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Blackness is a Psyop - Just Like Whiteness

Before the slave trade, no human being identified as a color.

People had nations, such as Kemet, Kush, Nubia, Zulu, Zimbabwe, France, Spain, Portugal, England, and so on. And people had tribes, like Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, Fulani, San, Celts, Franks, Goths, Saxons, and so forth.

But no colors. People weren't colors.

The entire notion of "color" as a personal identity label was invented by slave traders.

It only started when the slave traders invented it. And it had one purpose: to rationalize enslaving people.

So if you identify as a color, you're basing your identity on something slave traders invented. Something they invented specifically for the purpose of controlling you.

That's not healthy.

This applies to both white and black. And brown. And red, and yellow.

It applies to everyone.

It applies to "white", just like the others, because "white" people did not benefit from this racial classification system either. It enslaved them too. It did so by distracting them from their real oppressors. By training them to blame their problems on "black" people, it preempted them from pinning the blame on *powerful* people.

Powerful people didn't invent whiteness just because they were genuinely proud of the snowy quality of their skin. That whole idea is laughable. That's not why they invented it. They invented it to distract and divide the populations they were ruling. Because division makes people easier to rule and control.

And they don't care which color is which, in terms of the roles. They don't care which one is on top, or on the bottom. They don't care who's the oppressor and who's the oppressed. As long as there is an oppressor, and an oppressed. As long as those roles are filled by somebody, that's all that's important to the ruling class. Because it's not about the color. It's about the division. And any color will do, for either of the roles, as long as it works - as long as it promotes division, and keeps the population fighting among itself, distracted from the machinations of the powerful behind their backs, out of view.

Right now, as we're fighting over BLM vs. ALM, they're building weaponized 5G microwave towers and coronavirus quarantration camps.

But instead of concentrating on this, we're busy fighting among ourselves, over literally the outermost millimeter of our skin.

Actually, at the forefront of this movement, it's not even about skin anymore. Critical race theorists are now openly admitting that "black" is not a skin color, nor an ancestry, but a mindset and belief system. Contemporary Africans are not black to them. They identify blackness as a set of social experiences of Africans specific to the Americas during, and in the aftermath of, slavery and discrimination. In other words, a set of traumas.

To an ever-increasing number of BLM activists, blackness is not a genetic or physical characteristic, but a set of traumas.

In the world of race-based identitarianism, people who identify as "black" are increasingly identifying with their traumas. They are constructing their identity out of their traumas. Their traumas are the central defining characteristics out of which they're constructing their identities.

And this is a very unhealthy way to construct an identity, as any mental or spiritual health practitioner knows. From a licensed clinical psychotherapist, to a Christian pastor, to a new-age guru, to a tribal medicine-(wo)man, and anything in between - everyone knows you don't build your identity out of pain and trauma. Don't do that.

If you build your identity out of your traumas, they become who you are, and you'll never let go of them, outgrow them, move beyond them, overcome them, or transcend them. Because you've made them "who you are."

And that's exactly why the elites want you identifying this way.

They don't want you overcoming your traumas. They don't want you growing and evolving as a person. They don't want you learning the spiritual lessons of ego-transcendence and unity consciousness. They want you stuck in anger and resentment. They want you dependent on them. They want you dividing yourself from others, from the rest of humanity. They want you dependent on them. They want you on their plantation, working for them by fighting their battles for them in the political arena, voting for them consistently, and going around threatening and intimidating others, to keep that division going, so humanity delays its realization of unity.

You're not "black."

You're a person.

You're not a color.

You're a person.

Yes, you have an ethnicity, and perhaps a tribe, and a nation. Perhaps you're Yoruba. Perhaps you're Zulu. Perhaps you're a combination of several African tribes and/or nations. Perhaps you're American. Perhaps you're African. Perhaps you're African-American. It's up to you.

But you're not a color. People aren't colors.

You're a human being.

And the rest of humanity would like to work together, with you, to overthrow our common oppressors - the technocratic elite who have been abusing us all for centuries.

Will you drop your artificial divisions, and join us? Will you fight the real fight - the one that matters?


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