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Bright Winter: 7 Signs We're Actually Winning

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

It may look, on the outside, like things are dire.

The corporate media is still telling lies and ignoring the important truths. The Pharma cabal is still in control of most governments. Quacks like Fauci and Hancock are still on TV, calling the shots. They're distributing the gene-modifying demon-needle, with idiots lining up to take it, and laying the legal and intellectual groundwork to impose it on the rest of us by coercion. They're making lists. Police are still assaulting people for daring to show our faces in public. The technocracy is adding more bricks to its edifice of control with each passing day.

Yea it looks bad.

And they're preparing to move at lightning-fast speed to turn the world into a dystopian hellscape, to secure humanity's final submission to their agenda. The demented pervert who thinks he just won the election has repeatedly used the phrase "Dark Winter" describe his handlers' plans for the year 2021. And they're planning to move with unprecedented aggressiveness to implement it, the moment he "takes office."

And, according to their plan, once he discloses his "sickness" (whatever label they might give it), the prison-labor lady stands ready to inherit his role, and move aggressively to turn this entire world into the open-air prison she's spent her whole career fantasizing about.

Yea, it looks really bad.

It looks like we're losing the war.

But here's what you may be overlooking:

7 Signs We're Winning the War

1. The enduring robustness of information freedom.

We have a lot more free speech than they planned on us having, this far into the project. We managed to hold onto it. And that's a big problem for them.

A plandemic is an intricate machine, involving many interlinking parts arranged in delicate relationships. If any one of the components is not working, then the entire machine can fail very quickly. Censorship is one of those components. And it's not working. Not nearly as much as they were expecting it to. Their initial calculations assumed a lot more control over information-flow than what they've currently got. They were relying on a much higher number, and didn't get it.

And this is because of you! You spoke up. Early and loudly. You spread the information, quickly, before they had a chance to censor it. And you woke up enough people to reach a critical mass that's too many to censor. It would cause too much of a wave, if they did. Censoring 2% of the population is easy. Barely anyone would notice. But 20%? That's too many! It's uncensorable! If Twitter lost 1/5 of its users in one short time-frame, it would raise too many eyebrows. There would be no more trust, between the company and its users. Why build up a huge following on Twitter, if you'll just get deleted? With no trust in the company, people would leave in droves, and tank the whole platform. Then Parler and Gab would absorb all of its clientele. That's what would happen if the elite censored us hard, the way they originally planned. But they couldn't afford that, and they had to back off from the censorship.

And it's because we spoke up, and spread the knowledge about the fraud behind the plandemic, and the secret got out of the bag before they could grab hold of it!

That was not in their planning calculations, which means that things are not going their way.

Don't underestimate the power of awareness. Secrecy is the cabal's foundation, and public awareness is its kryptonite. It has always been so.

As long as awareness is increasing, we are winning.

February 2021 Update: Yes, I know, the "Great Big-Tech Purge" happened. They're coming for us.

But we still have information flowing. They've deleted certain specific accounts, but the information itself is still reaching us. You can still talk about the plandemic being a hoax. You can still talk about the dangers of the needles, the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine, the fraudulent PCR tests, the inflated death statistics, and all of it. Try as they might, they cannot stop the information itself. There is too much of it out there already.

And that means we're winning.

2. The bluepillers'/normies'/pharma-sheeples' disconnection from reality makes them less effective fighters, and indicates that they're bad at discernment - including that of the identity of the "winning side."

You can take comfort in the following fact:

Being on our side is correlated with believing in reality in general;

while being on our adversaries' side correlates to being disconnected from reality.

We see our opponents gaslighting us about everything under the Sun. It's an unprecedented level of gaslighting.

We have people denying that wearing a mask creates an obstruction that decreases airflow. You can remind them that a basic principle of fluid dynamics is that "affixing an object over the aperture (opening) of a conduit (pipe, container, etc.) decreases the flow into and out of that conduit." In other words, you have a pipe. You put something over the end of it, over the opening. Less water flows.

This is basic physics. 3-year-old children know this instinctively, when they put their hands over the end of a hose, to block the water from coming out.

And yet, somehow, grown-ass adults don't know this?

