened this far, or not.

If you violate my rights, you will be held accountable.

You've pushed humanity too far this time. You've woken a sleeping giant. And you're not going to get away with it.

Not this time.

Justice is coming.

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