A Word to Those Impatient for Indictments

There are some people who love Trump and have total faith in him.

There are others who hate him and follow the establishment elites whom he's fighting.

And then there is a third group: People who hate the establishment, who understand how corrupt it is, and who want to see it demolished - but don't believe Trump is *actually* fighting it.

This third group had a moment of hope in 2016 when Trump came in, raging like a "bull in the antique shop." He said he was fighting the oligarchs, and vowed to "lock them up" and "drain the swamp."

But now, nearly 4 years have gone by, and nobody famous is locked up. (Except Julian Assange).

So where is the action?

Guys, I understand your frustration. I feel what you're feeling. Really, I don't blame you for your skepticism of "The Plan."

But please... use your head. Think about this.

Think about what would have happened if he (Trump) had done it your way. Imagine if he had started the indictments and tribunals at the very beginning. In 2017.

What would have happened? Well, the key agencies involved (such as the FBI and DOJ) were staffed by deep-state players, and they would have sat on the evidence, and sabotaged their own investigations. The federal judiciary had corrupt judges who would have made the trials into kangaroo courts.

Before the prosecutions could commence in a meaningful way, those institutions had to be cleaned out. He spent the first year of his presidency doing that.

What about 2018?

If he had launched the operation in that year, an election year, the TV would have told everyone that it's a "political witch-hunt." The whole country would have been treated to non-stop coverage of Michelle Obama sobbing about the newly incarcerated Barack. Same for fans of the Clintons, Bushes, and other big-name politicians, as well as Hollywood celebrities, prominent pundits, and media figures.

The public would have seen their "idols" in handcuffs, and would have instantly turned against whoever was responsible. The House and Senate elections would have been overwhelmed in a wave of sympathy for the poor, persecuted pedo-elites. Democrats would have attained supermajorities in both houses of Congress, and would have had the numbers to impeach (and remove) the president. The tallies could have even been unanimous.

What about 2019 and 2020?

At this point, Trump is running for re-election, and it's the same effect, on steroids. If he rounds up and arrests them all, he looks like a dictator suppressing democracy, and even the majority of his own voters would have been frightened and repelled.

And it's not like there was even enough time at that point anyway. A year or two is not enough time for a deeply complicated judicial process. It's not enough time for trials.

Even if he had unsealed the indictments, the pedos would have gamed the legal system to delay their trials until after January 20th, 2021, when the charges could be dismissed.

Even if he had secured convictions, they'd merely sit in cushy federal prison until 2021, and the new Democrat administration would pardon the whole lot of them and commute every last sentence, to thunderous applause from the captive corporate media and brainwashed masses.

The only way to do this properly is after re-election.

After re-election, he has 4 years to do whatever he wants, with no worrying about anyone's reaction.

The first term was to lay the groundwork - to clean out the agencies, install constitutionalist judges who don't drink child-blood, dismantle the hit-gangs like MS-13, cut off the deep-state's funding sources, and prepare the indictments so every "i" is dotted and every "t" is crossed.

It's also about planting the seeds for the Great Awakening. The public has to be prepared for the revelations that are about to be unveiled, or else their brains wouldn't have been able to process it. It would not "compute."

The average person needs time to process and comprehend the ideas and facts that form the basis of the Awakening, before he or she is able to accept them as actual truth.

The mind-control matrix has many psychological defense mechanisms programmed in, and the process of deprogramming can be delicate.

Trump and the patriots are fighting the grandest battle that has ever been fought in human history. They're fighting the most heavily outfitted, well-funded, deeply interconnected web of evil the world has ever seen.

It's not something that can be dismantled in a month or two. It takes extreme preparation. Hundreds of angles need to be covered.

They are fighting for you. They haven't finished up yet, but that doesn't mean they aren't fighting.

And right now, they are all you've got. There is no other major politician in the world who is resisting biotech dystopia, unless you count the president of Tanzania as "major."

Is Trump resisting it perfectly? No. But he's the only one doing any resisting at all. He is your only ally in politics right now. Your only champion. If he goes, you have NOBODY.

If he goes, you're WIDE OPEN, and the Trudeaus and Arderns and Hancocks and Andrewses and Bidens and Harrises of the world will swoop down on you with nothing standing in the way.

Now I can hear the objection: "But Trump set up Operation Warp Speed to make a vaccine! He's pro-vax! He said he's gonna use the MILITARY to distribute it!"

Yes, he did say that. And in doing so, he created a whole generation of vaccine skeptics.


He knew they would pounce on anything he said or did. He knows how their psychology works. This is an example of 4-D chess.

And it worked, as you can clearly see. Normies across the world are now swallowing their very first redpills re: vaccines.

He is fighting for the truth. He knows what's going on. He has a long history of questioning vaccines.

When someone is fighting for you, and they're nearly alone in doing so, you don't abandon them just because they haven't finished the battle yet. You join the battle, and you help them, and you participate in the fight for your freedom.

"Trust the Plan" does not mean "sit around and do nothing, and just wait."

It means DO what you need to do. Share the truth. Wake others up. Take nothing for granted. Fight like all you hold dear depends on it.

But don't shrug off your allies, just because victory hasn't yet been achieved.

Keep shouting from the rooftops about medical dystopia. Keep bothering everyone you know. Keep speaking. Never shut up.

But at the same time, recognize that you're not alone. You have an ally in a high place.

Is he fixing everything? Is he fixing your particular issue, in a way that makes it perfectly good again? No. Of course not. His job is not to fix everything.

It's to grant you the space to fix it.

It's to remove the parasitic pedo-elite that originally caused the problem, and which stands as a barrier to solving it, like a piece of shrapnel lodged in a wound. Until it's removed, the wound cannot heal.

He's not going to heal the wound. That's YOUR job.

His job is to give you a fighting chance to do so, by engineering the start of the Great Awakening, so that We the People wake up.

And once we've awoken, WE heal it. WE fix it. We initiate the final overthrow of the deepstate.

He starts the avalanche, by revealing the truth. Once truth is revealed, the shock of it awakens the slumbering public. People then rise up on our own, and there will be nowhere for the criminals to hide.

His entire first term has been a gradual drip of revelations about the horrors of the cabal. He's laying the intellectual groundwork for the public to process and integrate the truths that are about to be revealed to them.

The truth is coming out, and the awakening is already underway. In his second term, he has free reign, and the drip becomes a torrent.

Hold the line, digital soldiers. November 3rd is D-Day. The storming of the beach. If we win this, the tide of the war shifts, and the liberation begins.

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