They're disconnected from reality. And it's not the first schism. They also believe that:

-men can get pregnant, and women can impregnate them

-freedom of speech equals fascism, and the way to fight fascism is with censorship

-racial discrimination is anti-racist (as long as the dom and sub roles are correctly assigned), and it's racist to be against discrimination

-protests can be "fiery, but mostly peaceful"

They believe that the media companies who lied to them about "terrorists around every corner" are somehow now telling the truth about "viruses around every corner." They believe the same companies who told them tall tales about Saddam's gruesome and terrifying "weapons of mass destruction", which could "reach our shores in 45 minutes," are telling the truth now, about the "gruesome and terrifying" scary new unprecedented weird horror-film-like symptoms of "the virus."

They don't know how to discern propaganda from honest reporting.

They also have blind faith in the academic-industrial complex, which is filled with perhaps the only people in this world MORE "lost in their head" than they are. Book-nerds with zero real-life experience, who assured the public of such doozies as:

-Tobacco was safe

-Asbestos was safe

-Lead was safe

-Amphetamine diet pills were safe

-Thalidomide was safe

-DDT was safe

-Mercury in teeth was safe

-Fluoride was safe

-CFC's were safe

-Teflon was safe

-Weed was unsafe

-Vioxx was safe

-Atrazine was safe

-BPA was safe

-PBDE's were safe

-Microbeads were safe

-Glyphosate was safe

-Homosexuality should be treated with electric shocks

-Female sexual arousal should be treated with lobotomy

-Formula milk is superior to breast milk

-Parents shouldn't touch their babies because touching will "spoil" them

-And intelligence can be measured by the shape of the skull.

...are now saying the "vaccine" is safe. And these people believe it.

They've completely lost touch with reality. They can't even see the battlefield anymore. They're wearing blindfolds and stumbling around, with no concept of where they are or what the terrain looks like. They're completely lost in the simulacrum world their "authorities" have programmed inside their heads.

And this looks really bad for us, on the surface. If people are this brainwashed, how could this possibly be a good sign?

Easy! If they're disconnected from reality, then they make horrible soldiers. They're at a disadvantage.

And it also means they're bad at discernment, and likely to have chosen to fight for the losing side.

Don't be afraid of them! Pity them.

3. The entire plandemic plan seems to have been accelerated out of desperation.

Something or someone forced the cabal's hand, and made it hatch its plans early, before it was fully ready - before the foundations were fully set up. And with fewer tools to use, the cabal's options are limited.

For instance, the 5G grid was supposed to play a key role in keeping the "pandemic" going, as well as provide a more "targeted" way of increasing sickness in specific areas to "reward and punish" compliant and defiant populations respectively.

But in order to do this, the grid has to be set up, obviously. And it's not. So far, it covers only small areas in the downtown areas of each city. It's not in the countryside yet, and it's barely penetrated the suburbs. That's not enough to work. If they used it, only the people in city centers would get sick, and the public would flee from those areas. It would raise far too many questions. So they weren't able to use this component of the machine.

Why did they rush their plan? They must have been desperate, for some reason.

4. Our enemies may be overestimating the reliability of their technology.

They believe religiously in the works of their own hands. But technology is inherently fragile and glitchy, and doesn't always work the way you want.

Their entire edifice of control is based on tech. Ever-increasing amounts of it, in ever-increasing complexity. But what do we know about complex technology? We know it's a headache, and it rarely works the way you expect it to.

By relying on tech, they've developed a weakness. A shaky foundation. And the more they rely on tech, the shakier their foundation becomes.

Sure, they're are building an A.I. control grid, which they believe will be smarter than actual people. Smarter even than themselves. They want it to either create a new race or robots to replace us, or perhaps just to use them to control the rest of us. Whatever their intention is, they really believe that the A.I. that they make is actually smart.

But is it? That's a huge assumption there.

Sure, they've got all our data. All our purchases, all our preferences, all our comments, all our interactions, all our relationships... Facebook, Google, Youtube, and Twitter have harvested all of it. It sits in a giant database. Petabytes of it. Their sample size is billions of people, multiplied by tens of thousands of clicks per person. Everything there is to know about human thinking and behavior sits in that database. And they've got A.I.'s aggregating it and analyzing it, a trillion times faster than any human could. Soon, they hope, they will put one of these A.I.'s in charge of managing us, assigning us social credit scores, and deciding who gets to have access to what pages, services, spaces, and so on. Once they've got that, they'll just program it to "screw dissenters", and that will be that. A super-intelligent dictator, trillions of times smarter than Stalin, with sextillions of times more information to work off of.

