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BlueAnon Conspiracy Theories

There's a crazy cult out there. It has infected our society.

Its beliefs are at odds with reality, and its members are becoming increasingly unhinged and supportive of violence in the name of advancing their movement's goals.

Its name is BlueAnon. Here are some of its symbols:

If you see one of these symbols, know that you're dealing with a cult person. Below is a list of some of the crazy beliefs you can expect to hear from them...

BlueAnon followers believe:

A. that the proper treatment for cold and flu is totalitarian dictatorship

B. that the way to stay healthy is to forcefully collapse the economy on purpose, and arrest people for jogging and picnicking

C. that measuring the severity of one virus vis-a-vis others by counting it completely differently from the way you count others is perfectly scientific

D. That warm moist feeling you feel inside a mask after you exhale is NOT your breath that you just exhaled

E. that the proper way to build a world without racism is to separate everyone into groups based on race, make their race the most important thing about them, teach them to identify with their race before all other characteristics, and treat everyone differently based on their race, and have different laws for different races

F. that smashing windows and burning down cities is the best way to win hearts and minds to your cause, and when the general public remains wary of your cause, it's because they're bad people, and not because they just watched you burn their cities down

G. that all social gatherings spread germs, EXCEPT for BLM protests - (not protests in general, but only BLM ones) - and all non-BLM protests spread germs, but BLM ones don't

H. that men can gestate

I. that a party that cheated its own rockstar-popular front-runner out of its nomination, TWICE, never considered the idea of cheating in a general election

J. that joseph biden is sharp as a tack, and his brain isn't crumbling in real-time on camera right in front of our eyes

K. that one of the world's most heavily defended buildings was breached by protesters within 5 minutes, without a shot being fired, because the highly-trained special police force that guards it simply got scared, and not because any stand-down orders came from inside

L. that 2 airplanes can slam into 2 towers and knock down 3

M. that a hole that's not wide enough for an airplane to have crashed into it got there by having an airplane crash into it, even though there was no wreckage of an airplane anywhere at the site

N. That putting neurotoxic industrial effluent in drinking water is perfectly normal and reasonable, and the fact that the technique was first invented at Auschwitz implies absolutely nothing about the potential true purpose behind it

O. that creating an omniscient artificial intelligence panopticon and hooking everyone's brains up to it in a giant hivemind is perfectly reasonable and is something to build as fast as possible, because it is Progress

P. that technology is destined to become a god, and when it does, it will make the universe more gooder

-that you can win any argument instantly just by mentioning one letter of the alphabet, in an accusatory tone

R. that concoctions whose creators openly admit on video change your genes don't change your genes

S. that the main promoters of the concoction visibly faking their own injections, even to the point of forgetting which arm was supposed to be sore the following day (fauci - wanna see?) implies absolutely nothing

T. that it's reasonable to not only deploy human gene-modification in response to a virus that's so non-deadly that they have to artificially inflate the death numbers to make it look scary, but it's also perfectly reasonable to inject that gene modification into the ENTIRE POPULATION OF THE WORLD, by *FORCE OF ARMS*

U. that excluding people from work, income, transportation, and all societal participation on account of refusing, doesn't even amount to "force" in the first place

V. that renaming internment camps "designated government facilities" makes them ok

W. that as long as a well-known megabillionaire psychopath wears pretty pastel-colored sweaters to his interviews, he has good intentions

X. that the fact that the entire mainstream media world has spent a whole year granting interviews to a non-doctor...

...who directs global public health policy...

...letting him use those interviews as platforms to tell the world to censor ACTUAL DOCTORS for criticizing his (a non-doctor's) decisions on global public health policy...

...the fact that a non-doctor is censoring doctors on the topic of medicine is NOT IRONIC AT ALL...

... and the fact that he uses his interviews as platforms to OPENLY CALL for such censorship, yet his interviewers NEVER POINT OUT that he himself is a non-doctor giving advice on global public health policy and by HIS OWN CENSORSHIP STANDARDS he himself should be censored...

...the fact that they never call him out on this, not even after dozens of interviews, implies absolutely nothing of import about the potential loyalties of the people conducting these interviews, and the mainstream media in general...

...nor, of course, the actual global public health decisions being made in real-time by said non-doctor, even when those decisions are to muzzle children, arrest joggers, forcefully collapse economies, inject the entire human population with brand-new gene-therapy cocktails, and send everyone who refuses to concentration camps

Y. that the heaps of satanic and luciferian symbolism woven through and around the plandemic is just a funny coincidence, and happened purely by chance

Z. that anyone who has questions about any of these things should be censored

This is only a partial list of what BlueAnons believe.

"What should I do if I encounter a BlueAnon follower?"

To be continued...

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