That's their plan. And it sounds scary.

Maybe this is it. Maybe there will never be another revolution. Maybe tech got so advanced that the ruling elite can now hold onto power indefinitely, and the old rules of rises and falls don't apply anymore, and we're looking at the end of history and a permanent dark elite.

But what if they're overestimating all this tech?

What if A.I. is actually not smarter than real intelligence?

What if it only looks like, it on the surface?

What if no matter what they do, they can't actually build an AI that's smarter- or at least wiser - than actual human intelligence?

When yo think about it, how could any intelligence create an intelligence that is more intelligent than itself? How could an intelligence of n ever create an intelligence of n+1? To design a higher intelligence would require understanding the realms of thinking of that intelligence, right? But we supposedly don't have that higher level... so how would we design a robot that has it? How can that 't even make any sense? How could we possibly design a greater intelligence that's beyond our own understanding? If it's beyond our own, how could we even developed it?

Maybe AI is not as smart as they think it is. Maybe it's not going to take over. Maybe it's not as good at predicting human behavior as they think. Maybe it's not as powerful of a weapon as they think.

Sure, it can be used to do a very narrow range of tasks extremely well. You can design an A.I. to play chess and beat all the human masters. But that's all it can do. It knows how to play chess, but it doesn't know how to live in a world., It doesn't know how to navigate the real actually reality. It doesn't have any street smarts. Nor existence smarts. And it certainly doesn't know how to manage a society, or prevent revolutions, or take care of a planet. It has no access to true wisdom. because it has no soul.

But it'll certainly do what you program it to do. And if you've programmed it to give you a certain kind of data, it'll give you that data. But what if the data you were requesting wasn't really the data you need?

If they rely on this AI to give them the data they think they need to maintain their grip on power. If that data is bad or irrelevant and fail to grasp the bigger picture, they could be in for a revolution.

They could be clutching their computers as the torches and pitchforks come, wondering why the technology that they believed in so strongly failed them.

Maybe their own arrogance will end up being their downfall. And they'll think they're invincible.. .right up until the moment they fall.

5. All This Control Must Be a Headache for Them.

And if you really think about it, they don't actually *want* to be using so much tech. They don't *want* to need to keep devising these intricate, headache-inducing schemes to retain control. Who would want that?

They're only devising these schemes because they have to - because We the People are uncontrollable otherwise!

Think about it. Thousands of years ago, in Egypt and Sumer, the elites had it made. They were kings and pharaohs, with palaces and luxuries, and everyone else was their servant or slave. All they needed, to keep everyone in line, was a metal called bronze. That was it. That was the technology of oppression. Bronze weapons. And there was nothing they wanted from us that they could not demand, and obtain.

This is all it used to take, to keep people under control.

Why disturb such a "perfect" system? Why invent all the hundreds of subsequent mind-control technologies, transforming the world into a hellscape that even the elite find *distasteful*, at the very least? Why mess it all up like that?

Because they had to. Because we were breaking out of their chains. Each system of oppression works for only so long, before the people at the bottom of it wake up and realize how screwed they've been getting. And then they overthrow the elites. And the only way to stop the revolution is with *more tech* - a *higher*-tech type of mind control.

And thus, the march of mind-control tech advanced over the centuries. From bronze to iron. From iron to religion. From religion to gunpowder. From gunpowder to banking. From banking to central fiat banking. From that to television. From television to psychiatric medication and microwaves and fluoride and food-corruption and genetic modification and mass-surveillance and computer algorithms and CRISPR and nanotech and plandemics.

Just LOOK at all this shit they have to do.

Do you think they WANT to have to do all that, just to stay in control?

They're only doing it because they have to. Not because they want to. Each new wave of control is a sign not of security and stability, but of desperation on the cabal's part.

The higher their tech gets, the more it shows that they are *not* in control of us.

6. And while they overestimate the reliability of technology, they also underestimate the power of spirit.

In the Harry Potter story, Voldemort was the most powerful sorcerer of the dark arts ever in history. When it came to dark magic, he was unmatched in past, present, or future. His very name conjured feelings of terror.

Yet he failed to appreciate the power of love, which turned out to be stronger than the dark arts. He never paid much mind to love, or compassion, or empathy, or any of those warm fuzzy energies. He believed them to be silly and trivial, and unworthy of "serious study." And in the end, they had great power, which he underestimated, and this proved to be his undoing.

Everything the cabal is trying to do - the entirety of their agenda - rests on at least one (and possibly two) fundamental presumption(s) about the way the Universe works:

A. The presumption that there is no such thing as spirit, and the only things that exist in this world are those which we can detect and quantify empirically. They ignore the entirety of Reality - every layer of it beyond the cold, hard, Newtonian layer of atoms and particles. This is the outlook of the vast majority of the cabal's "foot soldiers", in the academic field, especially those sub-fields adjacent to the plandemic, such as biotech and A.I. development. It's all atheists in there.

And what if it turns out that there are entire layers of Reality that they're unaware of? They'd be in for a serious of shocks and surprises, eventually. They're not properly equipped to navigate this universe as it truly is. This is a disadvantage.

B. At the cabal's upper layers, they know there's more to the universe than physical matter, and this is why they perform occult rituals all the time, with the aim of using them to control us.

But even if they're aware of trans-physical phenomena, they're still not aware of the true power of light, and the spirit, and the angels, and Heaven, and God, and Love. They pay these powers no more attention than Voldemort did. And just like him, they're making a huge error in calculation.

They've taught their followers to blacken their hearts. Anyone who follows the cabal must twist themselves into increasingly grotesque contortions in order to keep up with the program.

They use words like "moron" and "nutjob" and "scum" and "p.o.s." and a hundred other hurtful words to describe their political opponents.

They use words like "parasite" and "tumor" to describe babies in the womb.

They wear T-shirts and carry signs that say "Kill All White Men" and other horribly racist slogans, and they call themselves "the anti-racists" while doing it, while projecting the "racist" label upon anyone who takes offense to, or feels frightened by, their own brazen, violent racism.

It seems like almost everything they believe in is upside-down and inside-out. Their minds are divorced from reality, and their souls drip with corruption.

It could be their undoing.

7. Awareness is increasing. Awareness about everything. And we are definitely, observably, indisputably winning in that arena.

You can't judge the condition of the battle by what's happening on the physical battlefield. In a struggle like this, the physical processes are downstream from the spiritual ones. The fortunes of battle are not based on "how many demon-needles have been taken," or "how many cities are in which lockdown tier", or "who sits in what office."

It's not even about defeating specific people. Raiding the cabal's offices, neutralizing its servants, firing the corrupt bureaucrats and arresting the traitors and criminals - this is all part of our victory, and will certainly manifest as our victory unfolds. But the actual victory is on the inside, and those events are all things that take place on the outside. We will see external victory happen when the internal victory is achieved.

And what is "internal" victory?

This is a spiritual war. It's a battle for the soul, both of the individual, and of the entire world. Mass-consciousness is the battlefield.

And our goal is not the conquest of a geographical area, nor the defeat of an individual or group. Our goal is to wake up humanity.

When humanity wakes up, it's over for the cabal. The light of collective awareness is like pure hydrochloric acid, poured all over the control grid, dissolving it all at once, from every direction at once. It can't oppress a world that's awake, aware, and up off our knees.

Awakening is victory. We win when humanity awakens.

And how are we doing on that battlefield?

There are some very good signs.

This year, 2020, has woken so many people up, and it continues to do so. And the pace is accelerating. The more draconian and bizarre our governments, academics, and media become, the more people it jolts out of slumber.

And for those of us already awake, these challenges have strengthened us, in character, in discernment, and in resolve. Everyone who was on a spiritual path before this year has grown as a person more in this year than in the previous 10. And those who were not yet on the path are now discovering that one exists, and are embarking on a journey of discovery.

Souls are growing, minds are expanding.

Meanwhile, those on dark paths are revealing their secret depravities, for all to see, at top speed. Every day, more information comes out about our so-called leaders, and everyone from your prime minister to your neighborhood mask-snitch is baring their true colors that they've had all along, presenting their pathologies to public awareness in the purest possible way, for clear-eyed scrutiny in the light of collective awareness. We see them now, with more clarity than we've ever seen them. Awareness is increasing. Their secrets are being laid bare.

Awareness is increasing.

About everything.

* * *

Are we going to let them get away with their plans? Are we going to let that ominous phrase, "Dark Winter," hold a monopoly over the consciousness of humanity?


We're going to rip away the controls that they've spent so many years constructing, and turn their evil plans to dust.

Welcome to Bright Winter.

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